Jurgen Klopp’s adjustments can revive Liverpool and get the best from Alexander-Arnold | Liverpool

IIt’s clear to everyone that Liverpool is too good a team to be ninth in the Premier League, but no matter how great the team they are, they can’t be expected to maintain their ferociously high standards week in, week out, season after season. yourgen club He is also a very good manager to not allow the standards to deteriorate for too long.

He identified the reasons behind their relative struggles and began to correct them, starting with beat Rangers. Liverpool have kept two clean sheets in the league this season – and Manchester City have doubled that figure. Klopp looked where the problems were and tackled them by bringing Thiago Alcantara and Jordan Henderson closer together in front of the four defenders to give an extra layer of protection to Virgil van Dijk and Joel Matip. If Thiago stepped forward, Henderson was always there to cover. It looked like they weren’t really getting ahead of the ball and providing cover and support.

Before the Rangers trip to Anfield, Liverpool He had conceded eight goals in their previous three matches, which is not a recipe for success. Klopp tweaked the squad, praising his attackers despite having only one session to work together on the new system. We surprised ourselves and these situations can happen then. “It was hard to defend,” he said.

It’s important to keep things fresh within the team because the stagnation at the elite level is something to fear. He’s found a way to freshen things up to get the best of his amazing arsenal of offensive talent.

Against Brighton, it was Liverpool Repeatedly cut open, allowing visitors to score three points – and it could have been more. There were a lot of gaps inside the Liverpool squad and they made the sensible decision to fill those gaps against Rangers. Trust was waning. So Klopp kept things simple by being more compact, building connections, and helping to achieve a clean sheet. They will always score goals but ensuring that will restore confidence.

One of the other issues limiting Liverpool was the drop in pressure. This shows that they did not offer the same level of intensity when they chased Manchester City to the last day of last season and reached the Champions League final. This is another reason for their defensive suffering. When the team presses effectively, they win the ball high so their defense won’t have much to do, but if they fail to do so, they may come under even more pressure.

Liverpool have been very transitional in their play; By failing to press hard from the front, he has a knockout effect in the midfield and if he runs a high streak it can leave the team disoriented, which is beneficial for opponents.

Trent Alexander-Arnold Defensive Abilities He is under scrutiny after he left out England. There are things he can improve and he knows what they are. But looking at his career, seeing what he has achieved, speaks of his qualities, so identifying flaws in an individual is not always the best way to analyze things. As mentioned, if the defensive pressing is from the front down, it will have a knockout effect on the defense and I have always been told that there are at least three fouls on every goal.

Trent Alexander-Arnold and Ryan Kent during Liverpool's victory over Rangers at Anfield
Trent Alexander-Arnold scored and helped Liverpool keep a clean sheet against Rangers at Anfield. Photograph: Phil Noble/Reuters

Klopp’s adjustments to Rangers will help Alexander-Arnold play to his strength and support defensively, and his confidence will continue to grow. This is why we play a team sport: everyone has strengths and weaknesses and the team is responsible for that. On Tuesday, he scored a goal and helped his team get a clean sheet and that gives him and the team something to build on.

Another person who showed his potential was Darwin Nunez, performing well as a central striker in the front four, earning Klopp rightly acclaim. This was only his third start for the club and it will take time for the young striker to settle into the Premier League. The Uruguay international moves to a different culture and language, people don’t always bump into running. People will see him as a replacement for Sadio Mane but he is a completely different player and brings something new to this Liverpool team that will shine over time.

Erling Haaland won’t help him as they joined the top two in the Premier League at the same time but it’s unfair to compare them. We’ll see his confidence increase over time, with the help of what he did against Rangers. I’ve always said I think Nunez will be successful in England and I stand by that assessment.

It’s a crucial week for Liverpool, starting with Arsenal on Sunday, followed by Manchester City at Anfield seven days later. They are 11 points behind Arsenal in first place, having played a game less, which is a large margin to compensate even at this stage of the season. It may be expected that both teams rely heavily on possession, so Liverpool are likely to have less ball than they did against Brighton and Rangers, making defensive solidity a must against two powerful attacks.

The winning streak will be the boost Liverpool need in a busy period. They don’t want to become a forgotten side – they’re too good for that – and getting anything from those two games wouldn’t be a huge blow to their season’s aspirations, leaving Klopp with a sobering test.

They know they have match-winning traits, and now they just have to show that Klopp’s tweaks can make the difference to kick-start their Premier League campaign.

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