Best fruit for chronic constipation

While many turn to peaches, kiwi offers superior effects along with nutritional benefits

The kiwi is a great fruit when it comes to tackling difficult and often chronic problems Constipation It infects many people all over the world.

chronic Constipation It can have many causes. The good news is that nature has many remedies for this annoying, even painful condition.

peach It is the number one fruit that many think of when it comes to relieving constipation, and they work for that purpose. People who ate 2 ounces (50 grams) of prunes daily for three weeks reported better stool consistency and frequency compared to the group that took a psyllium fiber supplement.[i]

However, it is worth being careful about consuming too many prunes. It may lead to unwanted effects such as DiarrheaAnd sugars can build up if you take prune juice for gut benefits.

Fortunately, there may be a better option when it comes to a fruit to relieve constipation – kiwi, also known as Chinese gooseberry, which originated as a wild plant in China.

Regular consumption of kiwi has been linked to health benefits for the digestive system, immune system and metabolism.[ii] The fruit is exceptionally high Vitamin C It offers diet the basicAnd the potassiumAnd the Vitamin E And the Folic acid Along with various bioactive compounds ranging from antioxidants to enzymes.

Confrontation with plum and psyllium

A number of Asian studies have already suggested the potential of kiwi against chronic constipation. A partial randomized trial also evaluated the fruits along with psyllium and peaches in US patients with this condition.[iii]

Subjects were assigned to consume green kiwi, peach, or psyllium for four weeks. The researchers looked at complete spontaneous bowel movements as well as daily stool frequency, stool consistency, and straining.

Based on the results of 79 patients, the number of spontaneous complete bowel movements was similar between treatments. However, at the third and fourth week of treatment, stool consistency improved significantly with kiwi and plum, while straining improved significantly with the three treatments. Subjects assigned to the kiwi group reported significant improvement in bloating.

By the end of the treatment period, kiwi was also associated with the lowest rates of adverse events—most common with psyllium—and patient dissatisfaction with treatment.

Works against constipation and other common ailments

Other studies support the benefits of kiwi against constipation:

  • Increasing dietary fiber intake through kiwi has been effective in relieving chronic constipation among the Chinese population.[iv]
  • Daily consumption of three gold-ground kiwis significantly increased two additional full bowel movements per week as well as reduced gastrointestinal discomfort in adults with moderate constipation.[v]
  • Green kiwi extract significantly increases normal bowel movement without side effects and relieves symptoms irritable bowel syndrome Such as bloating, flatulence and abdominal pain.[vi]

A separate study also looked at the potential effects of golden kiwi on body composition, fat metabolism, and inflammation. The results showed that the fruit may reduce body fat mass, improve blood pressure, and regulate inflammatory responses among overweight and obese young adults.[vii] Even with common sleep problems, kiwi seemed to be beneficial.

Eating the fruit, of which two pieces were given to 24 people aged 20 to 55 years before bedtime for four weeks, may improve sleep onset, duration, and efficiency in adults who report sleep disturbances.[viii] The researchers noted that further investigations into the sleep-promoting properties of kiwis may be warranted.

For people with poor gum health, eating kiwi may also help reduce gums ignition “Although there were no tools available about periodontics or the behavioral changes of the patient.”[ix]

In general, kiwi’s high vitamin C content influences its standing as a nutritious and immune-boosting fruit.[x] As a natural whole food, it is ideal for releasing and delivering nutrients to various places along the digestive system and elsewhere in the body.

else Natural Strategies Against Constipation They can also be explored, from proper hydration to high-fiber foods to probiotics. Fruits themselves provide a large number of healing properties Through the copious amounts of vitamins and key plant compounds it contains. Learn more about The outstanding health benefits of kiwi In the database.


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