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It’s time for season 48 of Saturday Night Live, has already been described as a transitional or rebuilding year by the program’s author and expert, Lorne Michaels. Eight cast members left over the summer (Kate McKinnon, Eddie Bryant, Bette Davidson, and Kyle Mooney in May, then Alex Moffat, Melissa Felicinor, Aristotle Athari and Chris Reed in September), and Lorne hired four new members (Marcelo Hernandez, Molly) Kearney and Michael Longfellow and Devon Walker). How could a display actually look different? For one thing, there’s a new opening credit sequence complete with a new title font (how did they not get along with Papyrus, only Ryan Gosling and Julio Torres can tell!?), which put Michael Che on top of the alphabetical order. There is still no official recognition for the opening trio “Please Don’t Destroy” (although they are included in the final credits as part of the writing team). But also, where is Cecily Strong? Can we believe she was too busy performing “Search for Signs of Intelligent Life in the Universe” in Los Angeles to appear in the credits, too? What about all the corporate branding in many graphics? I hope they get their inflation bonuses…

What’s the deal for SNL Cold open last night (10/1/22)?

Peyton’s Manningcasts and Eli Manning’s Monday Night Football proved a hit last season for ESPN, and host Miles Teller veered into impersonating as efficient as Peyton’s passing stats, becoming one of the rare SNL hosts to land a cool opening. Andrew Dismukes where Eli has been mostly along for the ride (one could argue that Eli is on the Manningcast!), where the brothers provided real-time commentary on SNL’s cold open.

meta humour. Also something older SNL fans might remember from the previous 40 seasons, when the late film critics Siskel and Ebert showed up to do their thing live from 30 Rock:

In any case. Back to 2022 and Season 48.

As the Mannings, Teller, and Dismukes act as crowd surrogates, allowing us to laugh at the lack of laughs (only in the first 14 prank attempts, according to Mannings), they purposely mock poor streak renditions by Bowen Yang and Heidi Gardner (of the latter, Teller). Peyton also offered: “A political impression no one asked for”), playing the debut of the new cast members as well as “unprovoked stunt acting” thanks to the headlines of Shawn White and Jon Hamm. There is a “damn!” When they realize that McKinnon isn’t around to provide devastating portraits of politicians, they don’t mention Moffat’s missing like Eric Trump. 🙁

how did you do SNL Guest host miles teller do?

Teller has been working on this moment all his life, and he has a video to prove it. He thanked his parents, among the audience (not pictured), for sticking to the record of young Miles and his older sister re-enactment of the drawing of the Spartan cheerleader by Will Ferrell and Sherry Autry. Teller also mocked himself for looking a bit more like Rachel Maddow (although Maddow’s drawings aren’t shown), and how he took piano lessons for Top Gun: Maverick, just to not get much credit for editing the final movie. However, the actor actually did the work tonight, appearing in major roles in most of the sketches!

He also played the host in a parody of a show called “Send Something Normal,” in this case a game called “Send Something Normal.” SNL has enjoyed success in recent years playing up social media mishaps in the community, and this game reflects on how celebrities like Adam Levine (Mickey Day) and Armie Hammer (James Austin Johnson) have been caught slipping into DMs of women rather than their wives with horrifying sex. . You can send something normal in response to a fan and win a million dollars. no. And neither Neil deGrasse Tyson (Kenan Thompson) nor even Bowen Yang could be himself. Dua Lipa has this effect on everyone.

Tyler & Day also photographed his miserable Malian brothers in a rooftop bar, failing to hit two women despite all their bragadosio beforehand.

Will the teller’s day be accompanied by each drawing tonight? Good question! Continue reading…

Just how many sponsored graphics were there?

Perhaps this is a better question. If you ask NBC/SNL writers or advocates, they may put off full disclosure of that sort of thing, until six years after Lorne announced that the show would offer branded content as a way to allow for more sketches and fewer commercial breaks. . However, this was very noticeable in the season 48 premiere, where we saw Teller and Day as bank robbers come to a complete stop with their new social media app, BeReal.

We also saw an infographic imagining the richly dramatic story of the Charmin Bear family (Papa Kenan, Mama Heidi, and kids Punkie Johnson and Teller), with Yang’s partner/choreographer. This graphic was immediately followed by a trading break with a very real Charmin Bear ad. Hmmm.

Chloe Fineman gave us a more disturbing Nicole Kidman commercial for AMC cinemas to think about.

And if you’re wondering what happened to the McDonald’s characters, well, Sarah Sherman as Birdie, Mickey as Ronald MacDonald, Bowen as Hamburglar and Keenan as Mayor Mac Shays all look familiar, but what’s up with Grimace (Teller)? Apparently, losing 300 lbs and not eating McDonald’s turns you into a purple shemale or purple shemale hunk!

How relevant is guest musician Kendrick Lamar?

Lamar, considered one of the most influential rappers ever, released his fifth studio album (and first since 2017) in May, with “Mr. Morale and Adults’ hit #1 on the Billboard charts. Teller Peyton Manning also suggested in a cold opening that Lamar’s performance might be the only reason some viewers tuned in!

For his first performance, he cut from a steady performance of “Rich Spirit,” letting his shadow do all the dancing, before launching into his first single, “N95.”

Lamar wore a Dodgers hat and guest at Samva to perform “Father Time”.

What infographic we will share: “BeReal”

Of all the sponsored graphics, BeReal might be the one that hits the hardest with people sharing clips on social media, mainly because it has to do with social media, our habits, and our addictions to it. It’s also a chance to explain the hot new thing to everyone in the friend group that they haven’t discovered yet.

Who stopped by the weekend update?

Lorne said the Weekend Update’s longest-serving anchors, Michael Che and Colin Jost, weren’t going anywhere because he didn’t want to change it with the midterm elections only a month away. But we’ll have three slides for guests at the desk.

First, US Senator Mitch McConnell (JAJ) and Georgian candidate Herschel Walker (Kenan) talked about the prospects of overturning the Senate for Republicans. Walker has a tendency to lie and say stupid things, so obvious jokes abound about that. All I can think of is how JAJ’s McConnell has a stronger, more defined chin than he does in real life or via Beck Bennett.

I told you last month that rookie Michael Longfellow would be the type to show up on Update himself to stand up, and here he was in the first week, commenting on how, like Sidney Sweeney, he has MAGA-loving family members about which he can’t apologize enough. his advice? “Don’t cut them out of your life. They may die tomorrow… Get the will!”

Finally, Bowen, as the annoying spotted lantern fly, receives a major introduction off-stage in a parody of PSA, and then behind the desk to taunt his haters.

What is a “10 to 1” slot fill fee?

At 12:52 AM ET, we were reminded Barb & Star Go to Vista Del Mar Currently available in FX. Like Trinity and Desiree, Ego Nwodim and Heidi Gardner aren’t Barb and Star, but they spent five months on vacation at a Caribbean resort and their fast-paced friendship developed into a talk show. At least we can see debutante Devon Walker as Frank Ocean (nothing to do with Billy).

Who was the best player in the episode?

No solo performance featured as much as Tyler’s overall commitment to hosting, but as predicted on the cold open Manningcast, Bowen Yang Really getting into the spotlight. And he does just that. I really felt like a two brothers Night (no tie, with!?!?), like Yang, Mickey Day And the Kenan Thompson They all carry more load than any other member of the cast, with the ladies in particular getting a short bout.

Next week, Brendan Gleeson will host with guest musician Willow.

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