Secret Wars turned the Marvel Universe into an epic Kung Fu story

Due to the mixture nature of Battleworld from secret warsMany variants of classic Marvel superheroes have been reinvented for new genres. These included Captain America inspired by Conan the Barbarian, an old west defying the Avengers, and a murder noir mystery that transformed Pepper Potts into the ultimate female killer. One of the most exciting worlds presented in this way was a version of K’un Lun.

Dangerous neighborhoods like Autopolis (home of the villainous Supreme Squadron) and England’s King James (where the evil Wolverine was king) To the northwest of Battleworld, this version of the Marvel Universe has been defined more with a martial arts theme than traditional superheroes. She reinvented many famous Marvel characters and turned them into great fighters in kung fu masters (By Haden Blackman, Dalibor Tlagic, Goran Sudzuka, Miroslav Merva, and Travis Lanham).

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In this realm, each superhero’s strength and identity is associated with a different school of martial arts, spread throughout Kun Lun. In the end, many of the masters of each martial arts school went to war with each other, and competed for world domination – causing great havoc across the land. In the end, all the masters fell, except for the masters of the Ten Rings and Iron Fist. Realizing the damage they had done to their land, they united the schools as one nation. Leadership was determined by combat. Iron Fist was the first victor and emperor, and this cycle continued until control of the earth fell into the hands of the variable Zheng Zu – the leader and master of the Ten Rings.

The ruling central school at that time kung fu masters Are the ten episodes, which refers to the combination of supernatural martial arts that Zheng Zu has mastered. The main story centers on Shang-Chi, the heroic son of Zheng Zu – who is forced to confront his father in an attempt to oust him from power. Protecting a squad of Morlocks in part to rid himself of killing Lord Tuan of Iron Fist School, Shang-Chi finds himself facing many new martial arts styles.

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The schools and other characters are relatively minor in the general story but appear as opponents of Shang-Chi. The Black Tiger in this timeline (hoping to make peace for K’un Lun) and the White Tiger (fighting in memory of her brother) both fight similarly to their primary counterparts in the Marvel Universe. Savage Lord Namor was involved as the representative of Atlantis, hinting that his strength came from intense training rather than coming to him naturally. A female Sabretooth species named Noble Creed is revealed to be the leader of a berserk clan called the Tooth and Claw, who fought back with basic slashes and blows to suit their many forms.

Mysterious Drew was the four-armed representative of the Spider Cult (representing the Spider-Verse branch of the characters as a whole), who used spider skills to climb and try to stay out of Shang-Chi’s reach. The Karnak of the Terrigen Mist’s Hidden House served as the lone Inhuman fighter in the story and was seen for a brief time holding one-on-one against Shang Qi. Moon Knight’s reinvention of Shattered Spector was the “Mercurial Master of the Faces of the Moon” hero and used weapons – making him rare among heroes with superpowers, as he and Red Sai use blades. By contrast, Lady Mandarin – who is really Betsy Braddock in this world – was hailed as a killer even by Zhang Zhao’s standards, using her psychic abilities as her primary tool against Shang-Chi.

Every Marvel hero appears uses martial arts style as their source of strength. It’s also one of the worlds where mutants don’t seem to be considered an outsider part of society, as long as they find a place within a school or clan. In a world where everyone can develop their martial arts-based abilities, mutant prejudice seems not to be a factor – hatred and fear are instead restricted to those of the lower class, creating a compelling societal conflict. It’s a fascinating world, left largely to the imagination thanks to its massive scope but focused story. Of all the worlds visited in secret warsThe Marvel Universe, derived from the martial arts, deserves a special comeback.

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