Brave Notes: Swanson, Morton, Janssen

After following up their underdog win in the 2021 Cinderella World Series with an improved 101-win season, the Braves were eliminated from the 2022 Posteason by Phillies. With the 2022 season in the rearview mirror, general manager Alex Anthopoulos will do his best to improve upon the already impressive Braves heart.

Perhaps the most important question facing the Braves as they head off the season is their hole in the shortstop. Native of Atlanta Dansby Swanson He’s been a short brave start since 2016, and will be a free agent for the first time this season after receiving his $10 million salary during his last trip across arbitration process. John Heyman from New York Post It reported that the Braves had opened extension talks with Swanson in mid-August, but no concrete conclusion has been reached yet.

Swanson, coming off his fourth straight season strong, trimmed .277/.329/.447 while posting the above average points average (20) among qualifying short stops en route to his first All-Star appearance. join Tria Turnerand, if they practice unsubscribing, Carlos Correa And the Xander Bogarts In short, the best options.

When Swanson was asked about his thoughts on free agency and the possibility of leaving the Braves family, he replied that free agency is “The last thing on my mindAccording to Mark Bowman, However, Anthopoulos confirmed in a press conference earlier today that there was a shared interest in completing a deal, but did not provide specific numbers, according to Justin Toscano of Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

The Braves, who have been famous in recent seasons for signing players in the early stages of their careers to “team friendly” contracts (Ronald Acuna, Ozzy AlbisAnd the Michael Harris IIAnd the Spencer StriderAnd the Austin Riley), currently has approximately $186 million committed for the 2023 season, excluding judging, per Menu resource. However, among the players eligible to referee, only a novice player Max Fried he is expect To significantly affect the Braves payroll, other players eligible to arbitrate are expected to earn less than $3 million if their contracts are offered.

Most importantly, in the 2021 season, the Braves are reported to have introduced their first baseman in a long time Freddy Freeman Five-year contract in the $135 million – $140 million range. When the conversations stopped, the brave moved for possession Matt Olson of athletics, and signed him to an eight-year contract worth $168 million. Freeman then went on to sign the Dodgers to a six-year, $162 million contract.

It’s possible that the Braves already have a Swanson replacement von Grissom, who deployed a powerful .291/.353/.440 streak in 151 at-bats after being called up in mid-August. Grissom first played as a runner-up in his brief Major League career, but featured through the Minors as a short. If Swanson is re-signed, Grissom may have to move onto the field or act as a companion player with Riley and the Albies patrolling the field.

Move to the hill, start Charlie Morton He was forced out of yesterday’s match in the third inning after taking a lead of a streak to his bowler’s elbow. Morton initially stayed in the game and completed the inning but was pulled by manager Brian Snicker after Sneaker watched Morton heat up before the third inning. During an in-game interview, Snitker announced that an X-ray showed no structural damage to Morton’s elbow, and that Morton wanted to try and keep shooting, according to Mike Axisa of. CBS.

Morton made two runs before leaving the game, giving up four strokes and three runs, all in Brandon March Homer. Morton, who turns 39 in November, has been a steady force in the Braves spin, hitting a 4.34 ERA in 172 runs (31 starts) with a solid 28.2% strike rate. His strong performance led to $20 million for a year contract extension for the 2023 season, with a club option of $20 million for the 2024 campaign.

Savior Kenley Jansen enters free agency, but Anthopoulos makes it clear that the brave”would love to return it,“for every Toscano. After leaving The Dodgers in free agency for jOwen the brave On a one-year, $16 million contract, Jansen led the National League in tackles with 41, scoring 3.38 ERAs in 64 innings with a high strike rate of 32.7%. However, Jansen’s HardHit percentage increased from 26.1% in 2021 to 32.5% in 2022, and his Globe rating dropped from 37.3% to 29.1%, the second lowest mark of his career.

If Braves and Jansen can’t come to an agreement, they will likely have a successor Rizel Iglesias World Health Organization It was received The 2022 Trade Deadline vs. Promoting Prospects tucker davidson And the Jesse Chavez. Since joining Atlanta, Iglesias has only allowed one run in 26 1/3 innings, resulting in a small 0.32 ERA. These strong numbers are backed by a high strike rate of 30.0%, a low walking rate of 5.0%, and a strong globe rate of 40.6%.

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