Shirley Manson: “I ate crap on her cheating boyfriend’s breakfast cereal. I’m not ashamed | Pop and rock

When you were little and you showed up on the edge of Edinburgh, singing a song while waving a rubber chicken around your head, did you think, ‘Shirley, one day you’ll sing a song for a Bond movie’ [The World Is Not Enough]”? Tekton

[Roars with laughter]. The song they are referring to is Only the Chuckies – Gang Cheep, which she sang in a musical with the Edinburgh Youth Theatre. Never in my wildest imagination did I think I’d ever get so big.

My 10-year-old son loves Stupid Girl, but is concerned that the song’s title might be offensive. How do you explain it to him? wingatecarpenter

It’s a rebuke to a certain type of person who isn’t honest about how they portray themselves in culture. I chose sex at the time because it sounded less obvious than a feisty feminist’s vocals about “stupid boy,” but if I were writing it now, I’d trade off sex because women have been getting a real kick lately.

How sexist did you come across as a rising rock star in the ’90s? Is it better now or is it still too frustrating to think about? StupidGrrrrl

The awful way I’ve been talked about or talked about in my career – and still do – still amazes me. While we were promoting our last record [2021’s No Gods No Masters] A reporter suggested that I need to take medication because I spoke about sexism, misogyny and climate change. Two different journalists – men and women – asked if I was considering retirement. I was 54 years old. I’m in a band with people much older who wouldn’t put up with this kind of question.

Being a woman in the music industry for 20 yearsExtra years, do you feel? Closer to having equal power With so many guys running the music industry versus when did you start? Kelly Grace 26

Beyoncé, Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, and Billie Eilish all have tremendous power, but that’s part one hundred of the music industry. For the most part, he’s still a male producer, company president, writer and artist, and it’s not talked about in the same way. The way Billie Eilish’s body was discussed After appearing on the cover of Vogue It made me sick to my stomach. So not much has changed.

In an old interviewYou admitted to doing something horrible and embarrassing when you were About 18. Can you share what you did? Benth 24

I took crap on my cheating boyfriend’s breakfast cereal. I do not feel shy. I’m pround of it. A dear friend did the same when she found out her friend was cheating and said, “While I was doing this, I thought of you.” I recommend it as an act of revenge. Leaves you feeling empowered and cheerful.

1995 rubbish
Shirley Manson with her Garbage bandmates Duke Erikson, Steve Marker and Butch Vig in 1995. Photo: Gie Knaeps/Getty Images

Do you have a tip for someone who is very shy about performing or lacks confidence as an actor? starbelly

I lacked confidence and suffered from shyness, but performance is something you learn. If you spend hundreds of hours in it and it’s still very taxing, it won’t work for you. But if you get over the annoyance and each time it gets a little easier, suddenly you have a 30-year career. With me there is not much difference between my public and private personality. That’s who I am, so performing is a challenging act.

What drew you to work there? Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles And how do you feel about it now? Deborah Geller

It was an amazing experience and I am very proud of it. It came at a time when I was feeling really powerless. My mother was dying of dementia. My band lost our record deal. I was 40 and felt like my career was over. Then I was offered This is a great role [as Catherine Weaver]. The Terminator is indestructible, so I fell into this fantasy of being able to fix anything, fix my mom… It was crazy and magical thinking, but it brought me a lot of solace.

Bleached-haired Shirley Manson in 2002, At the Time of Beautiful Garbage
Bleached-haired Shirley Manson in 2002, At the Time of Beautiful Garbage. Photo: Tim Rooney/Getty Images

I once scored a haunting cover version of Jam’s classic B-side The Butterfly Collector as a bonus track. Which garbage Which B side are you most proud of? verolamium

Our version of starman. David Bowie has been very influential in my life, so doing and receiving one of his songs in style was a real victory. I got to know him once. He came to the locker-room door in the union jacket, and of course I babbled nonsense and fooled myself, but that fleeting moment was unforgettable.

I always think that when a pop star shaves off their hair or bleaches it halfway Album campaign It’s a cry for help. Were you okay during the beautiful litter period? Robot 3021

I was far from okay. I was going through a very painful divorce. I cried every day and every night I slept in the bathtub. I felt like I was turned inside out, stiff and painful.

Would you ever perform live with your old one Goodbye Mr. McKenzie bandmates?Scotland

They asked me, but the timing was awful. I want to do a really great job, which will require training. I’m working really hard with my own band right now, but at some point I’d love to do it.

If you could choose a group of people to hang out with in an evening, who would they be? Costas K

Tracy Emin, Patti Smith, Chrissy Hynd, and if they’re dead too, Louise Bourgeois, Nina Simone, Billie Holiday, and my mom. All of these women have inspired me throughout my life and taught me to stand within a male-dominated culture. I also want her to be my niece – and my nephew is the imposed male.

Garbage performance at the Sound of 007 concert at the Royal Albert Hall on October 4
Garbage performing with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra during the 007 Voice Concert at the Royal Albert Hall on October 4. Photography: Jeff Spicer/Getty Images for EON Productions & Prime Video

What inspired the lyrics to All the Good in This Life? My husband rides a dirt bike, so the phrase “with riders in the dirt on a dirt bike” struck a chord with me. GENTY 78

I love this song and it is arguably the best love song I have ever written. you have watched Aztalan motocross racers And it was detonated. It was romantic, exciting and scary, and then I met this little boy, the young musician. It wasn’t a sexual thing but it captured my imagination as inspiration. I don’t have kids, but I was in my 40’s and feeling like a mother and almost wrote a song for a son.

As someone who writes songs as a hobby, I wrote a song about my deceased brother and I often wonder if I would be able to get over it live without feeling emotional. Have you ever cried on stage? Hectormandarin

Oh, many times. Onstage there is a protective switch that means you can connect emotional lines without necessarily feeling emotional. I sang So like a rose, about suicide, a million times, and then all of a sudden it’s going to hit me. You have to come to power during that moment, and of course the audience feels authentic and loves it. Suddenly you’ve got this powerful channel of communication, so even when you’re ashamed of losing control, it turns into something wonderful and transcendent.

Watch the Only Happy When It Rains video

What’s the best song outlining the trash message all these years? AlexRdzS

It was never my favourite, but for the past couple of years I’ve fallen in love with Only Happy When It Rains because it represents us as a group so beautifully and perfectly. We have a common philosophy of being able to step out of the dark. Whenever the going gets tough, our sense of humor and the collective ability to pick up energy from failure propelled us to success and allowed us to rise again and again.

The Garbage anthology spanning Stunvolume/BMG was released on October 28.

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