Garth Brooks concerts in Missouri are a disaster for many

Several people described their problems at the all-sold-out Garth Brooks shows at the Thunder Ridge Nature Arena in the Ozarks, including waiting times for hours in traffic.

Several people described their problems at the all-sold-out Garth Brooks shows at the Thunder Ridge Nature Arena in the Ozarks, including waiting times for hours in traffic.

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Garth Brooks sold-out shows near Branson, Missouri, have provided memorable nights for thousands of fans—but many for all the wrong reasons.

From traffic issues, parking issues, hiking and disabled hassles, the three-night opening of the Thunder Ridge Nature Arena didn’t go as planned as it ushered in one of the most famous musicians on the planet.

Many fans just caught a few songs. The others were less fortunate, as they either missed it completely or gave up when they saw the lines billowing in front of them.

“Either get there at NOON (7pm show), rent a helicopter or don’t go! We couldn’t see Garth, the Facebook user Whitney Wilson said. “Very poor event management and parking. The place is to get a rake for this. Garth deserves the best! “

Jessica Schultz considered her”Worst party experience ever. She arrived at the parking lot at 5:15 p.m., but left at 8 p.m. with more than 500 people in front of her, she said in a Facebook post.

Teresa Huddleston Scroggins also suggested not attending the last two shows after she went on the first night. I appreciated it Thousands of people never reached the placedue to freezing traffic on the two-lane road leading to the circuit.

She considered herself one of the lucky ones since she hit one of the few shuttles.

“Garth was great, Trisha (Yearwood) was great, but nothing worthwhile, and like I said, we were one of the lucky ones who actually made it inside without walking 10 miles to do it,” Scroggins said. “Thunder Ridge Nature Arena is a colossal failure of legendary proportions!”

Tickets for the September 30, October 1 and October 2 shows were Maximum 25,000 people each. But this, many said, was too many for the venue to hold.

he was there “overwhelming demand“During the ticket buying process, all three shows sold out quickly.

After the woes of the first night, the arena Encourage people to leave early Because “the two-lane highway will be backed up and some parking will require transportation to and from the venue.”

Janet Babb-Scott was among those who encountered problems upon arriving at Ridgedale. She said she waited in line for three hours, watched only 30 minutes of the concert, and then sat in another three hours of traffic while she was out.

“People were angry to say the least,” She added it in her Facebook post.

Although attendees had to pay for a parking permit – $65 according to Ali O’Malley – She said no one was checking those tickets upon entry. It took O’Malley two hours to leave the arena, but she said she knew others who had waited for six hours.

“This is the worst place I’ve ever tried to get into.” James Hering said in a post. “Limited parking in the plaza, so they have off-site parking that you can’t get in, then wait in line for a shuttle that can’t run (due to) the traffic.”

Others commented on the place’s accommodations for people with disabilities.

Teresa Mirau said on Facebook She faced ‘cruel and inhumane conditions’ In the square, starting with a ride up the hill.

“It is better to be young, in high physical condition and no disabilities to attend there. The hill to go down is very steep, so you must be confident.” “What goes down must appear, so you must have physical ability,” she said. To do some massive climbing.”

Joe Folsom told KY3 that people with disabilities “You will not be able to achieve itto the site.

“The worst part was when I entered the gate. It was gravel, like walking on sand.” We saw people with walkers and small scooters. She almost got stuck in it because we couldn’t navigate it at all.”

The venue has not commented on social media since the first night of the concert series. Its ranking on Google has gone down since the weekend shows as many people expressed their frustrations.

there No upcoming events In the place after its first presentation, indicated by up to A logistical nightmare.

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