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Working with A-listers has become a common practice for David O. contact. movies like Three kings, the fighter, silver linings playbookAnd the And the American blackmail It made the director in close contact with some of the most prominent Hollywood actors. his next movie, AmsterdamOn October 7, a star-studded band featuring Christian Bale debuted, Margot RobbieJohn David Washington, Anya Taylor-Joy, Zoe Saldana, Chris Rock, Rami Malek, Michael Shannon, Mike Myers, Robert De Niro, and Even Taylor Swift. if Amsterdam Following Russell’s previous work pattern, it could lead the cast to multiple Oscar nominations in acting categories. Russell himself has been nominated for five Academy Awards, including three nominations as Best Director.

However, his critical attestation has always been accompanied by disturbing allegations. For example, Russell admitted touching his 19-year-old niece’s breasts in 2011, noting that it was “very provocative”. He has also been accused of multiple instances of verbally or physically abusive behavior on his groups. It is worth noting that the anger in which he was insulted Lily Tomlin She threw props around while I Heart Huckabees The shoot was caught on the video. Some of the actors who have been the target of Russell’s alleged speeches, including Tomlin and George Clooney, have publicly stated that they are no longer upset with the director. Of course, it’s not clear whether every crew member or studio executive involved in allegedly toxic work environments feels the same way. Eagle has reached out to Russell’s representatives for comment. Drawing on the police report, leaked emails, Lily Tomlin’s famous video, and more, here’s a timeline of all the allegations made against Russell throughout his career.

June 2000: in an interview with play boyAnd the George Clooney Russell allegedly yelled and yelled at people “all day, from day one” on set three kings. According to Clooney, the director publicly embarrassed the camera car driver and reduced the tears of the script supervisor. Russell also allegedly became physically violent once when an extra person who was supposed to deal with Clooney felt “some nervous” about performing the stunt. Clooney recalls pushing Russell to the ground more, kicking him, and wondering if he wanted to be “in that damn movie.” It is also alleged that Russell threw his walkie-talkie on the floor and cursed an assistant manager who had intervened on behalf of the additional employee.

“I was trying to make things work, so I went and put my arm around it,” Clooney says. “I said, David, it’s a great day. But you can’t push, push, or humiliate people who aren’t allowed to fend for themselves.” And according to Clooney, this made him a new target of Russell’s wrath. Russell allegedly ordered Clooney to worry about his performance, hit him in the head, and grabbed his throat. Clooney says play boy That filming was “really, without exception, the worst experience of my life”.

Meanwhile, Russell denies harming his commander. “I never physically attacked him,” he said in 2004, for every Watchman. “If I come across him, I will say, ‘Shut up, you lying bitch. ” three kings Produced by Charles Roven later Tells The Hollywood Reporter That Russell was not picking AD but simply shouting so he could be heard on a loud set. However, Ruffin maintains that Clooney and Russell ended up in a “struggle” after Clooney intervened and was later insulted. In 2012, Clooney Tells THR He and Russell met at a party and they agreed to end their feud.

April 2003: in New York timesHe physically attacks Russell Christopher Nolan At a Hollywood party. The director reportedly wanted Good Low for a star in I Heart Huckabees But I heard that Lou decides to take a role in Nolan’s movie souvenir While that. The times Reports indicate that while watching the party guests, Russell Nolan put his head lock on and wrapped his arm around the neck of his fellow director. He allegedly demanded that Nolan give up his star to show “artistic solidarity”. The law remains Hocapis ejaculate.

July 2003: in Now infamous taken on Hocapis Actress group Lily Tomlin She expresses frustration at the demand for a “continuous barrage of changes” on them. “I’m not as cool as you. I can’t keep up with you,” she joked. Russell is eventually seen sweeping props off the desk, causing someone in the corner to shiver as things fly by. “Bitch! I’m not here to yell at me!” he shouts. “I’ve been working on this thing for three fucking years, and I’m not going to talk some fucking idiot in my face in front of the fucking crew when I try to help you.” Russell storms in and out of the group, and the screaming continues.

A recording of the incident was circulated among talent agencies that summer. According to New York times in 2004Russell locked himself in his office and refused to leave after the explosion. He reportedly did not return to filming until Tomlin went to apologize. The timesin an article titled “Buddhist Nudes Frontier – Abusive Love”, also claims that Russell sometimes touched Huckabee Cast “in private places”. Russell allegedly grabbed Mark Wahlberg’s genitals during filming and whispered “expletive” in the actresses’ ears before taking. These details often end up overshadowing the explosive confrontation between Russell and Tomlin.

“Sure, I wish I hadn’t,” Russell reportedly said when asked about the breakup. “But Lily and I are fine.” Tomlin says she and Russell both lost control, which she confirmed to times “It is not an exercise on his part or on my part.” In 2015, she reveal to The Hollywood Reporter She and the director actually had a “second fight” just hours after they made it up but maintain that they “overcame” the incident.

