Cowboys vs. Rams: The X-factor player for each team for Sunday

What happened during the first month of the season for this? Cowboys in Dallas The team is nothing short of a miracle. The fact that we’re sitting here in the first week of October and being so successful three games in a row is definitely something unexpected. Cooper Rush has lived up to the occasion thus far, and the Cowboys will be looking to him to do so again in what could be his last appearance before Dak Prescott’s resurgence.

Although there is respect that accompanies being a defender Energy Champions, we’ll ignore the fact that the Rams have had their struggles so far this season. Problems on the offensive line, Stafford and Company not producing points at the rate they are also used to, and a long list of injuries they had to overcome led them to start the year with a 2-2 score. The Rams still has more than enough talent to beat this Cowboys, and with the idea of ​​avoiding going below 0.500, head coach Sean McVay and the staff will definitely pose a tough test for this Cowboys.

These two people, one Cowboy, and the other a member of the Rams, will have the most impact on Sunday’s game.

Dallas Cowboys vs New York Giants

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Jordan Lewis injured himself before last week’s competition against the Leaders in pre-match training and as a result he didn’t see any footage for the fourth week. There’s a chance he might be good to go into Sunday’s competition against the Rams and the Cowboys will need him if he’s available because the game’s best wide receiver, Cooper Cup, will probably be his job. If Lewis is unable to play, all eyes will be on rookie DaRon Bland, a novice from his first defensive action and first interception, to climb up to the plate for another challenge. It will all be on deck against Kupp and Dan Quinn and the staff will do their best to limit his impact. Cowboys can move Diggs inside to help cover Kupp at times. But where the X factor lies on Sunday is simply whether Lewis or Bland can do enough to keep Cope in check when it’s their turn to cover it up.

Cooper Kupp has seen over 10 goals in every game except for one so far this season and it’s clear that Matthew Stafford goes to man in any situation. Four games per season Kupp has three 100-yard games and 42 receptions. Whether it’s Lewis or Bland, they both need to understand that they’re going to have a fight and it has to be that fight they win more times than they lose for this Cowboys to have a chance on Sunday. Lewis is a physically strong player with the mentality and exaggeration to approach a player like Cobb, while Bland showed some toughness and determination to get his first real action in 15 minutes.

The Cowboys would likely use a group of players to try to stop Kupp from taking off, and the character Lewis/Bland to figure out how much time he spent during the game. This showdown is crucial which is why the combination of Jourdan Lewis and DaRon Bland is the Cowboys X Factor of the week.

Dallas Cowboys vs Los Angeles Rams

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Sometimes the easy answer is just the right answer. When you’re talking about the X factor, anyone who can ruin your day and completely disrupt your offensive tackle, look no further than Aaron Donald. Donald is the best soccer player and the only other person who is even remotely in conversation wears the number 11 with a star on his helmet, but the fact remains that Donald has been the guy for quite some time now. The way he can beat the man of the line, fight through double squads and live in the background is done in a dominant fashion, the only thing left for Donald to do is to fit his golden jacket in Canton, Ohio.

The Cowboys coaching staff is fully aware of the challenge Donald brings and believes that their offensive game plan will focus on neutralizing Aaron Donald as much as possible. Look for Rush to get the ball out quickly and look for that attack to plot ways to try to escape from Donald. Add to the fact that when possible, look to the cowboy to find a way to have two or three people in his common area at all times to prevent him from imposing his will on that offensive line. Don’t be fooled by Rams’ record, this team is full of players who are game-breakers. Aaron Donald is the biggest of them all and makes perhaps the easiest choice for an all-year X-factor opponent.

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