Abstract Illusion – Woe Review

yes. Let’s take a minute to step back and inhale this wonderful artwork by Adam Burke. What do its dark colors conjure up for you? Hidden depths and barely hidden beauty? Probably. Feeling uneasy and something a little worrisome, coupled with an unbearable amount of sadness? surely. Feeling that, for all its bare, organic chaos, it’s also somehow carefully calculated and masterfully composed? number? It does for me. Well, all art is subjective, right? But, personally, I think all this and more is what the Swedish trio do they are just They were looking for it when they chose or ordered this piece woe. The band’s second album, woe It is a follow up to 2016 light the way. A slab of progressive die metal with hints of black metal bleeding from the edges, light the way It was a very good record. However, is it so ominous that it is taken they are just Over six years to take over her successor?

As the title might suggest, woe It is a record full of bleak soundscapes and mired in misery. Stretched across nearly an hour of beautiful depression, they are justHis latest work feels like a single, flowing composition, rather than the seven tracks in which it was presented. Heavier and drawing a blacker, more atmospheric edge to the gradual death metal of its predecessor, there is a swirling sense of almost uncontrollable chaos that lies below the surface of woe. Gradual death and atmospheric black metal are intertwined with little skill Ipetuscosmic body And the Wills dissolve But with the added razor edge early Ne Forgetting (“Slaves”). In a few of the more technical moments in the record (the back end of “Demolished This Sacred Mountain”), there’s also something of a confident bragging that marked the past year. part One. But in the more advanced moments of progression, as Carl Westerlund’s guitar soars into the sky, there OpethLike quality for they are just.

Over the woe, whoever the drummer – no credit given in promotional materials or anywhere else I can find – instills a measurably accurate instrument into the record, pushing it forward and adding a rich layer of technique that allows Westerlund, who handles both guitars and bass, to focus on delivering rich, complex tones. This is not to say that guitar work is simple but percussion means that Westerlund does not need external technique. Instead, riffs give they are just The melody that belies the weight in the show woe. In this year’s possible song, “In the Sky Above, You’ll Be a Beast,” transitions between atmospheric death, crazy and mild gradual death metal. Devin Townsend He’ll be proud that it comes out thick and fast but also goes smoothly.

The former drummer, Christian Berglon, is now considered vocal only and keyboardist Robert Stenfal joins him on microphone duties. The dominant harsh singing, I think, is a pebble-edged roar, I think, ripped straight out of a sore chest. These work very well, adding more depth to the they are justvoice. However, the log is punctuated by a few sections of cleaning. These are of greatly varying quality, with those in the closer saga having “this torment has no end, only new beginnings”, for example, it sounds like morning rise– Yera Michael Shkredt and is working fine. At the other end of the spectrum, what’s happening early in the “slave” and near the start of the “boom” is a little bit out of date and out of time. I don’t know which singer should point the finger at this, but fortunately nothing is rare in a near flawless record. Stenvall’s keyboards are excellent, both on tracks like “In the Heavens Above…” and in the rhythm-free interlude “Blomsterkrans” (and perhaps also responsible for the unexpected but more welcoming clarinet that appears in “Tear Down this Holy Mountain”) ).

Excellent athletic production and superb speed, woe It’s a great album. The only things that hold back they are just It has a few pure sounds and a very slight bloating sensation. If I were to try to put my finger on exactly where this lies, I’d refer to “boom”, which is decent but inferior in quality than the rest woeand perhaps the last few minutes of approaching “this endless torment…”. woe It is, for the most part, an album of amazing consistency and great vision, well written and beautifully executed. Everything you could wish and expect from cover art is right here in spades.

evaluation: 4.0 / 5.0
Dr: 5 | Format revised: 320 kbps mp3
a poster: Willowtip Records
Websites: anabstractillusion.bandcamp.com | facebook.com/anabstractillusion
Releases all over the world: September 9, 2022

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