MLB Power Rankings: How the eight remaining teams stack up for the 2022 playoffs ahead of the LDS Tour

Round one of the Wild Card Series is over, and we’re now ready to move on with eight teams remaining in the Major League Baseball playoffs. As loyal readers know, this is the home of the official strength ratings. There are scammers, but they don’t really count. These are the ones that matter

Now that only eight teams are left standing, there are 22 of us dead as well. We can deal with them again once the world championships are over. Here, we’ll just rank 1-8.

Now, things are a little different than the regular season. This is more of a crazy dash. Organizational depth does not matter much. The spin should be four or maybe even three starters. The ability to do a big run around the house will also take on added importance, because as the field dwindles, blocking runs improves and runs become very difficult to manufacture.

No matter how you split it, they are the best team. The biggest problem was Craig Kimbrel being up close, but they properly removed him from the role and have a great mix of late sedatives to deliver to fans next month, namely Evan Phillips.

Time to put their money where Dave Roberts returned in the spring, when he ensured they would win the world championship. It’s very difficult, but they are the best team. It’s time to get the work done.

The offense isn’t quite as scary as it has been over the past rounds, but it’s still at the highest level. The spin is absurdly good, with so much depth that they can swing a Bullpen beginner and let their stuff play there. They can easily cover up an abnormally bad start or injury as well. I know I said that depth doesn’t matter much, but all of these elite-level talents make up depth.

Dusty Baker has the goods here in search of his first management episode.

They shine all over the lineup, have gotten better as the season has progressed and even steal the rules. Crime can be frightening, even if it is sometimes inconsistent. I’d like to look at Spencer Strider on the hill before declaring a spin in excellent shape, but they have the ace (Max Fried) and experience. The late bulls game was a big story en route to the 2021 world title, but the group is even more talented this time around with Kenley Jansen, Resell Iglesias, AJ Minter and Colin McHugh having the ability to stifle opponents for at least four. roles.

This is the big three. There is a default chapter after this entry.

The only team that has more homeowners than the Braves, but there is a necessary context behind it. A lot of that is Aaron Judge destroying everyone plus some deluge (Anthony Rizzo early, ran by Matt Carpenter, etc). Now, Judge is obviously important and he’s the best player in the playoffs, but definitely better presentation and better planning would mean he’s at least a little bit worse in the playoffs. right? the correct?

Gerrit Cole gets hurt quite a bit considering how good his stuff is. Will Nestor Curtis run out of gas? How will a game of bulls that has been so unreliable for months rock?

So many talents, so many questions. When you ask a lot of questions in the qualifiers, you will eventually find an answer that you don’t like.

Then again, there is a chance that it will all come together, and if it does, they will all win it. This can be said about all the remaining eight teams.

We’ve seen the abilities of both Yu Darvish and Joe Musgrove and even though he’s been on a bad walk, I still think Blake Snell is capable of something similar. Crime has been pretty stagnant after the big front office deadline passed, but it’s possible that Josh Bell and Trent Grisham have woken up and this really lengthens things around co-stars Juan Soto (who, without warning, is able to transform into a player who can carry an offense) and Mane Machado. . The Bullpen had a lot of shaky moments, but it’s entirely possible that Robert Suarez and Josh Hader are a closed duo in the back.

There is still deep potential here. Of course, they have to deal with the dodgers afterward.

They were really a fun team to watch going into the playoffs. Then the first half of the first game happened and they continued to win. Then they came back from a seven-game deficit in a few innings to sweep blue jays A team with more talent. Knowing all this, I’ll bet there’s absolutely no intimidation heading to Houston to take on the mighty Astros.

As we’ve already seen, they have bats that are capable of doing some serious damage if everyone is going well. There’s a contradiction, but they’re probably feeling the heat right now.

The Bullpen has the potential to be one of the best players in baseball, especially if they only deploy a handful of weapons. We’ve seen Luis Castillo ace-level already and Robbie Ray can throw like that too, although there’s clearly some downtime after this latest trip.

A pair of aces (Zach Wheeler and Aaron Nola) are huge and have already collected 13 rounds of zero-ball in the playoffs. The offense is unreliable – they put eight zeros on the board before they finally score a run in Wild Card Series Game 1 – but they can also pack a powerful punch. The bullpen might be a problem, but they have some live arms in there and they can get big, just like they did late in Game 2.

This team has more downside than any other team on the list, but at its best, it’s a serious threat. It was a tough call for this spot.

Anyone paying attention should love Shane Pepper and Triston Mackenzie on top of the spin along with Emmanuel Clasey driving an excellent pulp – not to mention Terry Francona’s ability to run it like a maestro. They play great defense too. Now that they are over raysHowever, I’m not sure that they are able to keep up with the scoreboard. That’s just a tiny margin of error in throwing and defending. In addition, there is a drop from the top two in rotation.

As for the inevitable, she ranked them last! Comments: No, I didn’t. There are 22 teams below that don’t deserve to be named. The Guardians finished eighth last week and did their job of holding their place by sending in an inferior team. They also scored three runs in 24 rounds.

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