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Since its inception, the mobile device has had many iterations in shape and size. From massive ’80s laptops to ‘banana’, ‘butterfly’ and ‘shell’ designs of the ’90s, to small designs. The past decade has seen smartphone design dominate the market, with variations in size. So it’s easy to assume that’s all it will be.

However, we now look at the emerging form factor. One that has unique value propositions that go far beyond the design of smartphones. The Samsung Galaxy Z series is already changing how people use their devices. Now in its fourth generation, existing improvements have resulted in lighter form factors with improved proportions. This is the case why your next device should be foldable.

Unparalleled viewing

The better, it may be an overused phrase, but when it comes to the screen, you can’t go wrong with seeing big real estate. And that’s where the Galaxy Z series stands – well at 7.6 inches of rich, detailed display. Much larger than most cell phones on the market. Even better, you can choose between screen sizes to choose from on a single device. When folded, you can still complete tasks on your device. However, with a tape device, you’re limited to just one screen size option, which is kind of boring after a while.

ambitious design

Yes, we said bigger is better, but let’s turn this around. The flexibility inherent in foldable devices means you can easily turn that big screen into a pocket-sized device that slips easily into your pocket. The Galaxy Z Flip4 offers a complete smartphone experience that folds in half for easy carrying in a pocket. Even the Galaxy Z Fold4 can be easily folded and kept in your bag or pocket. Folded away doesn’t mean you’re in danger of reaching the screen either. You can still enjoy one-handed use on the Cover Screen of your Galaxy Z Fold4, as you would your standard Stripe phone.

PC-like capabilities

Smartphones and computers are completely different and this is very evident when you try to use your tape device for work. Galaxy Z Fold4, with its PC-like multitasking features, gives you a boost in productivity. Thanks to our longstanding partnership with Microsoft, the full Office suite and Outlook take advantage of the foldable screen, giving you more on-screen information and faster ways to interact with your content. With the two-part user interface, you can check your email on your phone while sitting on a video call and taking notes with the S Pen. Taskbar[1] The feature also provides a layout that is as familiar as your computer. Even better, it’s definitely easier to take your foldable PC to a coffee shop, for a walk or outside rather than carrying your PC with you!

flex mode

You’re out with your friends maybe playing tennis, skating or simply sipping matcha and gnawing a Sandu. You’re taking out your tape phone to take a picture, and now you’re leaning it against the wall as you stumble to balance it properly. We’ve all been there, and this is where foldable devices are dropping phones again with FlexCam[2] Capabilities. The Galaxy Z Flip4 and Galaxy Z Fold4 do not require a tripod. Since you can easily adjust it for hands-free, vogging, Photography session. This definitely carries over to other activities, such as online presentation where you need to move on to watching videos with friends.

Discover your future

To sum it up, foldable phones are the smartphones of the future that offer a lot more than traditional smartphones. You have all the features you get with Ribbon and many more that provide a personalized experience. So why stick with a one-size-fits-all item? Prepare to change the way you interact with your daily life, and bring your foldable home with you today.

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[1] The taskbar feature is supported on the home screen only.
[2] Flexible mode is supported at angles between 75° and 115°.

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