Ohtani vs Judge The last great MVP of baseball

When Shohei Ohtani hits impressively and hits 30+ home runs, he could always be the best MVP unless another player in his league comes up with something extra special.

Like hitting 60 hits at home, for example.

Ohtani vs. Aaron Judge for the MLS Player of the Year numbers to be this year’s most controversial postseason award. Judge is getting close to Roger Maris AL’s record of 61 and could also win the Triple Crown. He did so while playing a great deal in midfield for a team that came close to a league title.

On the other hand, Otani is promoting better than he did when he was the unanimous player of the year last year. He may have positioned himself in Cy Young’s conversation, to go along with the 34 homers.

According to Baseball-Reference’s win above substitution stats, the two are pretty close. The judge was at 9.9 entering on Sunday, while Otani was at 9.0.

As amazing as it is, two factors — both last year and this year — keep Ohtani’s War a little lower than Barry Bonds/Babe Ruth’s stratosphere. In addition to his desire, the angels are careful not to overuse it. He threw 130 1/3 innings last year and has 153 this year. His lack of defensive value also works against him.

This is just a scratch, of course. If Ohtani didn’t win the MVP award this time around, he would have needed a really amazing performance to beat him.

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