A mental health crisis center planned for mid-2023

DOthan, Ala. (WTVY) — SpectraCare announced Tuesday that its new crisis center should be operational by summer and will focus on immediate assistance for those with mental health issues. Melissa Kirkland, CEO of SpectraCare, describes the current state of care saying, “A lot of times, they call, and the doors aren’t open.” Oftentimes, when first … Read more

Game-based ADHD DTx program launched in Singapore

Singaporean tech startup Neeuro and the Institute of Mental Health have unveiled their Home Attention Training Program. what is it about Cogo, a digital therapy program, seeks to solve inattention in children ages 6-12 through a guided game of 24 sessions paired with a SenzeBand 2 EEG headband from Neeuro. Developed based on Neeuro Brain-Computer … Read more

The emergency department of mental health care in western massachusetts fluctuates

BOSTON (SHNS) — When the chief of the largest behavioral health provider in western Massachusetts woke up Thursday, there were 39 people still waiting in emergency departments around greater Springfield in need of psychiatric beds. Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts reported a doubling of mental health visits That number isn’t outlandish, according to Behavioral … Read more

Stanford researchers find pandemic of COVID-19 stress on brains of physically aging teens

The brains of the teens assessed after the pandemic shutdowns ended appeared several years older than the brains of the teens assessed before the pandemic. The brains of teens assessed after the COVID lockdowns ended appeared several years older than the brains of teens assessed before the pandemic. To date, such accelerated changes in ‘brain … Read more

Legislators, the struggling kids of Georgia need help

The state’s partial mental health care system is failing to serve the growing number of depressed and suicidal children in Georgia. This is true regardless of whether these children are covered by private health insurance or government-sponsored plans. That must be unbearable for a country like ours. We must do better through our children and … Read more