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Angela Lansburythe irrepressible three-time Oscar nominee and five-time Tony Award winner who solved the crimes of 12 seasons as amateur novelist/detective Jessica Fletcher on CBS. She wrote the murder, Die. She was 96 years old.

Lansburywho received an Emmy nomination for Outstanding Actress in a Drama Series for each season She wrote the murder Her family – who never won – announced she died in her sleep at 1:30 a.m. Tuesday at their home in Los Angeles. It was five days shy of her birthday.

Lansbury He went 0 for 18 in a career Emmy Names But she got some love from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, who gave her an award Oscar Fakhry in 2013 for her career “as an entertainment icon who has created some of cinema’s most memorable characters, and inspired generations of actors”.

born in london Lansburywho was 19 at the time, earned an Oscar nomination for Best Supporting Actress for her first film role, as young maid Nancy in the home of Charles Boyer and his new bride. Ingrid Bergman in george kokor Gaslight (1944).

for her third movie, Dorian Gray’s photo (1945), got another name for playing the adorable singer whose heart is broken by the cutesy title character. (Her mother is a West End actress Moina McGillShe played a duchess in the movie.)

Lansbury She then took a turn toward evil and was rewarded with her latest Academy Award nomination for her portrayal of Lawrence Harvey’s manipulative Cold War mother. classic The Manchurian filter (1962). The actress often played characters much older than her, in this case, Harvey was a few years younger than him Lansbury.

Her charismatic performance as an eccentric title character in the 1966 production of Mami vault it to Broadway stardom It resulted in her first four Tunisia Best Actress in a Musical.

Followed by a win to play “Mad .” ShayoIn 1969 Dear world, with music and lyrics by Jerry Herman; In order to star in the divorced theater mother Rose in the 1974 revival of gypsy; To dazzle as Mrs. Lovett in the original 1979 production of Stephen in Sundim Sweeney Todd; And in 2009 to photograph Madame Clairvoyant show me Reviving the Farce of Noel Coward Blythe spirit.

She was still on the road in Blythe spirit as well as get closer to her 90 her birthday, and in December 2018 she returned to the big screen, as Balloon Lady, in Mary Poppins is back.

In June, I received another Tony, that’s opposite Lifetime achievement.

in early time 80sAnd the Lansbury She wasn’t interested in making a TV series when he approached her Colombo Richard’s creators Levinson And William Link to play the title role She wrote the murder.

Create a pair earlier Ellery queenanother program about a writer who specializes in solving crimes, and a former Everyone in the family Superstar Jan Stapleton had already turned them down.

“I couldn’t imagine that I would ever want to work in television,” Lansbury He said In a 1985 interview with New York times. But 1983 started and Broadway wasn’t close, so I starred in a miniseries, Gertrude Whitney in Little Gloria, happy at last [a dramatization of Gloria Vanderbilt‘s childhood].

And then [there was] A large number of roles in miniseries, and I began to feel that the television audience was very accepting of me, and I decided to stop flirting and close the door or say to my clients, “I’m ready to think about a series.”

then 59, Lansbury Signed after widow Jessica, a retired English teacher, mystery writer, and amateur investigator who enjoyed riding her bike (she didn’t drive) in the cozy coastal town of Cabot Cove, Maine. Late in the series, Jessica spent time teaching criminology at the University of Manhattan.

global tv She wrote the murder It ran from 1984 to 1996 (plus four telenovelas) and had a good number of reviews on the following Sunday nights. 60 minutes. Both CBS shows attracted savvy viewers, seniors and Lansbury She was the rare woman in television history to carry her own series.

The show went 0-for-3 in the Emmy race for outstanding dramas and won only twice in 41 attempts overall, according to IMDb.

No one in this town is watching She wrote the murderLansburyreferring to the television industry, in 1991. “The public just watches.”

The show was ranked No. 13 in the Nielsen ratings (and up to No. 4) on Sundays in its first 11 seasons, but dropped to No. 58 when CBS moved it to Thursday in 1995-96 against NBC’s then-strong lineup. . The title of the final series was, quite appropriately, “Death by Demographics.”

She said, “What drew me to Jessica Fletcher is that I can do what I do better [play someone I have had] Little chance to play – a loyal and humble woman. Mostly, I’ve played amazing bitches. Jessica has extreme honesty, compassion, and extraordinary intuition. I’m not like her. My imagination is rioting. I am not pragmatic. Jessica. “

Over 12 seasons, Jessica has solved about 300 murders – and she still has time to write over 30 books!

Angela Brigid Lansbury She was born on October 16, 1925 in London to the father of a timber merchant and the mother of an actress, the star of the English theater. I participated in school plays in Hampstead School for girls and taught for a year at the Drama School, passing with honors at the Royal Academy of Music.

With the outbreak of World War II, she, her mother, and her two younger twin brothers, Bruce and Edgar, moved to the United States (her father died when she was nine; her half-sister remained and married actor Peter Ustinov in 1940.)

The blue eyes Lansbury attended from Vision School of Performing Arts in New York City and graduated in 1942. Although she was still in her mid-teens, she auditioned in a nightclub, and her songs and impersonations of comedian Beatrice Lilly won a show from the Samovar Club in Montreal. She lied about her age and got engaged for six weeks.

Her mother, who ended up in Hollywood at the end of the war, brought her daughter to California, and her 18-year-old mother was signed by MGM and given the role in Gaslight. Then appeared in National Velvet (1944) with Elizabeth Taylor but spent most of the next several years stuck in small parts in the studio.

“I ended up playing some of MGM’s most ridiculous roles,” she said.

But Lansbury I found a home in stage. It first appeared on Broadway in 1957 in Farce the hotel ParadisoAnd the Her first musical came in 1964 sundem Produce Anyone can whistle.

on the big screen, Lansbury He was also as unforgettable as Elvis Presley’s mother Blue Hawaii (1961), as a cold-hearted father in The world of Henry Orient (1964) The English Witch Eglentine price in Bidknobs The Broomsticks (1971) as a teapot Mrs. Potts in the cartoon Beauty and the beast (1991).

warm up for her She wrote the murder job assignment, Lansbury She starred in two Agatha Christie projects: as a novelist in Death on the Nile (1978) as Miss Spinster Marble in woman cracked (1980).

When she was 19, she married actor Richard Cromwell, who was 37 years old, but the marriage lasted less than a year, and she later found out that he was gay. In 1949, she married British agent and producer Peter Shaw, and they remained together until his death in 2003. They had two children, Anthony and Deirdre.

In 1971, after her Malibu house burned down completely, the family moved to a farm in Cork, Ireland, and stayed there for ten years. She said that saved her children from succumbing to drugs.

Her brothers also continued to show their careers in business, with Edgar serving as an art director and producer and Bruce, who died in February 2017, as a producer in She wrote the murder; wild west; amazing woman; and other offers.

In addition to Edgar, Anthony, and Deirdre, among the survivors was another son, David; grandchildren of Peter, Catherine and Ian; and five great-grandchildren. A special family party will be held at a date to be determined.

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