Even Trump says Kanye West is acting crazy and needs help

President-elect Donald Trump holds meetings at Trump Tower - Image Credit: Drew Angerer / Getty Images

President-elect Donald Trump holds meetings at Trump Tower – Image Credit: Drew Angerer / Getty Images

Kanye WestContinuous general meltdown and antisemitic spells It has become too extreme for even the most apologetic and scandal-prone supporters of the rapper. This now includes Republican Party leaderwho boasted that West had been “a longtime friend of mine”.

In the days since West permeated his last speeches by posting on Twitter that he plans to go “Death 3” on “The Jewish People,” the former president Donald Trump Several people have told that West is acting really crazy and that he needs some professional “help,” according to two sources familiar with the matter.

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The former president’s comments came before anti-Semitism in the West Reached a new level in an interview released this weekend. on the program Drinking heroesWest spoke of the “Jewish people” while being impervious to accusations of anti-Semitism because he was also Jewish with “the blood of Christ”. He then said that the Jewish people control all aspects of media and entertainment and said they “have the black voice” – a term often embraced by neo-Nazis.

Trump also privately noted that he’d better keep his mouth shut about the West for now – an atypical move for a former president who has long enjoyed sharing his unpopular views on celebrity news and tabloid gossip. For example, Trump was eager to comment on a file Amber Heard Johnny Depp trial earlier this year. During his time in the White House, Trump asked those responsible for subjugating the Department of Justice to NBC Saturday Night Livebecause the show was constantly making fun of him.

Trump’s distance from the West is strategic — and not rooted in any moral objection, as the president tacitly made clear Sunday. publish it The social media platform Truth Social is strugglingTrump scolded American Jewish voters for not being grateful for him. “No president of Israel has done more for Israel than I have,” Trump wrote. “But somewhat surprisingly, we have a wonderful Evangelicals are much more appreciative of this than people of Jewish faithespecially those who live in the United States.”

But even while being highly criticized on social media, Trump has so far maintained a measured distance from the hip-hop artist who supports him in the wake of the “Jewish people” tweet as well as West’s showing of the “White Lives Matter” dress. It is not clear if there has been any special contact in recent days between the West and Trump.

West’s recent public deterioration – which some have argued stemmed from mental health issues – has also included a layover in one of the country’s most Trump-aligned media outlets. West’s appearance in Tucker Carlson’s primetime show initially led to conservatives praising West’s “independent thinking” from Indiana’s attorney general and House Republicans on the Judiciary Committee. “America needs a kanyewestKidRock tour,” Eric Schmidt, the Republican Senate candidate for Missouri, wrote in a tweet that has since been deleted. (However, the footage not taken from that interview, he got it vicemakes the west You look more confused.)

For years, West and Trump have wooed each other, starting with the 2016 presidential election. West has repeatedly played the role of a MAGA instigator with his MAGA hat appearance SNL And praise for Trump on Fox News. In turn, Trump indulged West in public meetings at Trump Tower and the White House and an attempt to secure the release of West’s friend, A$AP Rocky, after the rapper was accused of assault in Sweden.

But since West’s recent appearance on Fox News and subsequent antisemitic tweets, Trump has found time to speak out about rating problems for late-night comedy shows on major networks, share satirical articles about Liz Cheney, and call “Bring Columbus Day” on. He didn’t find time to mention the West His account on social media, through repeated written statements to his politburo, or on stage at a rally in Arizona since the rapper said he wanted to escalate to “Death Rogue 3.” (The actual US military term is “DEFCON”).

Representatives of Trump and the West did not immediately respond rolling rockComment requests.

Within the MAGA elite and the Republican Party, it is not only former President Trump who now believes the West is losing him. Daryl Scott, an Ohio priest and staunch Trump ally who once considered West an “acquaintance” in the days of the Trump administration, has since criticized the rapper as a “clown” who spews “some shit” these days. Scott adds that he was annoyed by the way West, during his sit-in on Fox News, threw Jared [Kushner] under the bus.

West criticized Trump’s son-in-law and former top aide to the White House during that interview. After criticizing Jared’s brother, Josh Kushner’s investment in Kim Kardashian’s clothing company, the rapper said of Jared Kushner’s work in the Middle East on Arab-Israel relations: “I think it was to make money.”

Scott says rolling rock Just moments after Carlson’s interview aired, Scott phoned Kushner’s father-in-law so they could decipher what had happened. Trump, if anything, seemed confused by what he had just seen on TV.

“Two minutes after Tucker’s clip ended, I called Trump and asked, ‘What do you think?'” says the pastor. “

Trump paused to gather his thoughts, before simply replying: “…interesting.”

“But then [Trump] He said, “I’ll say this – he loves Trump!” And he and I laughed. I jokingly told him we’d see what your poll numbers look like in the morning and we had [another] Scott remembers.

A Cleveland-area pastor says he told the former president that West “definitely threw Jared under the bus,” to which Trump replied:

“Well, these things happen sometimes.”

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