How Two Chicago Bears Really Affected Plans for 2023

The Chicago Bears They don’t think about 2023. At least the coaches and players are not. The team is 1-1 with a chance to reach 2-1 by beating the undefeated Houston Texans on Sunday. However, GM Ryan Bowles and his scouts are already making their plans for the upcoming season. He’s only in the first year of rebuilding this roster into a roster he hopes can compete for the championship. Next spring will be important. The Bears will have the most room for any NFL team’s payroll and first-round pick.

When the season started, most people agreed on what the biggest need would be on the list. This was the offensive line. Justin Fields took a lot of sacks last year, and the Bears didn’t do much to fix the problem this past off-season. So it may have come as no surprise to hear the group ranks first in the NFL in pass block win rate as it paved the way for the 180-yard rush last week. Some believe the set may not be as horrible as many expected.

Much of this is thanks to the emergence of two names: Braxton Jones and Stephen Jenkins.

Chicago Bears may have building blocks in place.

It’s the turn of the season, but one can’t help but be fascinated by these two. Jones is a fifth-round rookie from Southern Utah. Nick Bossa, Preston Smith and Rashan Gary faced off in the first two weeks of his career. Allowing only five stresses across those games should be seen as an encouraging sign for his future. His size and athleticism really stand out. His style seems to come off well, too.

The biggest surprise is Jenkins. Many left him to die after being demoted to OTAs upon proper intervention. Chicago Bears The coaches decided to take a look at the guard instead. Flashes enough in pre-season to get the start nod. Now through two games, he has a case for being one of the top ten blockers in his NFL position.

If these two continue to climb over the next few months, the Bears will have two core blocks in place for their offensive line. This does not include Lucas Patrick, who is still in his prime and should be doing really well in the position. This means that the Poles can shift his focus to other situations of need come the time of the draft.

A wide receiver and defensive tackle are at the top of that list.

Early forecasts feature 14 offensive soldiers ranked in the top 100 possibilities for 2023. Conversely, there are eight wide receivers and 11 defensive tackles. So if the bears want to wait when more O-line instructions are crafted, they can. Justin Fields needs a foolproof goal in the reception game. On the other hand, the bears’ internal defensive line is woefully weak. Imagine your landing Galen Carter From Georgia or Jordan Addison outside the University of Southern California. Either of them can be an instant impact player for this team.

This is why the bears are so keen on playing the role of youngsters. They knew that there was a possibility that some of them would turn out to be legitimate beginners. Jenkins and Jones have 15 more matches to boost their positions. If they succeed, it will change how everything could develop next April.

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