Houston gets nothing from the veteran trio

The Astros and Mariners resume their MLS series with Game 3 at 3:07 p.m. Central time today at T-Mobile Park in Seattle. The Astros are leading their best of 5 series 2-0 after winning their first two games at Minute Maid Park.

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Altuve, Mancini and Maldonado quarrel in ALDS

3:48 pm – Three of the Astros’ nine hitters still haven’t had much success in the ALDS.

Jose Altove 0 for 10. Martin Maldonado 0 for 6. Tre Mancini does not hit in five games with his new team.

The Astros won Matches 1 and 2 but both were close and set by the late Yordan Alvarez at home. In Game 3, the Astros have three consecutive zeros on the board, and three hitters are still seeking the first hit. Brian T Smith

Trouble averted for McCullers

3:48 pm – Match referee Marvin Hudson called on the court to a tight strike zone, which resulted in Lance McCullers Jr. to walk Mitch Hanniger right after Cal Raleigh walked to lead the second half. But with the sprinters in the corners, McCullers hit Jared Kielnik in a change to take a 22-pound hit in the inning. – Daniel Lerner

Sailors’ threat

3:46 pm – Walking back-to-back to start the second half The Mariners’ first- and second-place runners and Lance McCullers Jr. were visibly frustrated with Marvin Hudson’s attacking area. – Greg Rajan

Momentum paused for the Astros

3:32 pm – After Kyle Tucker and Yuli Gouriel scored back-to-back singles against Seattle star George Kirby, Tre Mancini hit three pitches to stop any momentum Houston gained. Mancini’s regular-season history, now four for the past 50 years, calls into question how long manager Dusty Becker can continue to include him in the starting line-up. – Chandler Rome

Quick lance first

3:22 pm — First-half eight-pitch Lance McCullers Jr., who retired by the side in order including Julio Rodriguez’s hit on the 83mph slide. The Astros have a 3-1 record in the McCullers’ ALDS starts. – Daniel Lerner

A short silence in the crowd in Seattle

3:21 pm How do you help calm a noisy stadium? By throwing a smooth and fast bottom of the first half in game 3.

The Astros’ bats went through three quick rounds on Saturday afternoon. Lance McCullers Jr. did. The same, allowing his defense to help him and calm T-Mobile Park – until the Astros got back on the board again. – Brian T Smith

Altuve is now 0 for 9

3:19 pm Jose Altove is now 0-9 at ALDS after popping in the first half. The Astros being a win away from the lead though is a testament to how successful Jeremy Peña and Yuli Gouriel have been to swing the bat in the absence of Altuve. – Chandler Rome

sailorsafter sticking to

2:58 pm The Mariners are doing their best in their first home playoff in 21 years. Pearl Jam’s Mike McCready played the national anthem before Seattle’s Felix Hernandez stepped out from the center of the field for the first celebratory show. – Chandler Rome

A familiar T-Mobile Park hymn

2:47 pm The familiar voice is back. T-Mobile Park was rocking and the Mariners fan was celebrating.

Then the Astros came out of hiding to make pre-match introductions and the boos returned. Jose Altove was booed. Yordan Alvarez was booed. Even Chas McCormick received local treatment.

The road team’s “Cheaters” hymn was also sung as Astros players, coaches and staff stretched from third base to the hitter’s chest.
Then Seattle was introduced, and the hymn “Let’s go Mariners” followed and the boos stopped. Little. – Brian T Smith

Qualifiers affected by downtime

2:26 pm San Diego leads the Los Angeles Dodgers with 111 wins. Atlanta is in trouble against Philadelphia. Cleveland holds its own against the New York Yankees while Aaron Judge struggles. The Astros enter on Saturday as the only top-ranked team in the playoffs to take advantage of their advantage.

Did all the extra left play a role in an upside down start to the expanded playoffs in 2022?

Astros coach Dusty Becker said yes, and that his club 2-0 was also affected by the extra downtime.

“I think it affected everyone. Everything was an experience. Nobody really knows,” Becker said. “But from my experience with the Dodgers, and our coach used to tell us, it only takes a few days for you to start to fall back on your timing. I found it.

“I can say some of our guys weren’t 100 percent disciplined. They were strong, but I can say, like, I’m not going to admit it, but like Altuve and some of the guys were a little off. Then things got better as the first match went on, and then we got better. In that second game. But we had a day off and then we got better, and then we got another day off. So we’ll see how we are (Saturday).” – Brian T Smith

Hoping for early momentum

2:17 pm Seattle wants Game 5, which will provide two playoff games in the Pacific Northwest for the first time since 2001. In a perfect world, the Astros would shut down this ALDS on a smoke-filled Saturday inside T-Mobile Park and fly back to Houston to rest before hosting the first game of the ALCS.

The best way to approach a 2-0 lead on a potential sweep day inside a loud and excited opposing ball field? Play as the team that has to win Game 3 and take the lead early, knocking the home crowd out of the competition.

“It would be massive if we could take the lead early on,” said Astros midfielder Chas McCormick. “Even though we’re 2-0 up, maybe even think we’re playing like we’re down 0-2 because, again, Seattle is a great team and they’re going to play until the last game, the last stadium. We just have to play the same game we’ve been playing all year. And yes, if we get an early lead or a bit of early momentum, that will be huge for us.” – Brian T Smith

Ready for the noisy weather

1:51 pm The Astros went 12-7 against the Mariners in the regular season, including a 5-4 record in matches at T-Mobile Park. The atmosphere today, as the stadium hosts its first playoff match in 21 years, will be rowdy. More than three hours before the start of the match this morning, the area around the stadium was already packed with fans. Astros center player Chas McCormick said the team is ready to take the pressure.

“We’ve played in some hostile environments so we’re ready for that,” he said. “We are looking forward to it. We will enjoy it.” – Daniel Lerner

Logan Gilbert is the right guy for Game 4, if that happens

1:32 PM – Not surprising, but the Mariners plan to start Logan Gilbert if they force Game 4. Gilbert will be completely at ease after starting Game 1, during which he shot five in 5 1/3 of the three-round. – Chandler Rome

T-Mobile Garden Roof Open

1 pm The plan is to open the roof at T-Mobile Park today. The roof of this stadium is slightly different from that of Minute Maid Park. It functions, essentially, as a tarp and does not provide a complete enclosure or dome-style atmosphere. – Chandler Rome

Astros 4 game plan?

12:41 PM Dusty Baker said the Astros have not solidified their Game 4 promotion plan, if necessary. Becker said Christian Javier “may not” be available in Game 3, but that this is “subject to change”. If Game 4 is necessary, Houston has two options: start Javier or bring back ace Justin Verlander at regular rest. – Chandler Rome

rally shoes?

12:25 pm When you watch the game, you will likely see a lot of camera shots Sailors fans with shoes on their heads. It all started when the Mariners trailed the Blue Jays 8-1 in Game 2 of their Wild Card series last weekend. A fan at a T-Mobile Park viewing party in Seattle put one of his shoes on his head, and the rally followed. Since then, it’s become a thing, including a handful of Mariners fans at the first two games at Minute Maid Park. It clearly didn’t work there. We’ll see if it’s more efficient in Seattle. – Matt Young

3 lineup game

12:03 pm Astros lineup against sailors in ALDS Game 2:

1. Jose Altove, 2 b
2. Jeremy Peña. SS
3. Jordan Alvarez, l
4. Alex Bergman. 3 b
5. Kyle Tucker, RF
6. Yuli Greel, 1 b
7. Trey Mancini DH
8. Chas McCormick, CF
9. Martin Maldonado, C
Lance McCullers Jr., RHP

Chandler Rome

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