Five notes from Bayern Munich’s (lucky?) 2-0 win over Barcelona in the Champions League

Julian Nagelsmann directs what’s inside Real Madrid

What a theft. And no, I’m not talking here about Arjen Robben or Franck Ribery. F.C.B They came to the Allianz Arena and stamped their authority on the game. In the first half, they had Bayern Munich from the throat. It was completely one-sided. Robert Lewandowski received chances on a platter.

The final result? 2-0 to the Bavarians.

To be honest, this result has tremendous energy for Real Madrid. Do you remember all those times Bayern played Real Zidane off the field, but ended up on the wrong end of the score? This is what happened here tonight. Bayern Munich took a beating today, but the team kept the streak. By keeping the score streak close, you’ll always be anyone’s game. And then, in the second half, the Bavarians bounced back – from no less angle! play play? What is this? It doesn’t matter at all.

Football is a funny game. You can control 90% of the game but you lose everything in just four minutes. This is what happened to Barcelona today. It’s a sting for them, but it’s quite surprising to finally be on the end of one of these hits.

Heroic defense saves the situation

Bayern Munich - Barcelona: Group C - UEFA Champions League

The defense was heroic.
Photo by Jose Hernandez/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images

This match was a boxing match and Bayern was up front. Barcelona had been tossing overstones and haymakers all night long. Bayern had to hang on. dig in. Grit their teeth and withstand the storm. Everyone is waiting for one chance – the knockout.

This sort of result doesn’t happen without some heroic defense. This is no exaggeration, the defenders were the heroes of the day. Alfonso Davies may have had the best singles performance throughout the match, winning nearly all of his major duels even after Xavi switched sides for Ravenha and Dembele. He terrified Barcelona’s right-winger and was a key outlet for the team in the first half, when all other avenues seemed closed.

Lucas Hernandez was simply standing in the way of it all. His handling of Robert Lewandowski late in the second half epitomized his playing style. The Frenchman was a bossy, moving wall that seemed to be in the right place at the right time all night long.

Dayot Upamecano didn’t get the Hollywood highlight reel for his teammates, but Manuel Neuer avoided several rednesses by recovering the ball from some failed passes. Finally, Nosair Mazraoui had to catch a cold after the sudden injury of Benjamin Pavard, and he proved his worth with a clinical defensive performance that will surely bring him more minutes into the starting lineup.

In general, a warm welcome to all these four guys. They made this result possible.

Leon Goretzka proves his worth

In the first half, Barcelona tied Bayern Munich. The fitness of Pedri, Gavi and Busquets was sweeping the midfield. Judging by Nagelsmann’s anxious expression on the sidelines as Joshua Kimmich and Marcel Sabitzer struggled to advance the ball, he failed to anticipate that.

Replacing Leon Goretzka at the end of the first half changed all that. His appearance meant that Bayern now had a suitable ball carrier in their midfield, as well as a player who could win those annoying second balls that were skewed in the first half. Goretzka’s height and body also helped the Bavarians gain some kind of power in a game that had been in decline until that point. His arrival turned the pitch into what was often a one-sided affair in the middle of the field.

Were the haters right about Robert Lewandowski?

Another big Champions League The game, another poor performance from Robert Lewandowski. The former Bayern Munich player was not lacking in opportunities, but it seems that he has not managed to score even once. You had the impression that Barcelona were desperately looking for something… for that one-on-one attack that would allow the gates to open. Lewandowski was their tool for doing so, and he failed.

Maybe he just does not interrupt this type of game?

future consequences

This match will cost Bayern Munich. The performance in the first half was poor. Some players, such as Thomas Muller and Sadio Mane, had very lackluster matches. Both Benjamin Pavard and Lucas Hernandez came out injured and could be watching for long stretches on the sidelines. Dayot Upamecano took a knee kick and was knocked off the court.

Julian Nagelsmann’s job got tougher as time went on.

There are serious issues in the attack. Scrolling is not up to snuff. Manuel Neuer’s distribution seems to be getting worse because of the game. It was not easy to spot the midfield predicament after Goretzka’s performance tonight. Offers are needed, and fast.

For Barcelona, ‚Äč‚Äčthis will be a learning experience. You can be sure that when Xavi lines up his side against Bayern at the Camp Nou, his new look will be better and ready to avenge this (somewhat unfortunate) defeat.

They will likely challenge Bayern Munich for the top spot in this group. Inter, unfortunately, are leagues away from both FCBs, and Plzen does not play the same sport. You have to take credit for the way Barcelona has rebuilt it. Last year Bayern played two lazy games where 3-0 wins were basically an afterthought. Now, Barcelona just went with this team in front of a whole crowd at the Allianz Arena.

They will certainly play a match at the Camp Nou.

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