ALDS: Yankees Even Series with Game 4 Win the Cleveland Guardians

Cleveland – When the Yankees were made Gerrit Cole is the highest-paid bowler in baseball history With a nine-year contract worth $324 million ahead of the 2020 season, they did so with the glory of October in mind. They saw him as a missing piece in their quest for a world title, which, despite all their spending and efforts, has eluded the franchise since 2009.

When asked to save the Yankees from elimination on Sunday in Game 4 of this MLS series against the Cleveland Guardians, Cole, 32, made seven strong innings, overcoming a potentially costly error in his final frame and largely avoiding a depleted Yankees Bullpen.

Last year, Cole struggled against the Boston Red Sox In the wild card game do or die, which the Yankees lost by four games. But given another opportunity with the season on the line, Cole kept the Guardians line-up in check and led the Yankees to a tight 4-2 win that netted a best of five streak in two games each and forced the winner to win. All Game 5. All of the Yankees’ wins in the series were games that Cole started.

“He just kept slowing himself down, making sure he was executed,” Director Aaron Boone said of Cole. “Obviously empty the tank. I saw some feelings there at the end when out of gas it was probably going to be the last two or three hitters. It’s just a huge, great performance in this environment and bringing us home.”

Cole said he didn’t change anything about his routine in the saving start to the season.

“While preparing for this game, when he told me I was going for game four and there was a chance to grab or a chance to go home, I didn’t approach the game any differently,” Cole said of Boone. “I just got out there and did my job.”

The fate of the Yankees and Guardians is now like this: Game 5, at Yankee Stadium, Monday night, starts Yankees’ Jameson Tellon against Guardians’ Aaron Seval.

The winner will advance to the AL Championship Series to face the Houston Astros competitor, who appears for the sixth consecutive time in that round. Last year, Astros He lost the world championship to Atlanta.

“If you were going to tell me to come back, I don’t know, in March we just signed up to play Game 5 in New York, to go to ALCS, I would have run to New York,” Guardians manager Terry Francona said. “I’m excited.”

During the first half of the 2022 regular season, the Yankees and Astros were the top teams in AL but with the Yankees struggling in the second half, the Astros withdrew. While the teams secured two first-round runs in the AL, the Astros were the top seed because they won 106 games against the Yankees’ 99.

Despite this, the Guardians, who won 92 games in the weaker league during the regular season, have proven to be a tough opponent this post-season. But Cole, one of the game’s best offensive throwers, has found ways to neutralize the Guardians lineup that often puts the ball in play. Although he gave up six hits, Cole cleared the congestion and encouraged eight guards to walk just once.

Cole also got some help from his offense, in particular Midfielder Harrison Bader. Acquired before the August 2 trading deadline in a surprise swap with the St. Louis Cardinals, Bader didn’t make his Yankees debut until late September due to a foot injury. But since wearing stripes, Badr has provided a spark, especially in the post-season.

“An electrician, an influential player,” Cole said of Badr. “I got moxie, I got baseball awareness, chasing the ball in defense.”

In the first game, Badr folk. He did it again in the third game. With the Yankees leading 1-0 in the second half on Sunday, Badr was back again.

With third baseman Josh Donaldson at base after one, Bader hit a cut-out above the middle of the board from the Guardians starting bowler Cal Quantrell and gave the Yankees a 3-0 lead.

“I’m here to play ball,” said Bader, a New York-area native who grew up a Yankees fan. “I’m here to win. But to be able to do that in a Yankees outfit is definitely cool, there’s no doubt about that.”

But as the Yankees painfully learned in the previous two games, the goalkeeper is unrelenting. Since they have all the series, The Guardians teased the Yankees with their ability to make a lot of contact with their bats and throw off a lot of strikes with their gloves.

With two men in the third inning and two outs in the third, third base guard Jose Ramirez, one of baseball’s best all-round players, hoisted Cole Field out of the area into left field for a single stroke that led in the run. However, the Yankees ended the inning when they threw Ramirez at the bases.

Next, Josh Naylor took advantage of Cole’s biggest weakness, his tendency to cough at home. He missed three balls to break Cole before he had a fast low 98 mph ball he could handle and cut the Guardians’ deficit to 3-2. As he walked around the bases, Naylor shook his arms as if he was holding a baby, possibly alluding to hitting Cole at that bat.

“Whatever. It’s cute,” Cole said, adding of Nellore’s celebration.

In defense, the Guardians kept the score close. With two Yankees at base in the fifth inning, Ramirez halted the ball for Jaliber Torres to start a double-play that ended in menace with All-Star II captain Andres Jimenez.

To add even more breathing space, the Yankees, who led the major leagues in the domestic leagues during the regular season, channeled the Guardians’ sixth inning style. Right-winger Aaron Judge pulled off a one-hit, base captain Anthony Rizzo followed up with a double-hit and eye hitter Giancarlo Stanton, giving the Yankees a 4-2 lead with a sacrifice fly scored by the judge.

Then came a critical moment for Cole. When Jimenez scored one goal in the seventh inning, a usually confident Badr aligned himself with the ball, allowing Jimenez to get second base. With his erosion due to use and injuries, Boone kept Cole, at 101 pitches, in the game.

Cole hit first baseman Gabriel Arias on six pitches, hitting 98 mph, then fanning hitter Will Brennan with his 110, pumping his fist as he bounced off the hill. Although right-handed Clay Holmes and left-hander Andy Peralta, who threw 27 throws Saturday in Game Three, combined to throw the last two rounds, it was Cole who allowed the Yankees’ season to live on at least another day.

“We feel like we are in the driver’s seat,” Bader said. “That’s how we remain dangerous. I don’t think we’d want her any other way to go back to the Bronx.”

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