49ers Overreact: Will Kyle Shanahan’s Call Hold the Team Back?

Injuries pile up.

The losses to seemingly inferior teams also accumulate.

The 49ers stand at 3-3. They’re an average team in a conference full of mediocre looking teams.

Aaron Rodgers and Tom Brady struggle to answer their own questions about why the Green Bay Packers and Tampa Bay Buccaneers are squabbling with 3-3 records as well.

The 49ers have a lot of companions with their misery.

But let’s delve into this team’s various problems with some help from our friends.

Here is this week’s edition of 49ers Overreactions. . .

Overreaction? yes.

Coach Kyle Shanahan knows his staff better than anyone. However, he invites a game against a particular opponent based on his belief that he puts his players in the best position for success.

After the 49ers lost to the Atlanta Falcons, I don’t think calling conservative play was the problem with the team’s offensive failures.

After all, there were four shots in the field that were supposed to lead to big plays totaling over 100 air yards.

Drops by Ray-Ray McCloud and Charlie Woerner, and a 39-yard pass to Brandon Aiyuk were erased by quarterback Jake Brendel.

As quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo rolled to his right, George Kettle skipped the open for what could have been a touchdown with more than three minutes remaining.

For everyone who thought the 49ers’ attack was too conservative, the others thought they should have run the ball more than 16 times per game. And as we remember, the criticism of the 49ers losing in the Super Bowl is that they should have run the ball more in the fourth quarter.

The arenas simply didn’t exist in Sunday’s running game against the Hawks. But the big plays in the passing game have been escalating.

And if those plays are connected, the running stats for 49 players will probably look a lot better as well.

As it were, the 49ers still outperformed the Hawks by 57 yards averaging 6.1 yards per game.

Overreaction? number.

It only makes sense that the defenses around the NFL would have a better understanding of how to defend the 49ers.

why? This is because an increasing number of teams around the league are managing some variation of Kyle Shanahan’s attack.

The NFL’s defensive coordinators are smart people, and they know what they must try to shake off in order for offenses to play out of their comfort zones. Defenses make adjustments, and it’s up to offenses to show new wrinkles.

The 49ers showed something different last season by using Deebo Samuel on the field.

The plan this season, of course, was to incorporate a double-threat option into the quarterback, like what the Buffalo Bills did with Josh Allen.
The 49ers built everything this season around Trey Lance to expand the team’s base rules and give defenses more to think about. But that exploded in the second week when Lance fractured his ankle and underwent surgery at the end of the season.

Overreaction: yes and no.

We here at 49ers Overreactions Central think it’s a long shot that the 49ers could (or should) pull off a deal for Christian McCaffrey, considering the kind of cost it would take to get him from the Carolina Panthers.

But the 49ers can certainly use a spark to attack, and we think that can be achieved when Elijah Mitchell gets back to work.
One of the areas where the 49 players can create more problems for opposing defenses is passes designed that go to off-court goals to take advantage of favorable matches. Mitchell is the best choice for space fishing work and to have large yards in the open field.

So while it might not make sense for the 49ers to trade for McCaffrey, it does make sense for the team to use Mitchell in a McCaffrey-like role.

Overreaction? number.

We stopped declaring a great 49er defense during the first few weeks of the season for this very reason.

Defensive End Nick Bossa takes this defense to a whole new level. He makes everyone around him better. It beats the double teams. And because he’s been teaming with a double team so frequently, other accelerators also benefit.

The 49ers can still be a good defense when Bosa isn’t on the field, but that doesn’t help Cornerback Emmanuel Moseley’s exit this season, and cornerback Charvarius Ward and Jimmie Ward are currently out as well.

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The 49 players need all of their pieces in defense to be truly great. Bossa tops the list of their most important players.

Overreaction? yes.

Mosley and Lance are the two losers this season. There are also questions about whether Javon Kinlaw can make much of a contribution this season due to his knee problem.

Everyone else in the 49ers class should be back.

But, yes, if injuries continue at the current rate, things will go in a direction that will ruin the season.

On average as 49 players looked at six games, let’s also realize that there are quite a few teams in NFC that look very exciting at the moment.
Like a lot of the other teams, the 49ers of the 49ers have to hang out around them. And any team that participates in the playoffs and gets hot can end up winning everything.

Overreaction? number.

We agree that the 49ers need to take stock of what’s going on.

Are they the only team in the NFL with injury concerns? of course not.

Perhaps their research will find that nothing can be done to avoid these infections.

The season-ending injuries suffered by Lance and Moseley seem to have been strange plays.

It appears that muscle strain and tears can be avoided. But the 49ers certainly aren’t the only team in the league with these issues, either.

The organization revamped the way it approaches injury prevention and physical therapy a few years ago. But it never hurts to revisit the situation and see what worked and how to improve on the areas that remain problematic.

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