Top 10 videos of 2022

Top 10 highlight videos of 2022 Throughout the year, Designboom covered numerous projects in the fields of architecture, art, design, and technology, presented through a motion picture format. From an impressive time-lapse video of Mr. Doodle taking us to his Doodleland in Kent (a house completely covered in his black and white cartoon character) to … Read more

Hobbies of 5 great geniuses

It is common to think that geniuses focus obsessively on their primary field of study only and nothing else. This is often very far from the truth, and a number of the greatest minds of all time have enjoyed many hobbies. Here’s what five of history’s great thinkers did in their spare time. Ada Lovelace … Read more

Inside Kehinde Wiley’s and Anna Delphi’s Art Basel parties

This article originally appeared in are you cominga newsletter about New York nightlife. Register here. Chaka Khan performing at Kehinde Wiley’s Art Basel party. Photo: Seth Bruarnick/ If you are a serious artistic person or very rich, which I certainly am not, I have arrived Art Basel By Monday, November 28th, or even the night … Read more

A Little Rough: Books, Music, Art, and More to Help Banish a Hangover | culture

Music Scottish composer, producer and multi-instrumentalist Erland Cooper is frequently lauded for his exploration of psychogeography: finding connections between place, memory and nature. However, if you’ve gotten a little in touch with the night outside, soothing sound baths also work detoxing wonders. Over eight pieces of classical piano, the gentle beauty of his 2022 album, … Read more

Cardi B, Travis Scott and more party at Art Basel

Leonardo DiCaprio wins this year’s Most Popular Celebrity Award to be monitored Around Miami during Art Basel, there were plenty of other A-listers popping onto the scene. Cardi B took off her shoes and performed barefoot at Miami nightclub Story around 3 a.m. Sunday before making her way to another set at Booby Trap on … Read more

Eiza Gonzalez dips into an LBD while attending Art Basel in Miami

Eiza Gonzalez was a sensation when she surfaced Friday night during this year’s star-studded Art Basel extravaganza in Miami Beach. Top Flying Stars Starting with Kim Kardashian To Serena Williams to Leonardo DiCaprio were spotlighted making their presence felt in the buzzing art fair. Among them was Izza, 32, who slipped her enviably curvaceous frame … Read more