18 specific things made to look fun in movies but not in everyday life

Oftentimes, movies fascinate different things in life – making them seem more fun and awesome than they really are.

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1.“Sex on the beach. Sand and/or salt water don’t match sex.”

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2.“Fight. The heroes of the movie are always punched and unharmed in the next scene, except for a slight bruise. IRL, they’ll be helpless for a few days and probably have a concussion.”

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3.“Food fights. What a mess. Car chases. You’ll die or worse: your car crashes.”

u / LugiUviyvi

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4.“Explore haunted houses or any misty places like that. Ghosts won’t hurt much, but criminals and/or cops will if they find you there.”


5.“Being chased relentlessly by someone you constantly tell them you’re not interested in. It’s not romantic or comedic; it’s just a mix of stalking and teasing if you keep showing up in their life and/or throwing romantic gestures in their way. Maybe you can try again later if You feel like your initial approach or timing is off. But really, leave the other person alone until then. Really alone – don’t follow them in real life or on social media, even if they don’t find (they will), you will inevitably let something slip when you’re contact, and that would be very bad.”


6.“Being a salesman. They make it look like you’re a super cute shot with a fancy suit, bag, and shiny hair. Really, you’re just going through 100 different customers until someone says yes.”

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7.“Dating. In the movies, there’s a ‘cute encounter’ followed by a montage of fun and romantic dates. Real life: embarrassment, uncertainty, insecurity, and dread.”

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8.“Sex in the shower or even just showering.”

u/nobody lovespedro

“Yeah, it’s really bad. I think if you have a rich shower with benches or several planes, it can be great. Practically speaking, someone is always freezing and you’re trying not to slip and fall.”

u / great tragedy

9.“High speed chases. My anxiety goes from 0 to 1000 when someone rides my ass on a residential road at a low speed limit. I would throw myself during a chase like the kind you see in the movies.”

u/it’s fear

10.“The end of the world. Most people wouldn’t know what to do without running water, electricity and the Internet.”

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11.“A training montage. Years, months, days of hard work condensed into one scene.”


12.“Washing dishes to cheerful music. Dishes aren’t fun.”

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13.“Riding a motorcycle without a helmet, eye protection, or jacket of some sort. In the movies, it always looks cool and tense. In fact? Good luck driving at a higher speed without any form of eye protection; wind resistance is killer. To say nothing of bugs”.

u / Neuroline

14.“Flying in a helicopter. It’s fun for about the first hour or so. After that, imagine someone rocking you hour after hour. Helicopters aren’t as easy to ride as fixed-wing planes. There’s constant shaking, and in after several hours in a helicopter, you’re exhausted.” Plus, it’s quite loud, so you have to wear earmuffs. Films always make helicopters look cool and shiny, and they are for 20 minutes.”

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15th.“Living in New York City in your twenties. It’s so romantic. In the movies, you live in a clean, safe neighborhood with a roommate in a cool turn-of-the-century building with an elevator, and you commute to your fun job with a smile on your face. In fact, you live In a studio with three other people.The bathroom one is too small to open the door completely because it hits your toilet.You are expected to be the first to the office because you are the newest employee.It is summertime so the subway is wet and smells like urine,and the train you usually take Disabled, so you’re past your stop and now late for the job he hates.”

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16.“Lie on the grass. Sounds very comfortable, but it’s itchy.”

u / Im_in_your_walls_420

17.“Preparing a giant breakfast is perfect to see your partner take one bite of toast and head to work.”

u / Djali

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18.“Football. In the movies, it’s always this action-packed sequence of touchdowns and tackles. In real life, they are lucky to go 14 inches before the whistle sounds, and need to pause the game and re-set up. Less common and not as impressive.”

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Is there anything else you think looks great in the movies but isn’t in real life?

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