Final results from Red Bull Hardline 2022

The results came from a strict Red Bull. Jackson Goldstone becomes the youngest-ever winner as he is nearly seven seconds ahead of Joe Smith. Taylor Vernon drops another 0.04 seconds to finish third. Check out the full results below.

Top 10

the first. Jackson Goldstone: 2: 20.525
Second. Joe Smith: 2:27,043
Third. Taylor Vernon: 2:27,084
Fourth. Ronan Dunn: 2: 27.273
Fifth. J Atherton: 2:28,356
VI. Sam Gale: 2:28.902
VII. Jim Munro: 2:28.930
VIII. Harry Molloy: 2: 31.714
ix. Tipu Lali: 2: 31.767
The tenth. Florent Payet: 2: 37.436

full results

Live updates

4:18am PDT Florent Payet is the first down the hill in his last major downhill race before retirement.

4:20am PDT Florent ditches huge new jumps despite the hard nosed landing.

4:22am PDT The first time of day is 2:37.436 for Florent Payet. 15 seconds of Bernard Kerr qualifying.

4:24am PDT David MacMillan descends at the top of the woods before the rocks fall. It was a slow accident and soon he was back on his bike.

4:26 a.m. PDT David completed his run with a time of 3:16.616, 39 seconds back.

4:29am PDT Vinny T sends a massive swing up jump while one second ahead of Florent Payet.

4:31 a.m. PDT Vinny T’s runaway run puts him back three and a half seconds into second place.

4:35 a.m. PDT It looks like Chris Cumming has a problem with his bike as he pulls out after hitting one of the big gaps.

4:36 am PDT Chris has checked his bike and looks happy enough to hit the rest of the track.

4:36 am PDT Gaetan Vigé was about two seconds ahead at the top of the course but a mistake right after the split would cost a lot of time.

4:41 AM PDT Gaetan tries a big flip on the ascent step but slips on the descent. He doesn’t seem injured and starts working his way to the end of the course.

4:43am PDT 37 seconds back and third so far for Gaetan Vigé.

4:45 a.m. PDT Ronan Dunn rose 2.3 seconds on the first split.

4:46am PDT The bullet extends to approximately ten seconds past the road gap.

4:47am PDT Ronan Dunn runs 10.163 seconds faster with a time of 2:27.273. This time it was good enough to get third place in the playoffs.

4:51 a.m. PDT Taylor Vernon pulls time back along the track to run 0.189 seconds faster!

4:53am PDT Big crash for Craig Evans as he went through the first split. The track looks very slippery at the top of the track.

4:59 AM PDT Harry Molloy is only 0.059 when split. Taylor Vernon got faster when he fell so it can be tough to stay ahead.

5:01am PDT Only 4.630 seconds back and forth to third place for Harry Molloy.

5:04 AM PDT Theo Erlangsen was making huge jumps but he passed the bars before the road gap.

5:05am PDT Theo crosses the line roughly 24 seconds later in sixth.

5:05am PDT With nine passengers remaining, the top five are:

the first. Taylor Vernon: 2:27,084
Second. Ronan Dunn: 2: 27.273
Third. Harry Molloy: 2: 31.714
Fourth. Florent Payet: 2: 37.436
Fifth. Vinnie T: 2: 40.951

5:06am PDT Thibault Nights of Pinkbike Racing is next to take a ride.

5:11am PDT Thibault has a smooth track and crosses the line in fourth.

5:17am PDT After losing time at the top of the course, Sam Gale slipped some gap in the bottom to go to third.

5:21am PDT Gee Atherton is back in the race and was able to stay in touch on the first split.

5:23am PDT It’s great to see Gee back and he’ll definitely be happy that he’s third so far.

5:29am PDT Joe Smith goes up by 0.002 on the first split and extends to a quarter of a second on the next split.

5:31am PDT In just 0.041 seconds, Joe Smith took the lead with five passengers remaining.

5:36am PDT Jim Munroe puts up a strong run to find himself in sixth place.

5:38am PDT Charlie Hutton slips out on the first right-hand turn. The first turn seems completely blown away.

5:45am PDT Jackson Goldstone flies from the start, skipping half a second in the first segment.

5:47am PDT What a run! Jackson flies today perfectly and finds more than six and a half seconds to go faster.

5:51am PDT Adam Brighton was up on the first split but slipped out at the top of the woods. Only one contestant could prevent Jackson Goldstone from winning today.

5:54am PDT Bernard Kerr is the last rider left and although he has had some injuries, we wouldn’t rule him out for the win.

5:57am PDT A disaster for Bernard as he crashes into the entrance to the forest above. Jackson Goldstone would take the win and become the first rider since the second hardcore to go as fast as he could the first time here.

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