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ReggieToday, a startup that uses OpenAI’s GPT-3 text-creation system to create sales and marketing content for brands, announced today that it has raised $10 million in Series A funding led by Scale Venture Partners with participation from Foundation Capital, South Park Commons, Day One Ventures and angel investors eminent ones. The new investment comes as VCs are seeing growth Chance In AI-powered, copy-generated ad technology companies, whose technology promises to save time while increasing potential personalization.

Regie was founded in 2020 by Matt Millen and Srinath Sridhar. Previously, Sridhar was a software engineer at Google and Meta, a data scientist by trade, where he developed enterprise-grade artificial intelligence systems that detect duplicate images and rank search results. Millen was previously Vice President of T-Mobile, where he led national sales teams (eg, Strategic Accounts and Public Sector).

With Regie, Sridhar says he and Melin aimed to create a way for businesses to connect with their customers via channels like email, social media, texts, podcasts, online advertising and more. Since companies have so many platforms and media at their disposal to talk to customers, he points out, it can be difficult for content marketers to consistently produce compelling content to reach their customers.

“The way we create content has changed radically,” Sridhar told TechCrunch in an email interview. “Marketers and copywriters who work in the enterprise … increasingly [need] To produce and manage content and content workflows at scale. “

Regie uses GPT-3 to power its service – the same GPT-3 that can generate PoetryAnd the prose And the academic papers. But it’s a “flavor” of GPT-3 that’s finely tuned to a training dataset of nearly 20,000 sales sequences (the series of steps to convert leads into paying customers) and nearly 100 million sales emails. Also in the mix are custom language systems created by Regie To reflect the brands and their messages, it is designed to integrate with existing selling platforms such as Outreach, HubSpot and SalesLoft.


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lest the regimes be slandered problematic languageReggie says that every system He undergoes a process of “human regulation” and scrutiny before being released. The startup also claims that it trains systems in an “inclusive” language and tests them for bias, such as prejudice against certain demographic groups.

Customers can use Regie to create original, SEO-optimized content or create custom sales sequences. The platform also offers blogging and social media tools for customizing messages, as well as a Chrome extension that analyzes the “quality” of emails sent by customers — and optionally retypes the text.

“Generative AI is completely disrupting the way content is created today. Regie’s biggest competitors will be the big content authoring and management platforms that will be completely re-engineered for AI first going forward,” Sridhar said confidently. That’s Acrobat, Illustrator, Photoshop, and now Figma, as well as Adobe Experience Cloud, as Regie continues to build on a platform for creating and managing intelligent content for the enterprise.”

Immediately, Regie competes with sellers such as Jasper, Phrasee, Copysmith and Copied – All that tap on the AI ​​to create a personalized marketing copy. But Sridhar argues that Regie is a more vertical platform that meets the needs of the enterprise’s go-to-market teams while integrating text, images, and workflows into a single pane of glass.

JActive AI is such a paradigm shift that not only productivity and corporate top-line will go up as a result, but the bottom line will also go down simultaneously. There are very few products that can improve both sides of that financial equation.” Follow Sridhar. “So, if a company wants to cut costs because they want to absorb sales tools, or reduce outsourcing writing while at the same time increasing revenue, Regie can do it. If you are an outsourced marketing agency looking to retain more clients and efficiently create content at scale, Regie can definitely do that for agencies as well.”

The company currently has more than 70 SaaS customers on annual contracts including AT&T, Sophos, Okta and Crunchbase. Sridhar did not disclose his revenue, but said he expects the 25-person company to grow “meaningfully” this year.

“This is a revolutionary new field. As usual, adoption will require user education,” Sridhar said. “It is clear to us practitioners that the world has changed. But it will take time for others to get their hands dirty and convince themselves that this is happening – and that it is a very positive development. So we have to be patient in educating the industry. We also have to show that the quality of the content is not compromised and that it can perform better and be maintained more consistently with the strategic application of AI.”

To date, Reggie has raised $14.8 million.

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