Bosses have a decision to make about Eric Benemi – and it’s complicated

When it comes to Eric Benemi’s tenure Kansas Citythe best word to describe it now is “complex”.

For anyone on the outside looking inside, Benemi must be the next rock star coach created by Andy Reed’s Training Factory. The Kansas City offense has been one of the best attacks in the league since he took over as coordinator (2018). He’s achieved the highest level an attack coordinator can, yet he seems to be stuck in Kansas City.

Benemi’s struggle to become a head coach has been at the forefront of diversity concerns in the NFL for years. Bieniemy is more than qualified to become a head coach in the NFL. Why hasn’t that happened yet?

The answer to that question may never crystallize for those of us unfamiliar with the inner workings of coaching staff throughout the league.

There are many angles to Eric Benemi’s story in Kansas City. A few times he was caught on camera arguing with some Chiefs players. there is the Making fun of former players like LeSean McCoy. There is a period of oblivion after 2021 Asian Championship The loss as the chiefs had “discussions” in order to bring him back.

What are the two most important factors in the rise of leaders to glory during the past ten years?

The answer is simple. It’s Patrick Mahomes and Andy Reed. We’ve seen that Reed was a successful coach without Mahomes, but it’s undeniable that Reed was promoted by being awarded the real Pro Football Hall of Fame. Now that Kansas City and Reid have elite quarterback play and a ring, the focus must shift to keeping the quarterback happy.

The list of perks that regretted not keeping the elite quarterback happy is long. Bosses need to do everything they can to keep Mahomes happy in the long run, so they don’t end up like Seattle SeahawksAnd the New England Patriots And the Houston Texas – who all had to watch their QB series make its way out of town.

Has Mahomes ever come out in public and said he doesn’t like working with Benemi? no never.

Mahomes is one of the most recognizable stars in the NFL. In the eyes of the public everything he does seems calculated and perfect; He will never make fun of his colleague or coach in public. Sure, there are plenty of audio clips where Mahomes is asked about Bieniemy, and he replies with something cute.

However, it looks like there could be more in the details when it comes to their relationship. For example, this encrypted tweet was sent about Energy this year.

In the end, it doesn’t really matter who was right or wrong on the sidelines last Sunday. And Benemi might one day be the next great coach in Reed’s training tree.

It is possible that both Mahomes and Bieniemy are great at what they do and have counted on each other to reach the success that they have. However, if their relationship he is Divided, the Chiefs need to stand by what Mahomes wants. It doesn’t take a detective to tell Camp Mahomes to be thrilled to have Matt Nagy back on the cast, and it’s also clear that the Chiefs have had to spend some time thinking about getting Bieniemy back this season.

We all know the Chiefs Offensive begins and ends with Reed, as he has lost so many coordinators and coaches over his 20 years, and the irregularities keep coming.

The Chiefs Scheme might benefit from bringing in a new offensive mind in place of Red’s disciples. And quite frankly, it’s not worth risking tension with the Mahomes just to keep Bieniemy on the cast. Retaining superstar content is a full-time job, and one that owner Clark Hunt and Reed must focus on for the long-term.

If Mahomes wants Benemi in Kansas City, no problem in Heaven, and this week may just have two contenders on edge. But, there is undoubtedly enough smoke for there to be a fire between the two, and superiors need to decide on this long-term relationship before it’s too late.

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