No. 1 Wild Prospect Marco Rossi will make up for lost time

Pinning so much of your hopes on a 21-year-old who does well isn’t usually a great sign in the NHL. Sure, if this 21-year-old is as talented as generations Alex Ovechkin or Conor McDavid? Yes, this works, but for anyone who isn’t quite at that level? This is too heavy for a young player trying to break into the league.

Minnesota Wild is kicking off a 113-point breakout season and thirsting for post-season success after failing to advance for six straight years. loser Kevin Vialawho scored 85 points, is a huge blow to the rookie team.

No one in the organization would say that, but with no unofficial moves to make up for Villa’s loss, their eggs to replace those 85 points fall almost entirely in Marco RossiBasket. Or, at least, replace Viala as a dynamic threat that complements him Matt Boldi. Rousey had 63 AHL games last year, but these are huge shoes that should be filled immediately.

But, we might forget that asking Rousey to rise to the formidable challenge has always been part of Minnesota’s plans. Remember that the wild never intended to rock Victor Rusk As their best position in the 2020 season abbreviated with Covid. This place seemed reserved for a Russian, right outside the draft.

There is an alternate world where Rousey grabs that spot at the age of 19 and he’s totally off this list because he’s 130 or so games in an NHL career. Unfortunately, we know his story Myocarditis infection from COVID, pushing his schedule back two seasons.

In the middle, there’s just enough time for some buyers’ remorse to start. Three picks after Rossi, drafted the Florida Panthers Anton Lundell. While Rousey toiled in Des Moines, Londell delivered an impressive starter campaign, scoring 18 goals and 44 points in 65 third-line games.

Lundell played on a changing streak, and joined Sam Reinhart And the Mason’s career To drive crime out of the Top-6 in Florida. If Lundell had been in Minnesota, he could have done the exact same thing, but between Poldi and Fiala.

Alas. As it stands, Rousey was at the AHL for a combination of taking things slow after a severe injury and fiddling with the salary cap. What influenced the decision the most? It is up to you to guess. Limited to two NHL games, Rossi scored zero points and overshadowed Boldi’s lead.

Two games shouldn’t affect anyone’s ratings, except that it was the only look most Wild fans got in Rossi. Few people in Hockey State seem cool on him, but the buzzing train seems not to be full of life ahead. According to a poll conducted by The Athletic in June, more than half (52.3%) of nearly 5,000 Wild fans think Rossi will have growing pains this season.

Rousey was also out of sight, a bit out of mind on the national stage as well. Scott Wheeler of The Athletic Ranked 16th in Russia In his recent list of the 50 best prospects was drafted. Sixteenth is great! But after the 2020 draft, before myocarditis, Wheeler put Russia ranked third.

He must make up for some lost time to re-establish himself as a potential elite/young player in the league. 10K Circuit staff think he can. Rossi got five votes out of seven that took first place – the other two went to Wallstedt.

Why are we so confident? In some ways, the stats speak for themselves. Rousey posted one of the most prolific seasons we’ve seen, scoring 120 points in 63 OHL games. After a year’s sabbatical, he immediately climbed onto the ice and scored 53 points in 63 games while jumping straight to the AHL.

He finished fourth in Iowa Wild in the number of goals (18) and drew with him Kyle Raugh With a score of 53 points. Of all the AHL’s rookies, he placed 15th and 7th in those two categories, respectively, while also finishing 11th with 157 shots on goal.

Leave aside the fact that he was one of the youngest members of the AHLers. Don’t even think about what he had to overcome to get to this point after a year on the shelf. Just look at the path he’s on from the prime numbers only.

Is it okay when your biggest comparisons are Daniel Brier And the Nathan McKinnon? Briere averaged 28 goals and 62 points per 82 games in the three seasons before the 2004-05 close. After the shutdown, as the rules changed to allow younger players to shine, it exploded. From the age of 28 to 33, Briere averaged 34 goals and 78 points per 82 games.

We trust you to remember who the three-time Hart Cup finalist Nathan McKinnon is. He has averaged 32 goals per 82 games over the course of his career and is a point player per game. You want to see these names when looking at your best potential customer comparisons. These are not opinions or the potential to be exaggerated. These are just numbers.

Now let’s include all the context the numbers missed. That is, he missed hockey for a year before instantly becoming the best player in Iowa Wild. More interestingly, Rossi started the season with better pace.

In his first 35 games, Rossi was not playing well in the AHL. I destroyed it. Rossi scored 14 goals and 38 points in this range, which meant that he was not only competing with the best rookies in the league. If he finished his season at 1.09 points per game, he would be in the top 20 or 25 producers in the AHL at just 20 years old.

Then he apparently ran out of steam, scoring just four goals and 15 points in his last 28 games. What happened and should Wild fans be concerned?

Probably not, which is why. Remember that Rossi has only played for a year. Part of Rossi’s recovery from myocarditis has required keeping his heart resting, which means he can’t train. From January to mid-May, his workout was limited to short walks and light hopping training. He couldn’t ski until June.

Usually, injured players can do some exercises to avoid muscle loss and atrophy, but the nature of Rossi’s condition means he can’t. Now, he’s back in enough strength to play four great months of hockey, but probably not enough strength through a full 60-game season at the highest level.

This hurts doubly because force is one of Russia’s biggest weapons on ice. That sounds kinda silly, talking about a 5’9 player who doesn’t hit much, but it’s true. Explosion and agility It comes from Quadh, which is thick enough to smash the bus into a 5’x5′ cube. That leg strength keeps his center of gravity low, making Rossi tough to beat the ball puck and defend relentlessly.

He has this complete training and doesn’t have to start over at square one. When 10K Rinks asked Rossi about this difference in training camp, he said, “Last year was such a short time to get ready for the season. Maybe four to six weeks after five months of doing nothing, so that has been really tough. And this year, I have more of Time to get better off the ice and prepare myself for the season more.”

We know he’s going to start this off season. His path is also fairly straightforward, as he has a fantastic chance of getting a big role alongside Boldy, who showed great chemistry with Rossi at training camp and Iowa last year. After two years of trying, Rousey will finally have a great chance of succeeding in the NHL role. We expect him to make up for the lost two years, and he’ll start soon.

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