College Football Coaches Ranking Top 10 Seats: Week Seven

Who are the 10 coaches on the hot seat after week seven of the college football season?

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Best College Football Coaches Bench 10: Week 7

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Training launches have slowed, which is clearly a good thing on a human level, as well as for the struggling teams who have about six more weeks to go before the season is almost over.

This does not mean that there are not many coaches who need to win immediately.

Rankings for the top 10 college football coaches are done in two ways. First five coaches who won’t be fired this year unless something crazy happens, but they could use a change of momentum hopelessly.

This isn’t always a bad thing or a negative ranking – many of the coaches on this list have quickly changed things, like four of the five who were on the list last week.

The second part is the coaches who have a string of victories better, otherwise.

Starting with the five who won’t be kicked out, but can use something after a few victories…

Five college football coaches who won’t be fired nor take any hot seat, but they can win big

5. Matt Campbell, Iowa

next one: Oklahoma (September 29)

Not only is Campbell not in any hot seat, but he’s on the hot list for nearly every open practice party available. There is one big problem right now – his team is last in the Big 12.

It’s the only team that hasn’t scored a major win in 12.

The defense is great, the team played well against Texas, and the four losses this year were by one point. And of course, Iowa beat Iowa, so all is well with the world.

There’s absolutely no pressure on him in terms of job – Iowa will do almost anything to keep him in place – but next is Oklahoma, West Virginia, Oklahoma State, Texas Tech, and UCLA. Iowa must win three of those five just to get a bowl game.

4. Butch Jones, Arkansas

next one: in Louisiana

It’s lost that he was really good in Tennessee until it all fell apart in 2017.

He came in with a few seasons of nine wins and won three games in three attempts, then became a senior assistant before taking the Arkansas State job. 2-10 last year, the Red Wolves 2-5 this season with tough games against Louisiana, South Alabama, and Troy ahead.

Three of the five losses were close, but it would be very helpful to show signs of something positive for the future over the next six weeks.

3. Jim Leonard, Wisconsin

next one: Bordeaux

It’s almost certainly his mission no matter what, but that’s not 100% certain just yet.

The win over Northwestern was fantastic, but losing overtime to a modest brawl and Michigan State was hardly an added advantage.

The Badgers are 3-4, and while they won’t be blamed if the rest of the season fails to emerge from the sudden drop, they have won three of their last five games — Purdue, Maryland, in Iowa, Nebraska, Minnesota — to reach the pot game. It would do wonders.

If not, there are several programs – (cough) in Nebraska (cough) in Colorado – that could be very interesting.

2. Tony Elliott, Virginia

next one: at Georgia Tech (October 20)

Not only is Virginia losing at an average ACC, it’s boring.

Last season’s Cavaliers had a very interesting show with QB Brennan Armstrong and her around the yard. This year’s team could barely score 17 points over Louisville.

He’s just getting started and hasn’t done anything yet with the program, but the second half is tough with Georgia Tech, Miami, North Carolina, and Pete, Coastal Carolina, at Virginia Tech.

Winning four of those games wouldn’t be difficult for most teams, but the 2-4 Cavaliers just need their first win in a month to move on.

1. Ken Wilson, Nevada

next one: San Diego State

The longtime Nevada assistant has been on the Pac-12 for several years. He came from Oregon to try to rebuild the program after former coach Jay Norville left for Colorado State – another job at Mountain West – for what was considered a better deal.

That didn’t sit well with Nevada fans, especially since Norville took so many top players with him.

Wilson’s team started the game 2-0, lost in a shootout with FCS’s Incarnate Word, and then lost on the way to Iowa and the Air Force—no big deal.

Then came Norville’s emotional comeback with the Colorado State team, which he did not win and did not suffer from injuries. It was a big moment for Nevada and Wilson football, and everything seemed to work out in an ugly game except for the final score of 17-14 in the loss.

He followed that up with a 31-16 loss to a team Hawaii that is among the worst in the country, and Nevada is battling a five-game losing streak with five of Mountain West’s top teams appearing.

5 college football coaches who had better win now or not

Next up: 5 college football coaches who need to win now or not

College Football Hot Seat Coaches: Win Now or Not

These five coaches will probably stick to their jobs with a good final record, but they all need a solid winning streak now.

5. Scott Satterfield, Louisville

next one: a house

It’s the topic of a few ACC coaches this week after taking time off to recharge – Win Now.

Unfortunately for Satterfield and Louisville, Pete took two weeks off as well.

Base wants Louisville to be a key player in the ACC, and it’s headed downhill after two consecutive losing seasons and a 3-3 start. On the plus side, the Cardinals lost to Florida State and Boston College in nail-biting, and the loss at Syracuse to start the season now looks fine.

Pitt, Wake Forest, James Madison. Three home games, and that must be three victories in Clemson, NC, in Kentucky to close it.

Helping to create this difficult point was a loss for…

4. Jeff Heffley, Boston College

next one: In Wake Forest

Here is where the run should begin. Boston College took a couple of weeks off to rest after losing to Clemson, and they have a good slate of winable games coming up soon, the first of which should all work in Wake Forest.

With UConn and Duke to follow, there’s a solid chance it could be 4-4 with a win over the Demon Deacons and everything turns. Lost, and at 2-5 with NC State, at Notre Dame, and Syracuse still has to deal with, that wouldn’t be a step forward in Year Three after two seasons of six wins.

3. Tim Lister, Western Michigan

next one: Pete (October 22)

Every year Western Michigan has been solid under Lester.

He has yet to have a losing season in his first five years, the team won a pot with his eight victories last season, and everyone was up and ready to make some MAC noise this season and possibly attend the conference title game.

Ball State is the only FBS team that the Broncos have defeated by a score of 2-5. Losing to Michigan State, Pete and even San Jose State was excused, but dropping the home game against Eastern Michigan 45-23 and following it up with a 33-14 loss to Ohio is problematic.

Three of the next four games are on the road before dealing with the best team in the conference, Toledo. It would take something special to achieve six wins.

2. Jeff Scott, USF

next one: in houston

It’s not fair because his team plays its part.

The Florida Bulls pushed, Cincinnati was in big trouble and gave Tulane a run last week in a 45-31 loss. But that’s still the problem – they can’t get around.

It’s about winning, and there’s no winning. USF has yet to beat an FBS team this season, Scott 4-24 so far, and then three road games in four weeks with a home game against SMU before finishing against UCF.

All he needs are some victories, but going to Houston will be tough, and it will be a big deal if USF loses to Temple the following week.

1. Brian Harsin, Auburn

next one: Arkansas (October 29)

The offense escalated and gave the Ole Miss a fight in a 48-34 loss, but that’s three losses in a row, four in the last five games, and it took a miracle stumble from Missouri to prevent it from being a six-game losing streak.

At 3-4 it was tough, and it couldn’t have been easier with a large portion of the SEC West roster to align with a date against WKU. However, he beat Arkansas in two weeks and Can The narrative begins to shift.

Win some games and suddenly everything might start to change. Beat Bama, and…

Harsian tigers need to take down the pigs in the house first.

College football week 7 news report
CFN Ratings 1-131 | Sort by conference
pot forecast | Seventh week scoreboard
Eighth week early streaks | AP . ratings | coaches survey
What would a 12-team playoff look like

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