Fans imagine why Cody Brown is feeling ‘pressure’ to marry Kristen Brown

In the last episode of Sister wivesCody Brown has finally gotten honest about his marriage to Kristen Brown. During a seated conversation with Kristen, Cody admitted it Not attracted to Kristen When they first met but they felt pressure to marry her. Fans of the series have always wondered why the husband got married. Now they have some theories about what Cody means. However, Kristen is still puzzled by his statement.

Cody Brown says he felt “pressure” to marry Kristen; Fans think they know why

Cody didn’t explain exactly what he meant by feeling pressured into his third marriage. He did not provide any follow-up or expansion of what made him feel this way. However, sister wives Fans have spent enough time watching the Brown family in action to make some guesses. There are a couple of common theories.

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