Season 1, Episode 6, “Just Jen”

Tatiana Maslany

Tatiana Maslany
picture: Courtesy of Marvel Studios

Well, they faked us, right? After a tantalizing glimpse of Daredevil’s new helmet in finale episodeThis episode didn’t even hint at Matt Murdock. It’s a risky game to play for Marvel fans, but the show knows, at least, that it thwarts our expectations. “Yes, it’s a stand-alone wedding episode. And if you think this happens at an inappropriate time of the season, you’re right,” Jane tells us. “Because that’s always the case for weddings.”

So no, there’s again no major MCU cameo in this episode, but Lulu Bride is played by Patty Harrison, which is just as good if not better! And I’m happy to report that “Just Jen” is a steady improvement over last week’s show as Strong woman It settles into its rhythm. Like exploring the previous episode of beauty industry exploitation, this week’s epidemic of traditional femininity is the ordeal of a bridesmaid. Anyone who has passed it will recognize the defining features of this species: a cheugy’s call “will you be my bridesmaid” sent out of commitment, pressed into duty to clean all over the place, and a walk down the aisle with a dog. The latter may be less frequent in real life, but it’s true, isn’t it?

Jen is still dealing with the insecurities stoked by putting She-Hulk dates on the platform last week. At this point, she’d rather appear at the wedding as the charming and lovable “Shulki” (as Nikki calls her) rather than appearing as herself. But say what you will about Nightmare Bride Lulu, this he is Kind of rudeness to a superhero to draw focus from the event. He understood this, and soon I agreed to spend the rest of the weekend (sorry, Wednesday and Thursday) as “Just Jen.” Cue title card!

This is hard on Jane when Titania appears in an apparent attempt to provoke her, and when Lulu doesn’t care about any of her impressive accomplishments and instead looks at her lack of emotional life, an obvious area of ​​sensitivity for her now. But there’s a cute guy at the wedding who’s actually interested in Just Jen – he thinks she’s pretty! Their awkward banter is great, perfectly played by Tatiana Maslany and Trevor Salter.

Unfortunately, the romance is interrupted by Titania, making good on her promise that their enmity isn’t over. Side note: guess Jen retains some of She-Hulk’s hardiness in her human form, because she takes Titania’s punch like a champ. Unfortunately, human Jen is not as adept as fighting (despite what she may think), so she’s forced to break her promise and shift into Hulk form. (Though it takes her a minute: “Oh no, I forgot how to do it,” complains a hilariously drunk Jen.)

Titiana’s also finally expresses her motives for antagonizing Jen. She’s bothered by all the attention She-Hulk’s getting (no surprise there), and indignant that our hero is pulling her limelight “for something you don’t even want!” She wants to prove that She-Hulk doesn’t deserve her hype. Instead, she takes one hard hit and then trips face first on the dance floor, shattering her veneers. Titania flees the wedding in disgrace; one gets the feeling that the rivalry probably still isn’t over.

I haven’t forgotten our B story: a few episodes too late, but Renée Elise Goldsberry is finally stepping up as a series regular. This week, Mallory delightfully teams up with Nikki to handle the divorce case of Mr. Immortal (the wonderful David Pasquesi), who, if I’m not mistaken, is the first comic book character She-Hulk has introduced (on the guest star side) who doesn’t already exist in the MCU.

Ginger Gonzaga and Renée Elise Goldsberry

Ginger Gonzaga and Renée Elise Goldsberry
Photo: Chuck Zlotnick/2022 MARVEL

Even though they’re representing him, Mallory and Nikki have no respect for Mr. Immortal, who would rather temporarily kill himself than deal with confrontation. (“I’m a nice guy,” he argues. “I think this is the most considerate way to end a marriage.”) His jumping out of the window of Mallory’s office rather than face her judgment was very dark and very funny, and perhaps the most absurd image of the series to date.

This side plot allows both women time to shine, particularly Nikki, whose unconventional approach to arbitration with Mr. Immortal’s eight exes proves she can be fabulous and useful outside of Jen’s sphere. The storyline also leads us to Intelligencia, the website “for hateful man babies.” Looking into it after wrapping up the case, Mallory and Nikki discover a whole sub-thread on the site dedicated to hating She-Hulk, even to the point of death threats. Mallory thinks they shouldn’t tell Jen about her trolls, but Nikki immediately disregards that advice and gives her a heads-up on her voicemail.

And just in time, too, because some creepy stalkers in a science lab who may or may not be connected to Intelligencia are watching Jen at the wedding, and it seems like they’re preparing yet another attack to steal Jen’s blood. It seems next week we’ll finally get some answers about the mysterious mugging a few episodes ago. Or maybe not, if the Daredevil fake out is anything to go by. They like to keep us on our toes over at She-Hulk!

Stray observations

  • Lots of great Nikki moments in this episode, including: “It’s twice as much of a sin to kill a fun person.”
  • Super designer Luke made Jen a dress for the rehearsal dinner as well as, it seems, her bridesmaid dress. It’s a pretty sharp turnaround from being reluctant to work with her at all to offering her non-work outfits. Also, these dresses still look baggy and wrong on Just Jen. Guess Luke is not quite as adept as Edna Mode at making clothing that perfectly suits an expanding body.
  • Poor Jen gets put on ironing duty because the groomsmen wrinkled their shirts while playing Mario Kart. (“Video games are sports now. They’re on ESPN and everything.”)
  • “Walking On Broken Glass” may be an unconventional choice for a wedding dance floor montage, but Maslany’s drunk dancing made my whole week.
  • Speaking of great needle drops, “The Electric Slide” is a great soundtrack for a wedding fight. Thank you, DJ InChedible Hulk.
  • Uh-oh, Jen hasn’t been able to get in touch with Bruce for weeks, or months, or maybe days. (“Call me back, ya ding dong!”)
  • Jen: “Oh, come on, I won that fair and square, get over it.” Titania: “I don’t get over anything!”
  • Drop Patti Harrison in any cinematic universe, and she will surely shine. She was a perfect Lulu, but especially loved her quick turnaround to flattered that She-Hulk attended the wedding. “I’m a fan! Whoa, huge boobs.”
  • The user inquiring about the “next phase of the plan” to go after She-Hulk goes by HulkKing, not Hulkling, as I originally thought. Sorry to any Young Avengers fans who, like me, were briefly excited about a Teddy Kaplan appearance.

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