3 Reasons Why San Diego won the 2022 World Championship

It’s been a long time since anyone could take the San Diego Padres seriously. At least in terms of being a contender to win the world championship. The Padres last made it to the Fall Classic in 1998. They were swept away by the New York Yankees that year, a team they could see this year if they were back there again.

Unlike many years in recent memory, Padres went all out during the season. They made a number of deals before the deadline, each of them looking bigger than the previous one. They traded for power batting player Brandon Drury. In a shocking move, they land Josh Hader in a deal with the Milwaukee Brewers. Finally, they made the biggest deal in recent memory. San Diego traded for Juan Soto and Josh Bell of the Washington Nationals.

There was indeed reason for optimism surrounding the Padres team. But after these moves, it became clear. San Diego wants a title and is willing to put everything on the line for it.

The early returns on the trades were not good. Drury has barely hit above the Mendoza streak since he arrived. Both Soto and Bale were disappointed, and Hader went from elite closest to worst baseball player seemingly overnight. However, in recent weeks, the team has begun to coalesce. They withdrew to second place in the National League. The Philadelphia Phillies are currently in last place, with some homebrew games returning.

With all the talk going on about the Yankees, Mets and Dodgers, the Baders might be able to surprise some people. Here are the 3 reasons why San Diego Padres won the 2022 World Championship.

3. Padres Bulbin

For the first two months of the season, San Diego had one of baseball’s best games. Taylor Rogers led the big teams in saves and had only allowed one round while making over 20 saves. Then it completely collapsed. Out of nowhere, Rogers couldn’t even get out, let alone come to a rescue.

That drove the trade with Milwaukee to roar. The leftist has been among the players shutting down the league for a few years now. He had an excellent season with beer before the trade. But it seems that this move exploded in the face of Padres.

roaring, like Rogers before him, I couldn’t even get out at one point. From August 9 to August 28, Hader allowed 12 earned rounds that spanned five times. He put together eight teams during those five appearances. This forced Padres director Bob Melvin to remove him from the closest role. It was the best thing he could do.

In the next two weeks, rookie-turned-condo rookie Nick Martinez took ninth. He did a great job until he found his groove roar again. Well, it finally happened. Since then threw a rumble Seven runs, allowing one run and eight hits. He seems to have regained the bragging.

This has allowed Luis Garcia to return to his primary role where he excels. Martinez is now highly valued as a medium or tall man. This is an important thing in the playoffs.

2. Padres squad gets the base

San Diego already had a solid lineup, but there were definitely easier teams than the others. But after a few moves above Deadline, Padres’ lineup on paper is as good as any lineup in the majors. But as I also mentioned, Soto, Drury and Bill all struggled for the beating.

But in the playoffs more than in the regular season, it’s more about positioning themselves at the base and putting pressure on the opposing bowler. This is something the Padres do just like everyone else.

Soto, Bill, Jake Cronnworth and Jorrickson Provar all score in the mid-.200. But all of them are some of the best walking players in baseball. Soto He drives big companies one mile On Aaron Judge. He walked 126 times.

Bell ranks 12th in the majors with 71 walks. Provar is only one difference behind with a score of 70, and Kronworth has 64.

Each hitter has a higher percentage between 90 and 160 points above the actual hitting average. With Manny Machado and Drury in the middle of the squad, that’s a recipe for great goal-scoring opportunities.

1. Padres depth of rotation

The one thing that’s always important in any playoff tour is to start promoting. If your rotation smells bad, you can also buy your plane tickets home. During August, that seemed to be the case for Padres.

Joe Musgrove was going through hard times. Mike Clevenger seemed to hit a wall and Blake Snell seemed to be a fluke to his former self. But similar to the Bullpen, things have really come together as qualifying approaches.

Yu Darvish became the true ace of the team. Padres has been the most consistent player all season and he’s doing very well at the moment. After his rough patch, Musgrove finally put in a big effort last time by throwing six closing innings with an eight K. But it was the back of the spin that really flipped.

Clevenger just closed the high-powered Cardinals’ offense. Not to be outdone by Snell, he threw his best game of the year on Wednesday night. He threw seven innings to stops and hit 13 hits. Left Padres is starting to look like his old self. He’s been excellent in four of his last five starts hitting players like he used to.

The San Diego rotation can be matched by just about anyone. Their time and lights have come lately. Finally, their squad is stacked with men who know how to get to the base. Nobody talks about them as a threat, but it’s best if they start.

Aaron Judge, New York Yankees

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