John Dutton from Kevin Costner is the governor of Montana

Kevin Costner’s John Dutton steps into the combustible politics of Yellowstone.

Paramount Network has released the trailer for the fifth season of Taylor Sheridan’s Western drama, which shows the formidable Dutton patriarch and breeder sworn in as Governor of Montana.

One of Dutton’s powerhouse first steps is to fire his senior staff and put his trusty (though combustible) daughter (Kelly Riley) as chief of staff.

“We’re already at war,” Dutton says of his many enemies, including Carolyn Warner (Jackie Weaver), CEO of a company seeking to buy land owners in order to build an airport and transform Wyoming.

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Kevin Costner as John Dutton

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Based on the trailer, we can see that Warner’s clash will loom large.

“Destroy them, starting with her,” Warner says of the Duttons, including former ally Beth.

Likewise, the often strained relationship with Thomas Rainwater (Gill Birmingham), a Harvard-educated Broken Rock chief who wants to buy back Dutton’s ancestral lands, is heating up.

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