“Not even close to that.”

The CEO of the Saudi Golf Federation said Tiger Woods’ LIV bid was not entirely a cash.

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First, Greg Norman Tiger Woods said Nearly $1 billion has been offered to join LIV Golf. Then, CEO of LIV Golf She retracted this claim, saying that the offer was the sum of the potential value On the basis of partial ownership of the LIV franchise.

Currently, in a report from New YorkerMajed Al-Sorour, CEO of the Saudi Golf Federation, explained the alleged offer.

“It’s not direct money. I’ve never offered him that money, not even close to it,” Srour told reporter Zach Helfand. That compensation could have included league stakes and a piece of sponsorship deals.

This is more in line with Norman’s comments in late August, when he denied his claim that Woods had been offered between $700 and $800 million to join the breakaway league.

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Greg Norman explains LIV Show: ‘We’ve never offered that monetary value to Tiger Woods’


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“That’s the situation,” Norman told Fox Sports Australia. “It is not the monetary value. We have never offered this monetary value to Tiger Woods. That is the truth of the matter.”

in New Yorker In his report, Sorour said that the Saudi Public Investment Fund has funded LIV through 2025 and that the franchise model is how LIV plans to see a return on investment. But many players, including Rory McIlroy, are skeptical about the numbers put forward for each team, given that LIV has not yet secured any outside sponsors or a US TV deal.

“People should remember, golf is a niche sport,” McIlroy told The New Yorker of LIV’s business plan. “All you get is four golfers. And I get it, some MLS teams are worth $700 million. But it all has to do with the economics of the league, and now this league doesn’t have any economics.”

Original Norman Tucker Carlson said in an interview registered in LIV Golf Event in Trump Bedminster That Woods’ initial offer was “in the range of $700-800 million” in LIV’s early days.

“That number was there before I became CEO, and that number was there, yeah,” Norman said. “The tiger is the mover of the needle, right? Of course, you have to look at the best of the best.”

Team captain Phil Mickelson of Hy Flyers GC plays a shot on the driving range during day three of the LIV Golf Invitational - Jeddah at Royal Greens Golf & Country Club on October 16, 2022 in King Abdullah Economic City, Saudi Arabia.

Secret Tour: Phil Mickelson’s Voice, But Was He Right?


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The number could have diminished the other reported values ​​of LIV عقود Contracts. It is rumored that Phil Mickelson received about $200 million for a signing bonus while Dustin Johnson received $125 million.

For his part, Woods has not publicly commented on any deal offered to him by LIV Golf and has repeatedly emphasized his commitment to the PGA Tour while condemning the Novice Tour.

“In terms of … the players who chose to go to Living and play there, I disagree,” Woods said at the Open Championship. “I think what they did was they turned their backs on what allowed them to get into this position.

“I just don’t see how this is a long-term positive move for a lot of these players, especially if the LIV doesn’t get the ranking points and the major leagues change their criteria for entering events. It would be sad to see some of these young kids not getting a chance to experience that. And experience what we have a chance to experience and walk in these sacred stadiums and play in these tournaments.”

Kan Woods and McIlroy Delaware players meeting organizers BMW Championship Week where sweeping changes to the PGA Tour schedule, chassis and model are discussed. Those changes were Announced by PGA Tour Commissioner Jay Monahan Next week.

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