3 notes from Sacramento Kings Media Day

It can be hard to tell what NBA media day is typical pre-season fluff, and what it could really carry on the season. In this regard, on Monday Sacramento Kings Media Day was no different.

However, Media Day can be a good test of the general sentiment of the season. Last year at this time, there was some Positive at the team level, but basically felt unjustified after an off-season period in which the team did nothing substantive besides draft Davion Mitchell.

This season, the Kings have made some tangible improvements to the roster that better ensure such media fluff.

With that context in mind, here are a few quick points from some of the interviews on Monday.

Mike Brown has the right feelings to lead this team

The media availability of Mike Brown for about 10 minutes on Monday made many coaches the type to talk typically on any media day around the league. He noticed the great spirit he saw around the team, and what he learned from being an assistant to Golden State Warriors And other cliches about creating a winning culture.

But this interview session was interrupted by a loud shout from one of the Kings’ players on the training field, to which Brown responded loudly:


It was a rare moment for an NBA coach.

After nine seasons not serving as head coach, Brown seems to realize the opportunity he has with this team and the organization. Who knows what will actually happen when the matches start, but as of now, Brown has good feelings as we’ve seen from the Kings boss since Michael Malone.

De’Aaron Fox seems to be in the best spirits since the beginning of his career

During his first few years in the NBA, Djaron Fox seemed wide-eyed, optimistic, and in the mindset that he could help save the franchise. After that, the Kings did what they did to most players who spent several seasons with the organization: They broke his spirit.

Especially last season, Fox seemed to be unhappy often, and with good reason. The backcourt was crowded, the team had a lame duck trainer, there was no spacing, and again, the Kings seemed rudderless. After that, I began to see Fox’s mood improve once the team replaced backyard teammate Therese Halliburton with Domantas Sabonis, who had previously played some of the best basketball of his career alongside his new star.

It looks like Fox is poised for recovery season.

No rotten eggs (yet)

This time last year, it was pretty clear that Marvin Bagley III and Buddy Heald were ready to move out of Sacramento, but they were on Media Day.

Hield traded approximately to Los Angeles LakersBagley was after a few weeks of His agent issues a statement After the Kings told him he would not be in the course to start the season.

For Sacramento, those negative feelings seem to have had an effect on overall team morale for the season, as they’ve been on the team for most of the season. Bagley III and Hield weren’t the only reason for the team’s misfortune, but it was very clear that they wouldn’t be in Sacramento for the long haul.

This season, it is difficult to point to a man who would not be happy with his role and be fit in the team. Obviously, this is subject to change and can happen quickly – as we’ve often seen from this franchise – but for now at least, it’s good that it doesn’t look like that.

Apart from Phoenix SunsMost of the NBA media over the past few days seems to have had mostly positive vibes, so it’s important to take everything you hear with caution. But at least for a day, things felt like drama-free in Kingsland.

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