Study finds that a healthy lifestyle can offset genetic risks

Post on PinterestA new study suggests that even people with a high genetic risk of stroke may be able to compensate for it by adopting a healthy lifestyle Image Credit: Specker/Vedfelt/Getty Images Researchers have investigated how cardiovascular health interacts with high genetic risk of stroke. They found that optimal cardiovascular health reduced the risk of … Read more

What is the snake diet? The diet will help you lose weight

Extreme Snake Diet intermittent fasting diet Founded by Cole Robinson, a self-described fasting coach. (Side note: There is no specific accreditation for a fasting coach, so this isn’t really a thing. Based on publicly available information, Robinson has no medical, nutritional, or health training qualifications.) Besides losing weight, the Snake Diet claims that this type … Read more

EXC: ‘I carried a lot of weight’: Mark Wright reveals how he changed his fitness trajectory

Mark Wright revealed how he sticks to his workout routine and healthy diet while traveling the world for work. The former TOWIE star, 35, told MailOnline that he changed his physical life at 24 after spending a year playing football and gaining weight. Mark, who was speaking in association with the California Almonds, said he … Read more