For Trae Young and other young NBA stars, the path to the next level lies in the locker room, not down the aisle

Trae Young found himself at odds with his head coach. Ja Morant has heard calls from Charles Barkley to grow his game to include channeling his immense talent to improve his teammates. Luka Doncic sets historic single digits while failing to push him Dallas Mavericks Team toward the top of the Western Conference. Welcome young … Read more

Trae Young is giving the Hawks a chance now, but their real window should open in a few years

The Atlanta HawksA surprising race to the 2021 Eastern Conference Finals, where they put up an honest scare in the eventual champ Milwaukee BucksAnd, effectively, tell us one thing: Trae Young is a superstar. Yes, the team has overplayed, especially defensively, and matches with Nix And the Sixers look pretty gift-wrapped in hindsight. But what … Read more

Nike ends shoe deal with NBA player Kyrie Irving

Nike has ended its eight-year business relationship with professional basketball star Kyrie Irving, the controversial Brooklyn Nets player recently after he posted Link to an anti-Semitic movie on social media. Nike’s move comes one month later The sportswear giant has suspended their relationship With Irving on a tweet he shared back in October. “Kyrie Irving … Read more

Bradley Bell says he had no viable landing positions in free agency, but that ignores the fact that the Stars move

Bradley Bell has been remarkably honest about his decision to re-sign with Washington Wizards On the Don’t get cold with the Gilbert Arenas podcast. “There were no market teams, free agency,” He said. “I’m just being honest. There was nowhere else to go where I could be like, ‘Oh, I can win.’” “Teams that weren’t … Read more