James Conner is expected to miss the game with a rib injury – what’s next for the Cardinals?

The Arizona Cardinals They are dealing with a back injury crisis and are quick to adjust their game plan ahead of Sunday’s game against the Seattle Seahawks. Veteran James Conner has been ruled out of the running back and oversized contributor with a rib injury and is expected to miss this match and possibly extra time, according to league sources.

The Cardinal is also expected to play without Daryl Williams coming back due to a knee injury, according to sources. Plus, they put Jonathan Ward back in the injured reserve position due to a hamstring injury.

What would the Cardinals do without James Conner?

Because of those injuries, the Cardinal held a back workout and eventually signed Ty’Son Williams and Corey Clement to the coaching squad.

Not having Conner, a 6-foot, 233-pound former Pittsburgh Steelers third-round draft pick who rushed for 200 yards and one touchdown on 54 carriers after rushing for 752 yards and 15 touchdowns last season, is a blow to the club. Cardinals crime.

The Cardinal formulates their plan for how to proceed with the run against Seattle.

A big part of that plan includes Ino Benjamin, who rushed for 136 yards and one touchdown this season averaging 4.5 per carry and gained 254 career yards with two touchdowns. He has 12 receptions this season for 97 yards.

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Formerly a seventh-round pick from Arizona State, Benjamin is an intelligent, capable runner at 5 feet 9 and 207 pounds.

Incidentally, the Seahawks allowed fifth on the most fantasy points to appear for the contestants this season, including 194 yards of total attack from New Orleans Saints Alvin Kamara and a 108-yard game for the Detroit Lions defending the return of Jamal Williams. They’ve allowed at least 100 yards of melee to every back they’ve encountered this season.

USC’s sixth-round draftee Keaontay Ingram is expected to be active this week.

After transferring from the University of Texas Ingram He led the team with 911 yards and 5 drop. He averaged 5.8 yards per carry and gained 22 passes for 156 yards in 10 games and seven assists while dealing with a rib injury last season.

In three seasons with the Longhorns, the former Mr. Texas Soccer Team racer rushed for 1,811 yards on 339 carriers with 11 touchdowns, earning 67 passes for 515 yards and 6 touchdowns.

(The analysis below is provided by PFN Fantasy and Betting Analyst Ian Wharton)

It’s already been a tough season for fantasy directors. While it’s no surprise Conner suffered a dip in his 15 touchdown season in 2021, he only averages 60.6 yards for 13.6 touches. Last year, Conner averaged 16 touches for 75 yards.

Losing touches and yards is one thing, but dropping from roughly one score per game to one every five is devastating for managers. Connor is a true candidate for deeper fantasy lists. The rib injury only raises questions about the value of his roster, and opens the door for Eno Benjamin back up to steal picks over the rest of the season.

Arizona’s decision to re-sign Conner has always been a tough season. Their offensive streak has been a problem for years, making it unlikely that they could have continued a successful running game regardless of the linebacker. Conner has averaged 3.7 yards per relay over the past two years, so it wasn’t like he was particularly reckless in 2021.

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With Conner out for the sixth week, he lost a major match to finally produce. The Seattle Seahawks have the worst defense in the NFL, giving up the second-highest number of transfers and touchdowns, the most yards, and the fifth-highest yards per carry. They occupy 25th place in the running defense Environmental Protection Agencywhich once again reinforces how difficult this unit is.

Size was not so much an issue for Conner’s fictional production as a lack of efficiency. Playing against Seattle could theoretically have fixed this problem. If Conner receives the 16 pregnancies he collected at week 3 or the 18 he had at week 4, it is possible that he has a functioning RB2. The scoring will be the cherry on top rather than its main value.

If Conner loses even half of his touch to Benjamin going forward, his value is directly related to his red zone carry. Because the Cardinals’ attack suffered so much, Conner only had 16 yards in eight rounds. He ranked 47th in the red zone among full-backs.

Should you start Eno Benjamin against the Seahawks at week 6?

In addition to being without Conner, Daryl Williams is also expected to be out this week. This makes Benjamin clear of RB1 against the Seahawks. Available In 44% of Yahoo leagues and 78% of ESPN leagues, there’s plenty of time to add the Flex option of potential impact to your list now. But don’t expect that to continue.

Benjamin has played frugally in the NFL, carrying the ball 64 times for 254 yards and scoring two goals since joining the team in 2021. His backup will be in the sixth round of USC Keaontay Ingram. If Conner is out for an extended period of time and Benjamin isn’t impressive in his chance, consider grabbing Ingram’s concessions.

It is certainly possible to see Benjamin snatch that job and not look back. The Seattle defense allowed 194 total yards for Alvin Kamara and 108 yards for Jamal Williams. Every tailgate they’ve encountered this season has reached the 100-yard mark, which makes Benjamin look particularly attractive as a starting option.

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