Fiido L3 E-Bike review: Comfortable week-long city commute on a single charge


  • Solid high quality, fit and finish
  • Folds to fit in a luggage compartment or locker
  • Very long battery life
  • Very comfortable saddle
  • Lights, bumpers and cargo rack


  • Heavy for a small bike
  • small main screen

When the folks at Fiido first reached out to me about reviewing the L3 e-bike, I laughed and thought there was no way a small folding bike could have worked for my daily commute. But like how GPS sports watches last for weeks instead of Watches like a smartwatchThe Fiido L3 Long Range Electric Bike is designed for you to ride without worrying about the battery. The same cannot be said of similarly sized e-bikes.

Given the physics of the design, a single-speed, small-wheel bike won’t go very fast while you’re just pedaling, and as you can see in my video review, there’s a limit to how fast one can go over hills.

The L3 is more than just an electric scooter you sit on, and when you approach it as something that uses most of the time at full throttle, you’ll find that it’s one of the most comfortable and fun bikes you can ride around town.

While full throttle is generally the preferred way to ride the bike, I forgot the switch one day so I used it for my off-put commute. I found the bike to work well for flat streets with the battery off, and if you want to save some weight you can actually remove the battery and ride the bike without the battery installed.


framework aluminum alloy
Engine Size 350W brushless motor
pedal assist Three levels
Domain Throttle: 80 miles. Level 1: 124 miles
maximum speed 16 mph
battery capacity 48V 1113.6W
Show Small LED display with control buttons
Lights Front and back LED are provided
seat Very comfortable spring saddle
brakes mechanical disc
bumpers Foreground and Rear
water resistant IP54
Tires 14 x 1.95 inch with mag wheels
folded size 680 x 660 x 450 mm
ride, unfolded, size 1240 x 580 x 1040 mm
payload 330 pounds
Rider heights supported 5 feet to 6.5 feet
bike weight 52 pounds

Open the packaging and design

The Fiido L3 arrived in a fairly small box, for an electric bike, so I wasn’t sure what to expect when I cut the bar. It turned out that the bike was fully assembled with only the seat and pedals left to be installed quickly and easily. It’s the quickest ride I’ve ever had in our e-bike test runs, so you don’t have to worry at all if you’re not comfortable assembling the bike.

Fiido L3 back parked outside

The Fiido L3 e-bike half appeared.

Matthew Miller / ZDNET

There are a few items that need to unfold in order for the bike to be ready to ride. Fiido also looked at how to position the bike in the folded state, with a custom metal stand at the bottom that the folded bike rests on. Starting with folding, to prepare the bike for riding, you need to do the following:

  • Open the main frame fold: Swing the front half of the bike forward and align with the main frame. Flip the metal locking mechanism over and slide the frame lock close to the center of the bike.
  • front trunk: Swing the front stem with the handlebar assembly and lock it in place. Slide the handlebar up and lock this quick release in place.
  • steering wheel: Rotate the handlebar to your preferred angle and then lock this latch. You can adjust this and keep it locked in place for future rides.
  • Move the seat post: Release the quick lock buckle and raise the seat to a level that matches your height.
  • Turn the pedals: The pedals fold in half to make the bike take up less space when put away, so be sure to flip it down and lock it in place before riding.
Fiido L3 steering wheel and display

The screen is small but functional.

Matthew Miller / ZDNET

Bright headlights and taillights, a rear cargo rack, front and rear fenders, a small kickstand, and the chain of tires are all bolted on and ready to go straight out of the box. The color looks professional and elegant while the welds, metal and every aspect of the bike is very well built and solid. All foldable elements lock securely in place and remain stable at maximum bike speeds.

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The distinguishing element of the Fiido L3 is clearly the massive 1,113Wh 48V battery which is twice the capacity of most electric bikes. Fiido did a great job of positioning the battery in the center of the bike under the seat so the bike would still be well balanced, even with such a huge battery. The comfort seat has a release lever that allows you to raise the back of the seat so that you can remove and insert the battery without removing the entire seat post.


The Fiido L3 is folded in half.

Matthew Miller / ZDNET

The battery is rated to propel a 165-pound rider 80 miles on throttle or 120 miles with pedal-assisted 1. I’m a 245-pound rider, so the range would be less than this. Given my usual bike commute of about 8 miles a day, I can go all week in between charges. Being able to charge a commuter bike on a weekend without ever thinking about the battery in between is a very compelling argument for the Fiido L3.

Despite the Fiido L3’s very small 6-foot-1-inch wheels, I find the seatpost and handlebars raised to a very comfortable riding position. Combined with the most comfortable bike seat I’ve ever tested, it’s a blast to cruise at around 15 mph on the Fiido L3. Even with the handlebar and seatpost raised to fit my height, the bike feels stable and doesn’t sag, jiggle or shake at all.

While the battery will push you a long distance, the bike also rides very well with the power out, so you never have to leave it behind or walk miles to the next charger. Braking was great and the bike stopped for a dime-a-half, which is good for city rides where drivers tend to turn in front of you without much warning.

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There are many folding bike alternatives available today and it’s clear that Fiido is focused on providing an e-bike with a battery big enough that you don’t have to think about charging for your typical week of commuting. It is also one of the most comfortable and fun rides available on an e-bike.

Fortunately, I never had any issues or malfunctions with the bike, but I wonder how hard it would be to change a punctured tire with these little wheels. On the electric scooters I tested before, removing the small tires was very difficult.

Fido 13 seats

The Fiido L3 is a durable e-bike for commuting.

Matthew Miller / ZDNET

While I don’t have to worry about bike storage space in my house, I do appreciate folding bikes because I only own smaller and older sedans and being able to fit a foldable bike in the trunk and take it somewhere to ride is great. Fantastic benefit. Be aware that the handlebar sways slightly when folded, as there is no clamping mechanism or snag to keep things tight when the bike is folded.

I looked like a circus clown trying to pedal fast over steep hills and didn’t make much speed due to the physics of the design. I was able to do hills with the 350W motor, however, and my legs kept me going at a fairly steady pace. This isn’t a bike designed to help you challenge hill country on a regular basis, but if you have a fairly steady commute, you can trust the Fiido L3 to get you fast for miles on end without ever worrying about charging.

Alternatives to consider

If you want an e-bike you rarely have to charge and a bike you rarely have to move, the Fiido L3 is a great choice. There are plenty of other folding options to consider as well.

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