Elon Musk’s Tesla robot needs help walking. He says Tesla needs help improving it.

Elon Musk revealed prototypes of the Tesla Optimus robot at Tesla’s AI Day 2022 event on Friday. They were definitely robots.

At the top of his speech, he provided this disclaimer: “I want to set some expectations regarding our Optimus robot. You know, last year it was just someone wearing a robot suit. But, we’ve come a long way, which is…comparison With that, it would be very impressive.”

And the they were The things The sixth most valuable company in the world An impressive revelation compared to someone in a robot suit? You will be the judge!

Over the course of three hours an event held in a Friday afternoonMusk and some of his Tesla employees have updated the public not only on the robots themselves, but also about Tesla’s entire robotic process and its AI development process. As he paraded his stubbornly solid bots, Musk was in a sort of self-deprecating football mode, rather than a raucous visionary one, making constant pleas for audience goodwill and reasonable expectations.

After all, Musk explained, “we didn’t want him to fall flat on his face.”

The live demo showed a skeletal wire-laden Optimus robot that could walk on its own, along with the less agile, but somewhat less clunky Optimus with its wires hidden under a streamlined casing. However, this more streamlined version would require a whole team of people around it to keep it from tipping over. If video display content played on a screen during the live demonstration can be believed, the wire-loaded version, if attached to a ceiling-mounted device, can be watered with large plastic watering cans, and moving long distances, thin metal objects in any type of context where it may Someone needs a bot to do this kind of thing.

And for an expected price of “perhaps under $20,000”, you might as well be able to have this perfectly normal human machine in your home. Can. Musk and his companies have a long history of imaginative ideas that have not yet seen the light of day. Like the Snake Robotic Chargers or hyperloop, Which Musk admitted was a ploy to get California to cancel the state’s high-speed rail.

While discussing the obstacles to building the robot, the Tesla team revealed that an on-stage prototype had been in development in the past six months. The hope is to have a workable design within the “next few months…or years.” Demos during the preview focused on how data is processed for every part of the robot’s body: arms, feet, joints, and even the “biologically inspired design” of human-like hands.

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But Musk said one of the reasons the event happened in the first place was the kind of high-budget help required for the ad. He said Tesla wanted to “convince some of the most talented people in the world to come to Tesla and help make it happen.”

The Optimus bot is powered by the same autopilots in Tesla cars. Then the AI ​​was redesigned for its new environment, where motion captures real-world tasks such as lifting a box. Obviously, Optimus can’t do any of these things reliably, but Musk claimed that Teslabot is “the most important product development we’re doing this year.”

As noted by many robotics expertsSeveral companies are advancing in developing robots that can not only walk, but also run and jump. But even those robots won’t be watering our houseplants anytime soon, and anyway, Musk has more promises than actually delivering on those promises.

Musk was also careful to point out that Tesla is not entirely under his control, and that it is, instead, “a publicly traded company with one class of stock,” a condition that, Musk claimed, means “the public controls Tesla” — a private dispute that seems to confuse Between general trading in shares and public ownership. Anyway, Musk noted, “If I get mad, you can fire me—that matters. I’m probably not mad.”

Given that similar bot development processes in other companies, such as Honda And the ToyotaWithout controversy for decades, there is no reason to believe that the development of bot hardware and software will suddenly give rise to new allegations that Musk is insane. And anyway so far, our conclusion from building the Musk prototype is that Optimus is a bipedal robot that can walk.

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