As China begins to dismantle ‘zero COVID’ controls, fears about the virus are growing

The largest easing of restrictions since the onset of the pandemic Cities urge citizens to be vigilant Analysts say China is not ready for a surge in cases BEIJING/SHANGHAI (Reuters) – As many Chinese embraced new freedoms on Thursday after the country abandoned key parts of its strict anti-coronavirus regime, there were growing concerns about … Read more

The defiant President of Ukraine has drone strikes on Russia again

Kyiv, Ukraine (AP) — Drones bombed inside Russia’s border with Ukraine on Tuesday, the second day of attacks, revealing the vulnerability of some of Moscow’s most important military sites, experts said. Ukrainian officials have not officially confirmed that the drone strikes were carried out inside Russia, and have maintained ambiguity about previous high-profile attacks. But … Read more

Shut it down: More Chinese secret police stations have reportedly been found, leading to a call to close the consulate

The former deputy national security adviser said after nearly 50 additional stations were found, countries should close Chinese consulates until the communist regime shuts down its network of illegal police operations. “Chinese overseas police stations are one of the many ways Beijing is undermining our national sovereignty and denying ethnic Chinese, in particular, their rights … Read more

Ukraine Attacks Inside Russia For Second Day: Live Updates

video People crowded subway stations as air raid sirens sounded across the Ukrainian capital.attributed to himattributed to him…Laura Bouchenak for The New York Times KYIV, Ukraine — In a city where daily routines have been devastated by relentless Russian missile strikes, unpredictable power outages and an unreliable water supply, Kyiv residents know that at any … Read more

Ukraine’s war isn’t all good news for the arms industry – DW – 05/12/2022

The world’s top 100 arms producers continued to increase sales in 2021, but supply chain problems have slowed growth in the sector, according to a new report from the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI). The report published on Monday indicated that the shortage caused by the COVID-19 pandemic played a role in stifling growth … Read more

An Iranian official indicates the suspension of the morality police amid protests

Comment on this story Suspension A senior Iranian official said on Sunday that Iran’s so-called morality police unit, whose actions have sparked months of protests, has been suspended, though the status of the force remains uncertain. The protest movement started in September after The death of 22-year-old Mohseh Amini In the custody of Iran’s Guidance … Read more

An official body in Iran announces the killing of 200 people in protests, and Raisi praises the “freedoms”

DUBAI (Reuters) – President Ebrahim Raisi on Saturday hailed the Islamic Republic of Iran as a guarantor of rights and freedoms, defending the ruling regime amid a crackdown on anti-government protests that the United Nations says have claimed more than 300 lives. Meanwhile, the country’s top security body said 200 people, including members of the … Read more