Robert Williams, Boston Celtics Center, on knee surgery: ‘We’re going to get it right this time’

Boston Celtics Media Day gave big man Robert Williams his first chance to speak with the media after his recent knee surgery. As reported by the team, the injury It caused him to miss approximately 8-12 weeks of workWhich means he may not return to court until 2023.

Williams was asked about the cause of the injury and the need for surgery late in the season. He said there have been frequent problems with his knee, also pointing to the mental toll the injury has taken.

“Just a few recurring problems,” Williams explained. “Obviously, it has affected me mentally. I want to be there. But all I can focus on is rehab now. Back on the field.”

The 24-year-old center has dealt with injuries throughout his football career. Since entering the league in 2018, he has made only 174 appearances in four seasons. Last year marked the first time he was able to play in more than 60 matches (61).

Last March, Williams had a meniscus tear in the same knee he had just undergone surgery, which likely led to the current issues. Despite this, he ended up playing in the playoffs with Boston, which helped them reach The NBA Finals. When asked about the decision, he said it was his choice to continue playing.

“We all know I had injuries at the end of last season. I made a decision as a man to keep playing. It was my decision, regardless of recurring injuries whenever they occurred,” Williams stated.

While he was able to play in the playoffs, it was clear that the injury took its toll on him. During the regular season, he was able to play 29.6 minutes per game, but in the post-season, that number was reduced to just 23.2. Its numbers also declined.

Last year, both Brad Stevens and Amy Odoka stated that the key to Williams’ rehabilitation would be rest. Obviously this was tough, as the team made it to the finals. However, Williams said that this time, he will be involved in rehab and plans to “do things the right way”.

“I was playing it last year,” Williams said. “There have been cases where I have had to give it time, and the rest. I just feel like it’s not back to what it was. The bare minimum. So, I just want to be 100% with rehab. Do things the right way.”

But despite the long schedule to return this time around, Williams said he has no regrets about playing in the playoffs.

“No… you played in the finals, man,” Williams said with a smile. “You win some, you lose some, but I don’t regret my decision at all. I was 24, and my dream was to play in the finals. I can’t regret this ****.”

Boston will have to lay off Williams for the next 2-3 months, but he will now have a chance to get full health. As mentioned, injuries have plagued him throughout his career so taking the time to fully recover will be crucial for Williams.

Williams was asked whether or not he thought this rehab would help him fix things for good. While he admitted that no one can predict the future, he is confident in the way things are currently being handled.

“No one knows if they’ll be hurt again,” Williams said. “But like I said, I’m pretty confident, man. I made the decision to go back in time last year. But, you know, we’ll check out this time, man.”

In addition to his injury, Williams and the Celtics are dealing with Odoka’s situation as well. Udoka was suspended for the entire next season after discovering that he had an affair with a member of the team. The Panel considered it a violation of the organization’s code of conduct.

When asked about the situation, Williams said that while the current circumstances are unfortunate, he is focused on basketball.

“We have a job. We are here to do our job,” Williams stated. “It’s an unfortunate situation, it’s all going on. But I can’t talk about this too much, I’m here to talk about basketball.”

After Odoka’s suspension, Celtics appointed Joe Mazzola as the team’s interim head coach. Mazola was an assistant coach for the Maine Red Claws, now known as the Maine Celtics, from 2016-17, then rejoined the Celtics as an assistant coach in 2019.

Williams said he has a close relationship with Mazola and even fell into a slip when addressing his new coach.

“We as a crew, as players, and an organisation, we trust Joe. Oh no bad luck. We trust the coach,” Williams said, laughing at his mistake. “I had a personal relationship with him for a while. We are all in, man. We got locked up. We have work to do, we’re trying to encircle. “

With Williams in the lineup last year, Boston was home to one of the most devastating defenses in the NBA. And while they will have to survive without him for the first few months of the season, he is confident in the current rehabilitation process and the team’s ability to move past current situations.

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