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A former Jamestown resident has written a little golden book on Lucille Ball.

Little Golden Books has been around for many years and is published by Random House. Their main goal is to encourage young children to read and there are many different types of Little Golden Books that can range from things like biographies and weather to Star Wars and ET There are over 200 books in print.

Lucille Ball Little Golden Book is the latest in the autobiographical series.

The book’s author, Wendy Loggia, grew up in Jamestown. She attended Jamestown High School, Jamestown Community College, and the State University of New York at Buffalo. After graduation, she moved to New York City and started her book publishing business, which she still does today as an editor at Random House Children’s Books. She currently lives in New Jersey, outside of New York City.

“When I first started publishing, I worked on several interconnected transportation projects,” Loggia said. “Basically that means I wrote books that came from movie franchises, things like Jurassic Park and Ever After. I also wrote for Disney, some original works and some short stories that relate to its franchises like Cars and Toy Story.”

Wendy Loggia, a former Jamestown resident, is pictured with copies of her Little Golden Book about Lucille Ball. Sent photos

While editing is her main job, Loggia continues to write on the side. On Election Day 2020, she finished her youth romance, “All I want for Christmas.”

As part of Random House, Loggia saw how successful Little Golden Books was and pitched the autobiographical idea to the ball.

“I’ve seen the success of the Little Golden Books and how fun that autobiography is,” Loggia said. I pitched the idea to the editor and they liked it and started writing. I have one on Taylor Swift that I’m working on as well. I have a lot of fun with those.”

Loggia was inspired to write an autobiography on the ball due to her history with the Jamestown area.

“I think if you live or grow up in the Jamestown area, I think you’re required to love Lucy in some way,” Loggia said. “I grew up with stories about her from my mom who was also a fan of hers. She loved the show and what Lucy represented as a small town girl who moved to New York to pursue her dreams. She is very influential and still has fans to this day.”

Loggia added that some children may not know anything about the ball, and some adults also may not know much about its background.

“I don’t think many people know about the difficult childhood she had,” Loggia said. “When I started working on it, I thought I should be the one to write it because I like it and my history with the Jamestown area. I’m glad I can be.”

Loggia also learned more about Ball during this project, and said her goal is to tell her story in a way that is appropriate for children, making it positive and inspiring.

Her little golden book is set to be released on Taylor Swift next May. Lugia said she hopes to be able to write more in the genre in the future because of the fun she had writing her Christmas romance, but said it’s hard to find time to write and to balance her time between writing and an editing career.

“I work with other creators all day and sometimes I feel like I don’t have enough energy to write my own stories” Loggia said. “I started an Instagram account when I posted my romance novel and it has helped me connect with other Lucy fans around the world. I will definitely keep writing, but I should start thinking about things soon. As an editor, we are already working on books that will be published in year 2024.”

Additionally, Loggia said that when it comes to illustration authors they usually don’t have a say in the images accompanying their books, but she thinks the Book Ball illustrator was great.

“I felt like the Random House editor had found a great illustrator,” Loggia said. “I was very excited about it. The authors don’t necessarily communicate with the illustrators of their books, but I was allowed to make some suggestions about what I wanted.”

Loggia believes that the ball is a role model for everyone.

“Whether you loved Lucy as much as I did or grew up a fan of hers, or weren’t a fan of her, I think Lucy’s story is incredible,” Loggia said. “She was a television star and one of the first women to have her own studio. She is a role model not only for children but for their parents and grandparents as well.”

The book is more special to Loggia because she dedicated it to Jamestown.

“I have friends and family who still live in the area,” Loggia said. I try to visit several times a year. I have a soft spot for Jamestown and Chattoqua County. It is a very dear place to me.”

The Lucille Ball Little Golden Book is now available at any major retailer.

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