March 2011: speak In the south in the southwestPaul Robbins claims that Russell yelled at him “up to the top of his lungs” on his first day on the job nailed (The film led by Jake Gyllenhaal, which was shot in 2008, was later released under the title casual love in 2015). Robbins claims he doesn’t know why the director cursed and yelled at him in the first shot. “I don’t think it was based on reality,” he says with a laugh.

January 2012: 19-year-old Nicole Beloquin files a police report alleging that Russell – her uncle – sexually assaulted her at a gym in Florida on December 30, 2011. The Smoking Gun get and spread A copy of the report submitted to Sheriff Broward’s office. According to the report, the 53-year-old offered to help his niece with abdominal exercises and put his hand “completely above her genitals”. Peloquin, a transgender woman who was undergoing hormone therapy at the time, claims that Russell then reached under her shirt and felt her breasts.

Russell confesses to the officer in charge that he touched his niece’s breasts, claiming that he was interested in how the hormones affected her breasts. According to the report, Russell states that Belokin was “extremely provocative” and became “alluring” after the transformation. He adds that he asked his niece several times if she was feeling uncomfortable, telling her to “pinky oath” about letting him touch her chest. In the report, Belokin said she felt uncomfortable.

A representative of the sheriff’s office TMZ . says On January 6, the case was closed and the cops would not refer it to the state attorney “because it was an allegation of minor beatings that law enforcement had not witnessed.” Ultimately, Russell does not face any criminal charges.

September 2014: In an email later posted via Sony hackJournalist Jonathan Alter Involved Allegations of Russell’s conduct in American blackmail With Michael Linton, CEO of Sony, Alter’s son-in-law. Not only are the stories of him reforming himself total nonsense, but the new stories of his abuse and insane behavior are extreme even by Hollywood standards,” Alter wrote. Russell allegedly grabbed a person by the collar, repeatedly cursed people in front of others, and “severely offended” Amy Adams This is the star poster Christian Bell He told the manager to “stop acting like an idiot”. Alter also generally claims that Russell treated his crew “like shit” and “scared people”. Linton replies that he “knows all about” this information, indicating that Russell will be working with Fox on his next film.

In the same month, Columbia Pictures co-chairman Michael De Luca Email messages Sony co-chairman Amy Pascal allegedly once saw Russell bring in the actress Sally Field to a party and make her cry. This email exchange was eventually leaked by a Sony hack.

February 2015: Eyewitness TMZ . says Russell and his frequent collaborator Jennifer Lawrence had a loud argument over the location of the Fox movie cheerful. David allegedly launched a penetrating, profanity-filled sermon against the actress. A Fox studio representative confirms to TMZ that the director screamed but claims he was preparing Lawrence to scream in a scene. In a since-deleted Facebook post, Lawrence calls The screaming match was a “shocking rumor,” adding that she “adores” Russell and considers him one of her closest friends.

A TMZ eyewitness also claims that a key Fox executive was left in tears after Russell scolded her for defending a line product he wanted to launch. A Fox representative confirms that there is a “heated” debate about the product in cheerful group but denies that the exec ended up crying.

October 2016: Talking to the British GQAmy Adams addresses the leaked Sony exchange and confirms that she was abused by Russell on the set American blackmail. Adams claims that the director developed a “wild, crazy way of working” while filming the 2012 movie silver linings playbook. She described the outcome as an “obsession,” claiming that Russell shouted instructions to the actors throughout “each scene.”

It is alleged that Russell was very difficult on Adams during filming American blackmail that cried. “I was really devastated on set,” she recalls. The actress admitted that not all co-stars have the same experience, citing Jennifer Lawrence as an example. “It’s Teflon. And I’m not Teflon,” Adams said. “But I also don’t like to see others treated badly, you know what I mean?”

January 2020: deadline reports That Russell would write and direct a movie starring Christian Bale for New Regency. This will be Russell’s first feature film since 2015 cheerful.

June 2021: Taylor Swift is the last person to be revealed As part of the cast for the upcoming Russell movie, which is now officially titled Amsterdam. She was joined by Bell, Margot Robbie, John David Washington, Rami Malek, Zoe Saldana, Anya Taylor-Joy, Chris Rock, Mike Myers, Robert De Niro, Michael Shannon and Timothy Olyphant.

The star-studded cast is causing outrage on social media, with Russell’s allegations resurfacing. “Didn’t the actors know before they signed?” 1 Twitter user Writes. “If you knew, why did you ignore it? What did David O. Russell say or do to consider that he deserved another chance?”

September 2022: Amsterdam It makes its world premiere in Manhattan. Ben Stiller, who starred in the 1996 film Russell, Flirting with disaster, oversees a Q&A with Russell and the film’s crew. according to to me diverseAnd the Stiller recalls that the director creates a “deliberate kind of chaos” when making a movie. Margot Robbie reflects on the sentiment, adding that the actors don’t know what day they will appear when they appear. “You literally don’t know what you’re going to shoot that day, which is terrifying and exhilarating as well,” she says.

Ruby later Jimmy Fallon says on me Tonight Show Which Russell never called a cut Amsterdam. According to Robbie, a policewoman eventually had to stop shooting when they continued filming after their permit. “He didn’t want to stop,” she remembers. “It could be gone forever.”

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