Donte DiVincenzo shows his worth in Warriors’ pre-season win against Wizards

All eyes were on James Wiseman in Friday’s Warriors season opener against the Washington Wizards at the Saitama Super Arena. 7 feet 21 year old He didn’t disappoint with 20 points and nine rebounds in Win 96-87 To kick off the Warriors’ two-game journey to Japan.

Behind Wiseman, the bulk of the attention has been placed on rookies Patrick Baldwin Jr. and Ryan Rollins, as well as how the additions of free agent Donte DeVencenzo and Jamical Green would fit into the Golden State. DiVincenzo displayed the subtle skill set and versatility that opened the eyes of early warriors. Show how to be able to communicate with his new teammates without too many hiccups and mistakes.

This was the case in his first match in the Warriors jersey.

“James was the best player in the game,” Steve Kerr told reporters after the win, but Donte Divincenzo would already be a great addition. “It suits our style very well.”

Devincenzo played 17 minutes on the bench, scoring nine points with seven rebounds and two assists. He went 3 for 4 from the field, 2 for 3 on three, made no mistakes or turnovers and was plus 9 in plus minus.

This was much more than DiVincenzo as it was the Milwaukee Bucks goalkeeper who started shooting during the 2020-21 championship season rather than the player he was last season after returning from ankle surgery. In DiVincenzo’s first two playoff games in 2021, he grabbed 10 and then seven rebounds in wins against the Miami Heat before being injured in Game 3 of the first-round series. The 6-foot-4 guard showed the same talent for the glass to start the Warriors’ pre-season schedule.

Gary Payton II averaged 3.5 rebounds per game last season for the Warriors, and grabbed no fewer than seven rebounds eight times. DiVincenzo in his last full healthy season (2020-21) averaged 5.8 rebounds and finished with seven or more rebounds in 23 regular season games. He won’t offer the same elite defense that Payton did, but he should be able to give the Warriors 70 to 80 percent of what GP2 did on this side of the ball, as well as add more offensive versatility as a better hitter and ball handler.

He also showed some chemistry with Wiseman. Both of his passes were crucial to the huge man, and DiVincenzo’s second pointer came with a triple from Wiseman’s rebound as he saw the goalkeeper stand alone behind the line.

“All summer, we’ve been training a lot,” Wiseman said of DiVincenzo. “Just building that chemistry means it all, and he showed up on the court tonight.”

DiVincenzo’s first pass came to Weizmann in play. Everyone will remember and spotlight Wiseman throwing it at Kristaps Porzingis, but DiVincenzo also deserves the credit. After saving a semi-turn, DiVincenzo took a one-handed dribble and hit Wiseman with a stride and in the chest, handing Wiseman the perfect pass to launch a home-immersion poster.

His second pass came later in the third quarter with a dribbling delivery with Wiseman. Devincenzo noticed the space he had and Wiseman was rolling hard into the hoop, took one tricky pass to get past two defenders and hit Wiseman with a rebound pass that ended up in his pocket right for an easy dip.

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Overall, DiVincenzo has done what will be asked of him throughout the season. It’s the latest piece in the puzzle that seems to click without any hesitation or big question marks. From Kerr to Andre Iguodala and others, DiVincenzo has won praise since signing with the Warriors in a free agency.

All it took was one pre-season game to show why.

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