Queen Elizabeth II lying in state, Prince William, Prince Harry hold a vigil

Grandchildren of Prince William, Prince Harry and Queen Elizabeth II honor their grandmother at the vigil

Prince William, heir to the throne, stood at the head of the coffin, while Harry was at the foot.

Among those in attendance were Princess Anne’s children, Zara Tindall and Peter Phillips. Prince Andrew’s daughters, Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie; and children of Prince Edward, Lady Louise Windsor and Viscount Severn.

Queen Elizabeth II’s grandchildren – eight in all – stood in the 15-minute vigil next to her coffin in London’s Westminster Hall on Saturday evening.

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Prince William and Prince Harry arrive at the vigil for their grandmother Queen Elizabeth II

Prince of Wales William and his younger brother Prince Harry stood on their grandmother’s coffin on Saturday to honor Queen Elizabeth II.

While the King’s bodyguards are in constant vigil, members of the royal family are taking turns to vigil.

Prince Harry was allowed to wear his military uniform.

Queen Elizabeth II wrote to her boyfriend by American correspondence of 70 years with the same birthday

North Dakota woman Written to Queen Elizabeth II For the past 70 years while Her Majesty the Queen has shared her same birthday.

Adele Hankey, of Park River, North Dakota, said she would “miss” her pen-friend afterward. the Queen He passed away at the age of 96 last week.

Her niece Phyllis Hankey told Fox News Digital that the exchange of letters was “very important” to Adele.

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Princesses Beatrice, Eugenie break her silence over Granny’s Queen Elizabeth death: ‘We all miss you’

Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie praised “Grannie” Queen Elizabeth II after her death.

The royal sisters expressed in a royal statement: “You were our mothers, our guide, and our loving hand on our backs guiding us through this world. You taught us so much and we will cherish these lessons and memories forever.”

Princess Beatrice and Eugenie released the comments ahead of Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral on September 19.

Biden, Truss to skip the London meeting, hold bilateral talks at the UN General Assembly

Expected meeting with President Biden With the new British Prime Minister Liz Truss in London.

Instead, the duo will meet on Wednesday at the United Nations General Assembly in New York.

Biden On the way to London To attend the state funeral on Monday of Queen Elizabeth II.

Biden is moving to London, where he will attend Queen Elizabeth’s funeral

President Biden left Andrews’ Joint Base in Maryland heads to London on Saturday, where he will attend Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral.

Biden left the White House with First Lady Jill Biden as they planned to honor and honor Her Majesty on Monday.

In the following statement The death of Queen Elizabeth II, The Bidens said she was “more than a queen” and that she “defined an era”.

Prince William talking to children in line for hours

Prince William stopped chatting with two boys as he made his way down the line of mourners lining up to pay their respects to his grandmother’s coffin.

The Prince of Wales They were heard asking if they were warm enough and if they slept through the night while they waited.

Heard him giving encouraging words Mourners as they stood by the River Thames near Westminster, letting them know they were about to reach the palace.

Authorities have warned that the wait could take at least 16 hours.

Prince William spends more time queuing than King Charles III

Prince William, now Prince of Wales He shook hands and thanked the thousands of mourners who joined the hours-long queue to see the Queen’s coffin.

King Charles III also thanked the people standing in line, but left before his son.

Each of the royal family members were surrounded by bodyguards as they walked down the road to greet the people.

William waived the mourners upon his departure.

King Charles III and Prince William visit mourners in long queues for hours

King Charles III and Prince William visited mourners on Saturday in line for hours along the River Thames near Westminster as thousands lined up for Look at the coffin of the queen.

The king received three cheers Of the supporters and chants of “God save the King.”

While William appeared to be joking with some of the people who lined up saying that his grandmother would never have believed the outpouring of support she received after her death on September 8.

Officials warned people not to join the waiting list, which is not expected to take at least 16 hours to reach.

Mourners for the Queen continue laying flowers outside Windsor Castle

Mourners continue to gather outside Windsor Castle, the royal residence, in the lead-up to the Queen’s funeral on Monday.

The British brought flowers and notes constantly as thousands more waited in London to pay their respects to the Queen at Westminster Hall.

The flowers and notes are said to be picked every night to make room for more the next day.

Prince William and Prince Harry prepare to hold a vigil

Prince of Wales William and his younger brother Prince Harry On Saturday night they will stand on their grandmother’s coffin.

While the king’s bodyguards are maintain constant vigilance, Members of the royal family also take turns in vigil.

Each hour lasts six hours, with individuals within those hours remaining vigil for 20 minutes.

The King and his three brothers watched the Queen on Friday.

British officials warn the waiting time to see the Queen’s coffin could be up to 16 hours

Mourners continue to endure long waiting periods to pay their respects Queen Elizabeth II In Westminster Hall.

The Ministry of Digital, Culture, Media and Sports said Mourners can wait anywhere from 16 to 24 hours In a queue stretched from the Palace of Westminster to Southwark, about 7 miles from the Queen’s current resting place.

Overnight the UK government warned that the queue had reached “nearly its total capacity with a waiting time of at least 25 hours” and advised people not to join the line.

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