MLB Pro stays rooted in East Bay – the flagship

California State University, East Bay Alum, and professional baseball player Alex Vecia are making a name for himself at a record pace.

The famous Pioneer participated in CSUEB from 2015 to 2018, turning in four extraordinary seasons for his baseball team. Throughout his career in college baseball, Vesia had an impressive run rate of 3.45, racking up 16 wins, 15 losses, and 167 strikes in 41 games during the first three seasons of his East Bay tenure. Vesia saved his best season in the past, posting an astonishing 1.95 run average with eight wins, two losses and 82 penalties. By the dawn of his East Bay career, Vesia had fully compiled his resume as the all-time league leader in career wins, strike action, and innings – with a total of 24 wins, 249 strikes and 313 runs in a row. Instead of his impressive performance at CSUEB, Vesia quickly caught the attention of Major League Baseball scouts.

Upon graduation, the Miami Marlins selected Physia in the 17th round with the 507th overall pick in the Major League Baseball draft, making the former Pioneer a major player in the league on June 6, 2018. As he adjusts to his new life as a professional athlete three thousand miles away from his home country Native to California, Vecia impressed the Marlins’ rookie baseball team in the Gulf Coast League by giving up any rounds in their four games.

Less than a month into his rookie football career, Vesia has been on the move again, joining the Single-A Batavia Muckdogs’ short season. Muckdog-turned-Muckdog Marlin continued to dominate the field, scoring more than 24 innings and notching 31 strikes across 10 bowler appearances.

Vesia continued his impressive first year with another great single-A season for Jupiter Hammerheads. Vesia’s continued success in the minor leagues turned Marlin’s running heads, earning him an MLB training invite in the spring two short years after being drafted — a feat that takes an average bowler four to six years to achieve.

Alex Vezia made his league debut as Marilyn on July 25, 2020 against the Philadelphia Phillies, officially fulfilling his dream of advancing in the major competitions. Sadly, Vesia’s rookie season with the Marlins has been tumultuous to say the least, appearing in just five games and posting an 18.69 earned run average by allowing 10 runs in just over 4 innings of action. Seven months after his debut in the league, Vizia was traded to the Los Angeles Dodgers.

As the now dodger, Vesia split most of the 2021 season between Triple-A and the big leagues, appearing in 41 Bulls position games for the Los Angeles Dodgers in his first season with the team. Physya’s turnaround was in a fantastic first season with a regular season and playoff games. The 2022 season provided many of the same results for Vecia as he made the opening day roster and became a trusted member of the Dodgers Bullpen. Vesia’s impressive performances and dynamic energy on the hill during the last 2022 season cemented Southpaw’s standing in the major leagues as a dominant savior and a fan favorite in Los Angeles.

Despite its explosive success, Vesia is still rooted in the East Bay, which makes it frequent Appearance of At the Pioneer Baseball Field to mentor current league players.

Assistant baseball coach Jake Ruiz views Physia’s success in the major league as a motivating factor for the team: “The impact of having a Cheop East Bay like Physic reach the major leagues and performance is a huge motivator for our current athletes. It shows our youngsters that it is possible to reach your highest goals if you are on the ready to put the work into it.”

Ruiz credited Vesia’s recent visit to the team’s increased morale during fall practices in preparation for the spring season. “the influence [Vesia’s visit] Our youth was simple. After the talk, the men began to practice with the intention of maximizing their effort and energy each day. Ruiz noticed that the intent with each swing and tone was raised.

Current lead bowler and recently transferred student Gabe Tanner credited Physia’s visits to facilitating his transition to CSUEB. “This was a great start to my experience here, Alex Physia being back and talking to us has been such a blessing and we are really grateful to him,” Tanner commented.

Ethan Brodsky, one of CSUEB’s top shooters, is proud that Vesia continues to show love for his former team and is inspired by his path to success. “Watching his journey from CSUEB to the playoffs with the Dodgers has been unbelievable,” Brodsky said. “It is a great honor to have him come back and share his experiences with us.”

Both Tanner and Brodsky pointed out how important choosing an MLB player’s brain is to them. “Gaining insight from an MLB professional, especially a bowler, was so amazing because he literally lives my dream and I take everything he says with an open mind,” Tanner said. Brodsky echoed Tanner’s feelings with a specific example in which Physya helped him on one of his courts. “I was able to ask him specifically about the slider and how he has developed it over the past year. He showed me his grip, and he spoke to me through some of the mental cues he uses when executing the pitch,” Brodsky recalls.

While a shining star in MLB, Vesia is first and foremost, “[A] pioneer through and through, subscriber via Twitter. A beacon of hope for any aspiring major, Vesia’s support for his university’s baseball team serves as a guiding light for any potential athlete to achieve their goals.

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