NFL International Combine: European Defenders

these years NFL International will return to London Tottenham Hotspur stadium October 3-4 as 20 European Prospects for a short trip to London hoping to influence NFL Scouts are selected for NFL International Player Pathway a program.

Many Europeans have left their mark on the NFL through the program including, evey worship (United kingdomAnd the Washington leaders) And the Yaaqoub Johnson (GermanyAnd the las Vegas Raiders). The European This year’s prospects called hail from United kingdomAnd the GermanyAnd the FranceAnd the HollandAnd the SpainAnd the AustriaAnd the Switzerland.

Because we have a long list of European A talent on the NFL’s radar this year, let’s take a look at European Calls on the defensive side of the ball.

Flamur Simon – LB / DL – 6’5250 – Germany

Simon is the second Cologne Centurion in the call list. The long-edge defender put in 76 tackles, five sacks, 12 saves and two interceptions last season, astonishing. Centurion fans. A rare combination of size and speed, the 22-year-old has impressed coaches widely. Simon was awarded a scholarship in early 2020 from University from Massachusetts (NCAA D1) along with receiving interest from other college programs. The massive defender is rumored to run a 4.7 40-yard dash. He was also named to the ELF All-Star Team.

Alejandro Fernandez – edge – 6’2240 – Spain

Little Spanish Came to the scene this year to Barcelona the Dragon He made 15.5 bags, 40 interventions, and 21.5 loss-loss interventions. Fernandez was a huge part of the Dragon He turned around last season when they reached the semi-finals of the UEFA Europa League. The 21-year-old made several plays over the course of the season Barcelona On the way to post season. As it was named in ELF All Stars Team.

Arthur Mbahn – DL – 6’5 265 – UK

proud long armed British The line of defense on this list that has recently been suitable for Tamworth Phoenix And the Coventry University Planes. The 24-year-old has been playing American football for just over two years. He ran great tracks in his youth before finding his way onto the court. He was called to the collection last year and also worked on the CFL Global program this past spring.

Jay Albert Jackson – Edge – 6’4 250 – UK

2021 NFL International Pathway Player Marcel Dabo colleague in StuttgartJai-Albert Jackson also joins the guest list. Before heading to the southwest Germany In 2021And the Jackson was a defensive leader for Hertfordshire leopards In the United kingdom. The 25-year-old also played in London Blitz And the University Hertfordshire Tornadoes before joining European Football League. Jackson spent last summer playing in London Blitz Once again the CFL Global Draft was revealed.

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Emmanuel Fallola – LB – 6’2230 – United Kingdom

Falola is a full-back who has excelled this summer while playing for a team Bristol Aztec. The 24-year-old full-back was a All-Star University Selection in 2019 as a member of Gates University of Coventry. Falula started playing football at the age of 19, having played basketball and rugby as a teenager. He was called to the collection last year and has also worked with the CFL Global Players Group.

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Lucky Ogbevoen – LB – 6″ 3230 – Austria

The Austrian The national team member made 79 tackles and 10 losing tackles last season for a team Raiders Tyrol. Ogbevoen played for Vienna Vikings And the Stuttgart leap before coming to Raiders last year. He hopes to become the next fourth Austrian In the NFL he joined his former teammates with Vienna Vikings in Arizona basics tight end Bernard Sikovits And the Indianapolis Colts Bernard Rayman. It will be an impressive seat to see Vienna Vikings Produce three current NFL players. This would give them more current NFL players from NCAA D1 FBS schools like UNLV, James Madison, or Akron. The fast quarterback has also been named the ELF All-Star Team after a great campaign with Raiders.

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Kevin Fortis – DB – 6’2205 – France

Fortes was a playmaker in one Europe The best defenses last season with 17 tackles, three interceptions, and one goal for Hamburg Sea demons. Fortes is played everywhere Europe Match with the best teams in FranceAnd the FinlandAnd the Germany. He was also named to the ELF All-Star Team after being one of the key players in Hamburg fierce defense.

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Abel Saint Amand Daufour – LB – 6’1230 – France

The physical back is a product Saint Ouen l’Aumone Cougars prestigious French nearby team Paris. Dufour showed some athletic ability as an advantage elite in europe Campers in the past as well as well-tested PPI recruit events in the 40-yard dash and other drills.

Stanley Zerigby LB 6’2240 France

Zerigby is a veteran of European football and has played in both Germany and his country. Last season he was a force on Berlin thunder The defense put 44 tackles, 11 tackles for a loss, and six and a half sacks. The 24-year-old is also a member of French the National Team, He played for several clubs in Europe including Ravensburg RazorbacksAnd the Thonon black leopards And the Flash de la Courneuve.

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Lino Schrötter – LB – 6’2230 – Germany

Schreoter came to the scene this summer and did a nimble at German football league. The young defender made 42 total tackles, 10 losing tackles, and five sacks in his second season playing at the GFL1 level. He was also a high school all-conference player in the United States and played for Troisdorf Planes before coming to Cologne. Schreoter was named GFL All Stars for his performance last season.

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Harlan Kwofie – DB / WR – 6’2210 – Netherlands

Kwofie played for Düsseldorf Tiger And the Ascendia basics Before you hit the stage last season for the European Football League Rhein Fire. The 23-year-old put in 707 yards and seven scores in 41 catches as Fire And the coach Jim Tomsola The basic big play threat. He was also named to the ELF All-Star Team.

Tyrese Owusu-Bediako – DT – 6’3 285 – Netherlands

The 22-year-old made 14 tackles, 1.5 sacks and 2.5 tackles for last season’s loss previously. San Francisco 49ers . coach Jim Tomsola defense. The Dutch defender spent 2021 playing college football in the United States in kansas Energy Garden City Community College. play for Arnhem hawks and the Dutch the National Team in his home country before taking his talents abroad.

Tim Henney – DL – 6’5270 – Switzerland

only listed Swiss He was a standout player last season in Sea Devils Hamburg In the UEFA Europa League, he made 41 tackles, 6.5 sacks and 14.5 tackles for a loss. The 25-year-old Previously played for Bern grizzly From Switzerlandwhere he helped them reach the championship in 2021. He was also named to the ELF All-Star Team.

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