“Magic of the South” finale “Change” cast friendship

Get real! Leva Bonaparte Not on the best terms with her Southern charm costars after the explosive season eight finale.

“[That evening] It radically changed our friendship,” Leva, 43, said exclusively us weekly About her explosive fight with her Craig ConoverWhich aired on Thursday, September 29th Changed my friendship drastically With Craig and with several members of the cast, immediately.”

During the Thursday finale of the Bravo series, Leva hit breaking point with Craig – and several of his other colleagues – while attending a sewing holiday party down the south.

Southern Charm's Leva Bonaparte says the 'Fighting Friendships' finale 'drastically changed' with the 'Southern Charm' team

Leva Bonaparte and Austin Kroll. Paul Cheney / Bravo

Partner Royal Republic Show her frustration with Craig33 years old, after learning that Ex-girlfriend denied Naomi Olindo to an uncast table for his event. “I literally can’t [do this] Leva told Naomi, 30, at dinner.

“I don’t even know why I’m friends with some people,” she added, apparently referring to Craig and his crew. “So f – a poisonous king.” Leva previously expressed her issues with Delaware native after calling Naomi “crazy ex-girlfriend” in giving to their friends.

Throughout the season, [you could see] that Craig was speaking in an aggressive manner, like, [there’s] Just a lot of feelings. I explained to him that he’s kind of unable to navigate it by himself we This month. “Obviously, I innately protect Naomie. She’s like a little sister [to me] He is like a little brotheryou know?”

Leva noted that Craig has “great feelings”, but admitted that he needs better “borderlines” when talking to others, Especially her and Naomi.

“I also don’t like being yelled at and I don’t think Naomie likes that either.” Southern Magic: Leva Land star I continued. “I don’t allow my husband to talk to me that way, [and I’m] I sure as hell wouldn’t let Craig talk to me that way.”

Southern Charm's Leva Bonaparte says the 'Fighting Friendships' finale 'drastically changed' with the 'Southern Charm' team

Leva Bonaparte Courtesy of Leva Bonaparte / Instagram

Things escalated during the finale when he overheard Craig Leva speaking with some of his fellow dressmakers Down South, many of whom she has known for years. The pillow talk author The border crossed Leva’s eyes when he shouted at her and eventually tried to kick her out of the event.

“I’d just go there to have my own chat and be like, ‘You know, I love you guys so much. I don’t know what’s going on tonight… what is it [going on] Between me and Craig it’s not – don’t take that personally,” she remembered we about the accident. “I don’t know how that turned into something else, but it happened.”

When the two competed head-on, Leva explained that Craig’s response was “unacceptable” with her. In the midst of the fight, the restaurateur remembered seeing some of her colleagues adding fuel to the fire, That is why she unfollowed many of her colleagues on social media in December 2021.

“I’ve lost respect for some of the people who stack up, especially the women. I’m not someone who yells at women, like, I don’t do that. The people who supported him, clapped and other things, I unfollowed these girls,” said Leva. we. And then Austin [Kroll] I didn’t clap, but I was only disappointed because I felt Austin could have argued with him and he didn’t. He was calm.”

The Co-owner of Bourbon N’ Bubbles She revealed that not all of her friendships were affected by the party drama, noting to Naomi, olivia flowersAnd the Taylor Ann Green And the gray rose being among its allies. “I think they are all backing me,” she said.

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When it comes to Craig, specifically, the Indian national said we That conclusion “really changed the nature of friendship.” Leva joked that fans would have to Watch the eighth season meeting next month Let’s see how shattered the dynamic between her and Craig is.

She added that while she was “rooting with Craig when he didn’t root for himself” and she “really loves this kid,” she felt disrespected at the holiday party. Leva concluded that “Too rough reunionAnd he has a lot of crying.

Southern charmThe two-part Bravo season eight airs on Thursday, October 6, at 9 p.m. ET and Thursday, October 13, at 9 p.m. ET.

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