Match commentary and highlights: America 0-0 Atlante in a friendly match 2022 | 10/05/2022

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official speech

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Thank you for watching the live broadcast on VAVEL

Thank you for watching the America vs Atlante game on VAVEL, a friendly match. Keep visiting the VAVEL portal to keep up to date with everything that is happening in the world of sports.

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The match stopped for a moment!!! Because of a strong thunderstorm in southern CDMX, players go to the locker room.

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ATLANTE CLOSE!!!! Hobbit Bermudez gets a cross finish, but Ochoa reacts and keeps the ball.

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Diego Valdez is encouraged to hit her from outside the area, but she comes out right in front of Hernandez.

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Atlante arrived again, this time from a corner kick and the rebound fell into Ochoa’s hands.

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The pony’s shot went wide of Memo Ochoa’s goal.

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The match kicks off

The match between America and Atlante begins at the Azteca Stadium.

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We’ll start in a few moments

In a moment, we will be broadcasting the match between America and Atlante, a match that corresponds to a Liga MX friendly match in preparation for La Liga.

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Atlante line ready

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America is ready

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America’s potential opponents in PLAYOFFS

Reclassification disputes are as follows: Tigres v. Necaxa; Toluca vs FC Juarez; Cruz Azul vs Lyon. And Puebla faces Guadalajara, therefore, the possible rivals for Águilas are between Necaxa, FC Juárez, León and Puebla, although there may also be a National Classic in Liguilla with Chivas in attendance.

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Match with fans

America called on the Azulcrema fans to attend today’s match in the Azteca stadium to support the Eagles in the preparation match for the Mexican football matches. Through her official Twitter account, América has opened a registration for her fans to get a free pass to Azteca as well as one companion per person, the only thing they have to present at the entrance is an INE and a mail confirmation where tickets are officially delivered at the registration.

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America and Atlante did not face each other in an official duel for a long time, however, they faced each other last January 14 in a friendly match in which they drew 1-1 with goals by Federico Vinas of Azulcrima and Joaquin Hernandez. Potros de Hierro. Also, on May 5, at Coapa facilities, but in a more rehearsal version, Team Tano beat Azulgranas 10-1.

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Atlante has so far dominated Liga de Expansión MX and remains a fantastic leader of the competition so far, with the great football they have shown and raised their hands to one day in the not too distant future to be a part of Mexico. section One. But things were different when they faced Celaya, because despite starting to win with a goal by Juan Portales from a penalty kick, the Jesh suffered a comeback in the last minutes of the match, losing 2-1 to Celaya and losing the three points. It was in their hands.

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America’s last match

America played their last game of the regular stage of Apertura 2022 last weekend when they faced Puebla at Estadio Cuauhtémoc in Round 17 of Liga MX. Not only were America playing in the final three points of the tournament, but also to lead the competition, so it was crucial to win, and Roger Martinez realized just as important to take a superb shot that surprised Anthony Silva and the players. The score was 1-0 in favor of America. In the second half, Alvaro Fidalgo scored a goal to cement the lead and Israel Reyes scored for La Franga to secure a 2-1 victory for the Eagles.

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The waiting time is over

The wait is over, the Liga MX friendly game arrives, and the Americas take on Atlante’s Iron Colts in a match aimed at helping the two teams not lose the rhythm they’ve been working on since the start of the tournament, as well as keep it. America’s level and not losing it because of waiting for a week for the league matches. The match will take place at the Azteca Stadium in the presence of the public.

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Follow the match between America and Atlante, broadcast live

Never miss any match details with VAVEL’s live updates and commentary. Follow us with all the details, comments, analysis and formations for that America vs Atlante match.

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What is the date of the match between America and Atlante for the friendly match?

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Watch out for this Atlante player:

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Watch out for this Club America player:

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Atlante’s latest squad:

e. Hernandez; c. Portales, F.; Ramirez, F.; Reese; Dr.. Dominguez, D.; Lagod, c. Venegas, c. Martinez; C. Bermúdez, R. González, E. Partida.

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Club America’s latest squad:

Ochoa S. Reyes, N. Araujo, E. Lara, M. Layún; a. Fidalgo, R.; Sanchez; J. Rodríguez, R. Martínez, A. Zendejas; H. Martin.

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America and Atlante met on 28 occasions (14 wins for Azulcrimas, 7 draws and 7 wins for Azulgrana) where the scales were tipped in favor of Aguilas. Similarly, in terms of the number of goals scored, America has the advantage with 45 goals compared to 26 for Atlante. And the last meeting between them dates back to the fifth round of Clausura 2014, where America defeated Atlante with minimal points.

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off the field

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Looking forward to impress

On the other hand, Atlante will be looking to show why it is the super captain of Liga de Expansión MX and one of the teams in the Silver League most of whom are looking to join the top division of Mexican football in the future. Atlante has so far dominated Mexico’s second division and proved they have a great team that can compete with anyone, making them the perfect contender to take on a team like America. Now, they will be looking to prove their readiness through this friendly match to one day return to the First Division in Mexico.

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I’m looking for star number 14

America will strive to carry on with their unstoppable passing and not lose the cadence that got them to super commanding the championship, so they will face Atlante so as not to waste all the time they have been working on at the moment and also to get to the best level towards the Mexican football qualifiers. Likewise, this match will be attended by the public and will be free for Azulcrema fans, which will provide an additional incentive for Team America. In their last match, they faced Puebla at Cuauhtémoc, the Eagles defeated “Infrangados” with two goals by Roger Martinez and Alvaro Fidalgo, while Ismael Reyes scored for the “Lacarboys” team.

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Preparing for Leguela

Liga MX has completed the procedures for the final stage and now begins the final stage of the tournament where 12 teams will strive to be the champions of Apertura 2022, but to do so, they will have to go through various stages of re-ranking, the quarter-finals, semi-finals and the long-awaited Grand Final of Mexican football. For this match, America will have to rest for a week while the four teams that will qualify for the playoffs are decided, so in order not to lose the rhythm that they have maintained throughout these 17 rounds of Mexican football that led them to be the championship leader, they will face the super captain For the Expansion League, Atlante, to find a way to get ready for the big party of Mexican football.

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Welcome to’s live coverage of the 2022 Liga MX: San Luis vs Chivas!

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