All the achievements capitals can achieve this season

Cards on the table: Ian and Ian Karhan are outstanding. I don’t know if it’s really special when a number ends in two zeros. But in these trying times, toil under the muddy shoes of capitalism, sometimes we need excuses to celebrate. So I combed through some spreadsheets and found all the big serious landmarks, plus some stupid ones too.

Things that can happen this season.

  • John Carlson Hits 900 games. He is now 13 years old, so he can reach the target sooner Saturday November 5 vs Arizona.
  • Carlson scores 600 points. It only needs seven points.
  • Carlson hits 200 assists in power play; He is now 180 years old.
  • Nick Dodd He scores 50 goals. It only needs five goals.
  • Dodd hits 400 games. He’s 29, so he should beat it against Seattle on Friday, December 9.
  • Lars Eler Hits 900 games. He’s currently 870, so he could hit this milestone as early as Sunday, December 11 in Winnipeg.
  • Eller hits 200 passes; He’s a shy five-year-old now.
  • Martin Ferrary Hits 100 games played. He’s 85 now, so the decisive game could be against Pittsburgh on Wednesday, November 9.
  • Karl Hagelin Hit 300 job points. He only needs four, except that he’s out indefinitely.
  • Agate Hathaway Hits 400 games played. He’s 373 now, so you could come in early on the road trip in early December, around five in Edmonton.
  • Nick Jensen Hit 100 career points. He is 91 years old now.
  • I don’t know why you want to know but Jensen’s 420th game has to be Saturday, November 5th against Arizona.
  • Marcus Johansson Hits 800 games played. He needs 47 more, so if he can stay in the lineup, he’s pencil on Tuesday, January 17th against Minnesota.
  • Johansson is also just 13 points shy of 420 career points. Again, I’m not sure why you think this is a milestone, but okay.
  • Darcy Comber’s next match will be his 300. So it will be…today.
  • Also today: Evgeny Kuznetsov He’s about to play his 600th game.
  • Kuznetsov scored 500 points. It only needs four points.
  • new goalkeeper Charlie Lindgren He faced only 771 shots in his career. He should cross the thousandth line by mid-season unless things go wrong.
  • Anthony Mantha Hits 400 games early Tuesday, January 17th against Minnesota – 47 games from now. Thus, it will be in the 420 games played on Saturday, March 11th in Brooklyn. Weird questions you asked me to give you, but I don’t judge them.
  • Conor McMichael He plays 69 games, so I’m fine if he doesn’t play in the season opener. His next match will be his 70th.
  • Dmitriy Orlov Hit 200 assists. He needs 20 assists, and his average has been much higher than that over the past few seasons.
  • If Orloff remains in the squad, he should play in his 700th game early Thursday, February 16th against Florida.
  • And if Orloff can match his total goals from last season, he will finish 2022-23 with 69 goals. Not a teacher per se, but you asked and I answered.
  • The last thing Orloff swears by: If all goes well, he can go up fourteen points in plus/minus to catch the all-time leader of the hats, Rod Langway.
  • Alex Ovechkin He hits 800 career goals once he has scored his 20 this season. The next goal then would tie him up with Jordi Howe for second place all-time.
  • Ovechkin hits 1,300 games. The earliest he can do so is on Saturday, December 3rd in Calgary.
  • As pointed out by NikoOvechkin is also 149 shots Less than an NHL record ever.
  • TJ O’Shea He already plays in 900 matches. There are no milestones for him. Do not be greedy.
  • Connor Cherry 500 hits game. He should be playing in 51 games, so that could happen Thursday, January 26th against Pittsburgh.

I’m sure there are other milestones. Ovi could become the man who scored fifty goals more than ever, for example. Drop more in the comments if you’ve got it.

Also, I want to give a hearty shout out to Tweet embedwho faithfully keeps track of all these things and keeps us updated.

Banner photo: Alan Dobbins

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