Megan Thee Stallion addresses mental health in opening monologue

for Saturday Night LiveSeason 48, Grammy Award Winner Megan Thee Stallion She served as the first host and musical guest of the season and is the second female rapper to do so since then Queen Latifah in 2004. The force was followed by the previous week’s host, actor Brendan Gleeson Promotion for his next movie Inisherin from InisherinAnd the musician willow, with its own one-woman programme. In an unusual move for the singer-songwriter, Meghan opened the show with a monologue that not only introduced herself and her recent accomplishments, but also highlighted important issues.

performer command SNL The stage festive presence made a loud noise from the receiving crowd. Gorgeously dressed, Megan Thee Stallion stood in front of the live audience for hosting her first party after the release of her third album titled Traomazine, to officially introduce itself to everyone who watches it. It started with a number of nicknames the singer holds, including Tina Snow and “H-Town Hottie,” referring to the Houston, Texas where the singer hails from, and ended with “…and if I’m one of the many, I’m probably bro, who – which whore.’ but no problem! Because even those who hate me aren’t entirely wrong, because I’m simply that bitch.”

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The SNL The stage provided an opportunity for Megan to address her multifaceted personality, admitting that many recognize her for her signature dances and chart-topping singles, as well as “being one of the most exciting players in the game right now.” Inviting you to the iconic stage spanning over four decades on NBC gives celebrities the opportunity to talk about their recent projects and accomplishments, and Megan Thee Stallion wanted Netflix to know she was available to participate in a successful series. Bridgeton. Although in all seriousness, the rapper has had a number of guest roles on shows like Starz P Valleyand Netflix’s good girls, And recently on Disney + She-Hulk: Attorney at Lawwith more on the way.

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Meghan also announced that she earned her bachelor’s degree in health administration from Texas Southern University last year, which she achieved while on a world tour. The choice to study healthcare stemmed from the artist’s desire to help her community, which also led to Meghan setting up her own website. Bad dogs have very bad daysShe was named after a song in her song “Anxiety” that appeared on Traomazine. in its layers SNL At the encore, Meghan spoke on her website, which provides people from the Black and LGBTQ+ communities with mental health resources, and performed the song sharing the raw truth of the singer. Her fans revere Megan Thee Stallion for being a live vocalist and, as Megan said in her monologue, “an open book.”

To complete tonight’s introduction, Meghan then went from opening up about her emotional well-being to tackling an issue that was definitely on the public and colleague’s minds. SNL co-stars. Just days before she hosted and performed, Meghan’s home was burgled, resulting in the loss of more than $300,000 in personal property, according to Los Angeles Times. However, in her monologue line, the Grammy-winner ditched a personal invasion of privacy to make a light-hearted joke about popular fast-food chain Popeye removing Hottie’s sweet and spicy sauce from its menu—a partnership that has had fans and patrons flocking to the cars for a year.

Don’t miss the chance Jack HarlowThe combo host and musical guest appear on Saturday Night Live on October 29. Visit the website Bad dogs have very bad daysAnd watch Megan Thee Stallion’s monologue below:

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